Û Church Directory

Jim Christianson provided this photo of the church building located at Edinburgh Historic Village and Steve Hanken provided the following information: "It is a recently built church building primarily used for Edinburgh Days. Because religion played such a large role in early life in Jones county, The Jones County Historical Society decided to build a small church at the village to represent all the denominations and faiths. Present day Edinburgh consists of a dozen buildings that have been moved to the site from various Jones county locations. The buildings are filled with documents and artifacts from the 19th century. The original village site is further to the north, but the historic buildings of Edinburgh were reduced to rubble some years ago. Edinburgh originally consisted of a log court house, a hotel that was more like a log barn, and eventually a brick post office. It was a short-lived community based on its location in the center of the county. It never developed and Anamosa eventually became the county seat."