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Given Name
Birth place
Death place
NELSON Anna Elizabeth Salmon City ID Wapello Co IA Peter BRUEY Philamon MARIES  
NELSON Chas. Glenn Ottumwa IA Ottumwa IA Merle NELSON Arlene MERCER  
NELSON Clara Batavia IA Fairfield IA Nathan SMITH Lilly SCHOOLEY  
NELSON Esther Delilah Van Buren Co IA National City CA Wyatt THOMPSON Minnie LEWIS  
NELSON Frank Oscar Salina IA Jefferson Co IA John NELSON Christina FRIEBERG  
NELSON John Fredric Packwood IA Iowa City IA John F. NELSON Kate STEPHENSON Burial #761
NELSON Jolene Deanne Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Jerry D. NELSON Judy PEIFFER Burial #720
NELSON Joseph Ray Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Joseph NELSON Letitia WEBB  
NELSON Martha V. Abingdon IA Fairfield IA Joseph NELSON Clara SMITH Burial #837
NELSON Michael Allan Ottumwa IA Ottumwa IA Merle NELSON Arlene MERCER  
NELSON Nellie Helen Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Samuel JERRELL Isabel BYERS  
NELSON Rollie Bates Hillsboro IA Jefferson Co IA Frank NELSON Vesta BATES  
NELSON Violet M. Jefferson Co IA home Route 4 Bernard E. DOBRAS Mary A. MOSINSKI Burial #809
NEWLON Clara H. Olive Hill KY Jefferson Co IA Emert DEMPSEY Mary VINCENT  
NEWLON Harold Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Leslie NEWLON Clara DEMPSEY  
NEWLON Leslie William Henry Co IA Jefferson Co IA W. R. NEWLON Elizabeth DAY  
NEWLON Mary 'Catherine' Jefferson County IA Fairfield IA Charles F. MARSH Gertrude BROICH  
NEWLON Mary Margaret Kirkwood IL Fairfield IA Fred Floyd RUSK Edna Blanche STEVENSON  
NEWLON Willis D. Pleasant Plain IA Panama City FL Leslie NEWLON Clara DEMPSEY  
NICHOLS Benjamin Amos Aledo IL Jefferson Co IA Robert H. NICHOLS Elizabeth E. YORK  
NICHOLS Grace Edith IL Fairfield IA A. L. ARMSTRONG Amanda CRAIG  
NICHOLS Robert O. Fairfield IA VA Hosp - Knoxville Benj. NICHOLS Grace ARMSTRONG Burial #818
NICHOLSON Ethel Marie Crawfordville Fairfield IA Agusta HOWSARE Ida PAGE Burial #854
NICHOLSON Kathryn M. Noble IA Fairfield IA Joel FRY Anna WETSOL  
NICHOLSON William H. Lewiston MO Washington Chas. NICHOLSON Minnie LAUDERMAN  
NICHOLSON Wm. Raymond   Fairfield IA Thomas NICHOLSON Maggie GARDNER  
NUPP Donald Lee Ottumwa IA Fairfield IA Robert NUPP Margaret WILCOXSON  
NUPP Mary Helen Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Howard CUTTS Helen KENNEDY Burial #941
NUTT Frederick Roy Mendon IL Jefferson Co IA Walter NUTT Mary SIGSBEE  
NUTT Ora May Mendon IL Jefferson Co IA Thos J. GILLILAND Mary E. SMITH  
Given Name
Birth place
Death place
ODELL Dennis L. Corning IA Quangtri Vietnam Paul ODELL Marcia SHOWERS  
ODELL Marcia Marie Shenandoah IA New Port Richey FL Carl SHOWERS Claudine PARRISH  
ODELL Paul Dean Corning IA area Ottumwa IA Arthur ODELL Grace IRELAND  
OLLOM Ida Pearl Mahaska Co IA Jefferson Co IA Jasper ALLISON Myrtle ROSS  
OLLOM Ila Jean Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Walter COOK Hazel GIRE  
