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Given Name
Birth place
Death place
INGWERSEN Barbara Ann Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Donald L. NUPP Mary H. CUTTS  
ISAACS Catherine C. Cumming IA Des Moines IA Phillip H. DAVITT Mary A. MURPHY  
ISAACS Roy V. Thompson IA Des Moines IA     Burial #785
Given Name
Birth place
Death place
JAMES Flora Ethel Columbus IL Jefferson Co IA William DILL Betty BELL  
JAMES Frederick Milton (Rev) Piasa IL Jefferson Co IA George JAMES Anna LANG  
JAQUIER Phyllis M.     Ralph Stephenson LYNN Hazel B. DIMMITT  
JEFFREY Edwin Harvey Packwood IA Fairfield IA Ralph E. JEFFREY Erma LOUTH  
JEFFREY Erma Near Libertyville IA Fairfield IA Harvey E. LOUTH Isabelle WILSON  
JEFFREY Joyce Kay   Fairfield IA James WADE Hilda SIX  
JEFFREY Ralph Edwin Van Buren Co IA Fairfield IA Edd JEFFREY Lurie HORNE Burial #839
JERREL David E. Fairfield IA Mt Pleasant IA Fred JERREL Violet HAGANS Burial #740
JERREL Freddie Ray Glasgow IA Jefferson Co IA Samuel JERREL Amelia LIBLIN  
JERREL Gerald Eugene Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Fred JERREL Violet HAGANS Burial #806
JERREL Violet May Jefferson Co IA Wapello Co IA John HAGANS Myrtle FRAKES  
JOHNSON Betty 'Jean'   West Des Moines IA Willard BRERETON Ida GIBERSON  
JOHNSON Caroline L. East Pleasant Plain IA Johnston IA Joseph BUREKER Pauline GLANZMAN Burial #927
JOHNSON Delbert Paul Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Donald L. JOHNSON Doris K. RINGELSPACH  
JOHNSON Donald L. Jefferson County IA Fairfield IA Elmer C. JOHNSON Edith EDMUND  
JOHNSON Doris K. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Harry RINGELSPACH Irene DOWNS  
JOHNSON Edith Bertina Ottumwa IA Jefferson Co IA John P. EDMUND Matilda HOLLANDER  
JOHNSON Elmer Christian Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Christian JOHNSON Emma AUGUST  
JOHNSON Ernest J. Sweden Veterans Hospital John JOHNSON Sophia PETERSON  
JOHNSON Harold F. Fairfield IA Burnsville MN Joe W. JOHNSON Caroline BUREKER  
JOHNSON Herbert Milvern 'Herb' Glendale IA Fairfield IA Lawrence JOHNSON Lydia MONSON  
JOHNSON Joan Marie Fairfield IA   George ZILLMAN Vera McCLEARY  
JOHNSON Joe W. Woodburn IA Urbandale IA P. E. JOHNSON Nettie NEUHART Burial #774
JOHNSON Keith Ralph Fairfield IA Mesa AZ Ralph Finley JOHNSON Mary Josephine SCHILLERSTROM  
JOHNSON Nettie Keota IA Jefferson Co IA Lewis NEUHART Lena GREINER  
JOHNSON Pearl E. (male) Woodburn IA Jefferson Co IA Daniel JOHNSON Nancy CARLSON  
JONES Annabelle Ruth Moccasin IL Jefferson Co IA Rev F. M. JAMES Flora DILL  
JONES William Van Buren Co IA Jefferson Co IA Asa JONES Effie LEE  
Given Name
Birth place
Death place
KANDLER Jean Central City IA Ft. Smith AR John AUCKLAND Ethel JAYNE  
KANE Florence Mae near Fairfield IA Rt 4 Fairfield IA Henry SHAFER Martha MILLER Burial #725
KANE Ida Pearl Mahaska Co IA Jefferson Co IA Jasper ALLISON Myrtle ROSS  
KANE John Earl IL Jefferson Co IA John KANE Ella RABER  
KANE Leonard Leroy IL Jefferson Co IA John S. KANE Ella RABER  
KASKA Earl Francis Jefferson Co IA Las Vegas NV Vincent KASKA Bertha KURTZ Burial #747
KASKA Gertrude B. Fairfield IA Los Angeles CA Vincent KASKA Harriett KURTZ  
KASKA Harriett S. Germanville Jefferson Co IA Joseph KURTZ Bertha RAPPENEGGER  
KASKA Maurice Frank Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Vincent KASKA Harriet S. KURTZ  
KASKA Vincent J. Pleasant Plain IA Jefferson Co IA Joseph KASKA Magdalena POHREN  
KASOWSKI Adeline Marie Brighton IA Plano IL Ralph KASOWSKI Anna MOSINSKI  
