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Given Name
Birth place
Death place
RABEL Harry H. Des Moines Co IA Jefferson Co IA Fred RABEL Catherine BREUER  
RABEL Penelope Anna IL Jefferson Co IA John HILEMAN Catherine MORGAN  
RANARD Marguerite May Fairfield IA Ankeny IA William FAULKNER Margarette FRANZ  
RANARD Stephen Michael Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Joseph W. RANARD Marguerite FAULKNER  
RATCLIFF Charles Howard 'Pat' Lamar Co MO Amarillo TX Harlan RATCLIFF Minnie MOORE Burial #796
RATCLIFF Nellie Jefferson Co IA Amarillo TX Hiram STARK Elizabeth SCHLIEF  
RAUSCHER Ryan Steve Fairfield IA Donnellson IA John S. RAUSCHER Emma M. GIBERSON HARMON  
REDEKER Francis H. 'Frank' Olpe KS Iowa City IA Hubert REDEKER Magdelena HIGHBERGER  
REDEKER Ruth O. Riverside IA Fairfield IA Fred KUPKA Bertha MATUCHA Burial #858
REIGHARD Archer C. Washington Co IA Fairfield IA Thomas REIGHARD Rhoda TEMPLE  
REIGHARD Margaret L. Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Henry SINN Mary HESSER  
REYNOLDS Annie Elizabeth Davis Co IA Ottumwa IA Alonzo HANNAH Elizabeth SWARTZ  
REYNOLDS William Francis Fremont Co IA Iowa City IA Thomas REYNOLDS Sarah McCONNELL  
RICHARDSON Glen F. Bloomfield IA area Jefferson Co IA Hardy RICHARDSON Hettie KRATZER  
RICHARDSON Hardy Davis Co IA Jefferson Co IA James K. RICHARDSON Mary CASWELL  
RICHARDSON Hettie Schuyler Co MO Jefferson Co IA Chas KRATZER Nancy ENLOW  
RICHIE Claudine Adams Co IA Mesa AZ Edwin PARRISH Ethel SNYDER  
RICHIE Fred Montgomery Co Jefferson Co IA Conrad RICHIE Barbara SPALTEIN  
RIGGS Oshia G. Hermitage Spr. TN Jefferson Co IA Charles WOOD Mary BROWNING  
RIGGS Roscoe Verle Abingdon IA Jefferson Co IA Wm. H. RIGGS Lavina RANDALL  
RIGGS Wayne Bennett   Lost at Sea Roscoe V. RIGGS Oshia G. WOOD  
RILEY Bertha Emma Moline IL Fairfield IA John SESSLER Mary SCHLIEF Burial #771
RILEY David Carl Avery IA Jefferson Co IA Andrew RILEY Mary A. BURNSIDE  
RITZ Iwanda Rayfield Moline IL Fairfield IA Henry HOAGE Hazel WILLIAMS Burial #808
ROACH Irene M. Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Wm. ROACH Catherine SULLIVAN  
ROACH Joseph James Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Wm. ROACH Catherine SULLIVAN  
ROACH Katherine Elizabeth Ironton OH Jefferson Co IA Dennis SULLIVAN Mary BARRY  
ROACH Mattie M. Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Wm. ROACH Catherine SULLIVAN  
ROACH William Henry Co IA Jefferson Co IA Edmund ROACH Margaret McCORMICK  
ROACH William Clair Jefferson Co IA Mt. Pleasant IA Wm. ROACH Catherine SULLIVAN  
ROBERTS Charles Jesse 'Jack'   Jefferson Co IA Edward F. ROBERTS Sarah HITCHEL  
ROBERTS Grace E. Pleasant Grove IA Fairfield IA Harry RABEL Penelope HILEMAN  
ROBISON Donald B. Wellman IA Fairfield IA John E. ROBISON Margaret SHAFF Burial #812
ROBISON Freda Van Buren Co IA Jefferson Co IA Logan HANSHAW Maude LOVING  
ROBISON Orval William Wellman IA Jefferson Co IA James ROBISON Carrie MATTHEW  
ROBISON Reva Marie Douds IA Fairfield IA Logan HANSHAW Maude LOVING  
RODGERS Charles Buddy Fairfield Iowa City IA Clarence RODGERS Mabel AIN  
RODGERS Clarence Earl IA Jefferson Co IA John T. RODGERS Elizabeth DAVIS  
RODGERS Gwendolyn M. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Clarence RODGERS Mabel AIN  
RODGERS Loyce Roberta Great Falls MT Fairfield IA Forest McGLASSON Lillie SNIDER Burial #746
RODGERS Mabel Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Jonas A. AIN Mary CARLSON  
ROSS Ella Mae Clinton IA Jefferson Co IA Clarence ALLEN Annie DAVIS  
ROSS Leonard Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Robert ROSS Ella ALLEN  
ROSS Robert Irvin MO Jefferson Co IA Mitchell ROSS Minerva DONELLSON  
ROSS Sharon Kay Fairfield IA Jefferson Co IA Kenneth McINTIRE Frances CROSS Burial #885
ROSS Wanda M. Jefferson Co IA Iowa City IA Orval SMITH Ada WHITAKER Burial #730
ROUSH Elberta Lee Co IA Fairfield IA Morton COON Sarah NOEL  
ROUSH Jonas L. Dallas City IL Jefferson Co IA George ROUSH Anna ELLIOT  
RUIZ Mabel D. 'Mert' Fairfield IA Eldon IA Paul WILLIAMS Sylvia ______  
RUNDQUIST Beatrice M. Monona IA Fairfield IA Chas EIBEL Katherine ZEIGLER Burial #830
RUNDQUIST Carl T. Murdock MN Fairfield IA Charles RUNDQUIST Christine LARSON  
RUSSELL Ana Bell Glasgow IA Davenport IA Woodward HOLLEY Martha ARCHIBALD  
RUSSELL Karen Rae     ______ DAY    
RUSSELL Milton Abner Henry Co IA Fairfield IA Henry A. RUSSELL Sarah CUMMINGS  
RUSSELL Nevada E. Stockport IA Fairfield IA Michael SHONDEL Anna HECKATHORN Burial #860

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