OLLOM Jackie 'Tim' Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Roy L. OLLOM Ila J. COOK  
OLLOM Roy 'David' Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Roy L. OLLOM Ila J. COOK  
OLLOM Roy Lotas Kirkville IA Fairfield IA Lotas OLLOM Ida P. ALLISON OLLUM KANE Burial #784
OLSON Beverly J. Mt. Pleasant IA Jefferson Co IA Weslie E. OLSON Charlotte BECKER  
OLSON Charlotte Lareda MO Jefferson Co IA James BECKER Helen ALLENDER  
OLSON Weslie E. Swedesburg IA Fairfield IA Andrew OLSON Anna S. CARLSON Burial #733
O'NEAL Thelma Monroe Co IA Hot Springs AR Roy THARP Ada GRIER  
Given Name
Birth place
Death place
PARKER Madeline 'Maxine' Birmingham IA Fairfield IA Guy R. TURNER Nina LYON  
PARKER Phyllis Kay Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Robert W. SALTS Carolyn CASSABAUM  
PARKER Raymond F. Clarksburg MO Des Moines IA Hosp Frank PARKER Mary BAUGHMAN  
PARKER Wilson Monroe Bunceton MO Ottumwa IA Frank PARKER Mary BAUGHMAN Burial #898
PARKS Grace Ripley Co IN Fairfield IA Thomas S. KITTLE Elizabeth COOLEY  
PARKS Katharyn Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Charles E. PEARSON Pearl McCLAIN  
PARKS Mildred Lorene   Fairfield IA Raymond AIN Sylvia BRUDERS  
PARKS Paul F. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Ralph PARKS Grace KITTLE  
PARKS Ralph Baker Troy IA Jefferson Co IA Wesley PARKS Mary E. BAKER  
PARKS Sheilla E. Floris IA Ottumwa IA Leslie HILL Estella ROBBINS  
PARKS Wahl F. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Ralph B. PARKS Grace KITTLE  
PARRETT Kenneth Ross Jefferson Co IA Rochester MN Ross PARRETT Emma NEHRE  
PARRETT Lois Oletha KS Keosauqua IA Mathias TRABERT Lillie May FRAZIER  
PARRISH Cora Isabelle Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Joseph SUMMERS Caroline KNIGHT  
PARRISH Ralph I. Sheboygan Falls WI Jefferson Co IA Ralph PARRISH Ella PRENTICE  
PARSONS Harry Rust Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Robert E. PARSONS Melissa SMITH GRIFFITHS  
PARSONS Henrietta M. Pittsburg PA Fairfield IA Henry MOLLENAUER Henrietta UHR  
PARSONS Jessie Esther IL Des Moines Co IA Robert HASTINGS Daisy BARRETT  
PARSONS Lillian Mae Chisholm IA Jefferson Co IA David RHOADS Phoebe DeROSS  
PARSONS Perry W. Grand Mound IA Burlington IA Herbert PARSONS Nettie BATES  
PEIFFER Dorothy IA Jefferson Co IA Matthias BRAUNSHAUSEN Angelina REDLINGER  
PERRY Earl B. KY Douds IA Samuel PERRY Mary ELIOTT  
PERRY Harlan W. Paton IA Jefferson Co IA Samuel PERRY Mary ELIOTT  
PERRY Mary Effie West Liberty KY Jefferson Co IA ______ ELIOTT unknown  
PERRY Oliver Parker West Liberty KY Jefferson Co IA Samuel PERRY Effie M. ELLIOTT  
PERRY Samuel South West Liberty KY Ottumwa IA Edmond B. PERRY Evalyn GARDNER  
PETERSON Mary Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Jefferson County IA Fairfield IA Harold HARTMAN Anna NOTT  
PFEIFFER Etta May Four Corners IA Jefferson Co IA Simon P. LOUTH Elizabeth JORDAN  
PFEIFFER Orion C. Walnut township Brighton IA John PFEIFFER Mary SINN  
PHILLIPS Catherine Fremont IA Iowa City IA William KING Elizabeth McFALL  
PHILLIPS Claudean Fairfield IA Burlington IA Claude JOHNSON Ivy BOYD  
PHILLIPS Eldon Auston Mahaska Co IA Jefferson Co IA Rufus PHILLIPS Catherine KING  
PHILLIPS Gertrude S. Oskaloosa IA Galesburg IL Wm. SUGGETT Annie ADAMS  
PHILLIPS Ora Alice Albia IA Ottumwa IA Andrew BRACKETT Elizabeth MILLER  
PHILLIPS Paul Maxwell          
PHILLIPS Roy Winfield Fremont IA Eldon IA Rufus PHILLIPS Catherine KING  
PHILLIPS Rufus Witzell Parke Co IN Jefferson Co IA James PHILLIPS Isabelle MUSGROVE  
PIERCE Gilbert George Jefferson Co IA Ottumwa IA Henry F. PIERCE Lucille ANDERSON  
PINNELL Floyd         Burial #836; info from Ottumwa office
PINNELL Helen         Burial #835; info from Ottumwa office
PIRTLE Fauntella E. Lancaster MO Fairfield IA James NICHOLS Sophia JEFFRIES  
PIRTLE Mary Frances Packwood IA Ottumwa IA Zane ALTMAN Letha McMULLEN Burial #797
PIRTLE Wendell Dale Bloomfield IA Fairfield IA William PIRTLE Fauntella NICHOLS  
PIRTLE William Floyd Davis Co IA Jefferson Co IA Will PIRTLE Anna HOPKINS  
PITTMAN Delber Ray Greene Co IA   Minor W. PITTMAN Marie Hulda WELLS Burial #751
PITTMAN Mildred E. Fairfield IA Ottumwa IA Earl O'LAUGHLIN Minnie LAWSON  
POLLOCK Opal Irene Milan MO Jefferson Co IA Edward ROBERTSON Nanna CUMMINS  
POLLOCK Wiley Fox City MO Memphis MO Asberry POLLOCK Carrie FILLER  
POOL Maxine Moravia IA Iowa City Hospital Clifford SALTS Ora LOCKMAN  
POPE Harley Olen Athens MO Jefferson Co IA Oliver E. POPE Blanche BEDEMAN  
POPE Wilma Louise Yell Co AR Fairfield IA Jay JOHNSTON Mary GOODWIN Burial #844
PORTER Anna Fairfield IA Tulsa OK Gottleib A. HOCH Regina RAUSCHER  
PORTER Bernice Ann Cedar Co IA Fairfield IA Wilbur JUEHRING Viola KREINBRING Burial #892
PORTER James F.   Iowa City IA William F. PORTER Anna HOCH  
PORTER Lillian Frances Lamont OK Jefferson Co IA Frank PORTER Anna HOCH  
PORTER William Franklin Walnut IN Jefferson Co IA James Allen PORTER Mary HUTCHINS  
POTTORFF Donald Lee Sr. Eldon IA Fairfield Chas POTTORFF Eva BATTERSON Drowned
POTTORFF Donald Lee 'Butch' Fairfield IA Phoenix OR Donald Lee POTTORFF Sr. Ila Mae STEELE  
POWER Dustin Clair Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Denni POWER Phyllis SALTS  
PRATT Darlene Louise Stockport IA Keosauqua IA Frank MARSHALL Eva BARNETT  
PRATT Louis Fred Utica IA   Ira PRATT Lola G. CLARK  
PRICE Florence Ellen Bonaparte IA Fairfield IA Henry JONES Eliza RANDELL  
PRUNTY Frances Opal Fairfield IA Mountain Home AR George BLACK Zenith LYON Burial #908
PRUNTY Robert J.   Batesville AR     Burial #890
PRUSIA Mildred 'Charlotte' Jefferson County IA Keosauqua IA John HAIFLEY Stella HAFER  
PYLE Frances W. Ottumwa IA Fairfield IA Barry FELDMANN Edith BEALL  
PYLE LaVerne F. Eldon IA Fairfield IA Eschel PYLE Virgie LESTER  

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