KASOWSKI Ann R. Pleasant Plain IA Yorkville IL John MOSINSKI Anna MICHAELEK Burial #855
KASOWSKI Ralph A. Pleasant Plain IA Plano IL Andrew KASOWSKI Josephine KURKA  
KASSEL Florence E. Fairfield IA Bloomfield IA Frank SNODDY Ellen McCLURG Burial #765
KELLER Ada L. Salina IA Fairfield IA Ephraim HOLLANDER Mary L. HICKENBOTTOM  
KELLER Anthony Joseph Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Anthony KELLER Mary DROZ  
KELLER Bernice Opal Scotland Co MO Keosauqua IA John WARNING Nannie McHENRY Burial #873
KELLER Dale E. Jefferson Co IA Iowa City Hospitals Jesse KELLER Katharine DAUB  
KELLER Dorothy   Jefferson Co IA Matthias BRAUNSHAUSEN Angeline REDLINGER  
KELLER Glen Keith Jefferson Co IA Belton MO Fred KELLER Olive CROWNER Burial #932
KELLER Helen L. Clarinda IA Fairfield IA Clyde CRABLE Stella RIDENOUR Burial #729
KELLER Hubert Edwin Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA John KELLER Josephine DAUB  
KELLER Jesse E. Fairfield IA Jefferson Co IA Edward KELLER Mary DROZ  
KELLER John Henry Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Anthony KELLER Mary DROZ  
KELLER John R. Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Anthony KELLER Sylvia P. LOVING  
KELLER Josephine Matilda IL Johnson Co IA Alex DAUB Katherine SNIDER Mother's maiden name possibly SCHNIEDER?
KELLER Katherine Elizabeth Woodford Co IL Iowa City IA Alex DAUB Katherine SCHNIEDER Mother's maiden name possibly SNIDER?
KELLER Laurence F. 'Bud' Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Fred KELLER Olive CROWNER  
KELLER Phillip IA Iowa City IA Alex KELLER Mary _____  
KELLER Phillip Matts Mitchell SD Baltimore MD Phillip KELLER Dorothy BRAUNSHAUS  
KELLER Shirley Ann Ottumwa IA Fairfield IA Milo D. ANDERSON Pearl M. RIEDEL  
KELLER Sylvia Glasgow IA Stockport IA Christopher LOVING Frances THURBER  
KELLER Zella Luticia Jefferson Co Fairfield IA James BAGBY Mary WARNING Burial #838
KELLEY Harley M. Jefferson Co IA Clinton IA William M. KELLEY Carrie STILES  
KELLEY Margaret IA Jefferson Co IA Thomas DWYER Hannah MILLANE  
KELTNER Floyd Edmund Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Roy KELTNER Anna BOOS  
KELTON Obed Benjamin Jr. Dallas --- Fairfield IA Obed KELTON Lois WEST Burial #816
KELTON Phyllis V. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Arthur BRADLEY Nevada SHONDEL Burial #815
KENNEDY Harry J. Birmingham IA Jefferson Co IA George KENNEDY Ann REITER  
KENNEDY Victoria Marie Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Peter P. SHEMANSKI Katherine DRISH Maiden name possibly spelled SZYMANSKI?
KESSEL Florence P. Jefferson Co IA Waterloo IA William HESTON Bertha STANSBERRY Burial #946
KESSEL Lawrence M. Brighton IA Jefferson Co IA John KESSEL Anna DRISH  
KING Mary M. Jefferson Co IA Des Moines IA Ernest COPELAND Blanche HARRISON  
KING Rosa May Birmingham IA Davis Co IA Isaac HAWBAKER Laura POOL  
KIRCHNER William IL Ottumwa IA Wm KIRCHNER Harriett CLEE  
KITCH Gene Lois Ainsworth IA Fairfield IA Lewis SCHWAB Myrtle THOMPSON Burial #778
KITCH Marla Rae Fairfield IA Jefferson Co IA Marvin KITCH Gene SCHWAB Mother's given name possibly Jean?
KITCH Marvin John Mount Pleasant IA Fairfield IA Howard KITCH Cecelia VAN DER SNICK  
KITCH Reuben F. Henry Co IA Jefferson Co IA Howard KITCH Cecelia VAN DER SNICK  
KITCH Terry Lee Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Marvin KITCH Gene SCHWAB  
KITCHEN Helen F. Woodburn IA Fairfield IA Pearl JOHNSON Nettie NEUHART Burial #719
KITCHEN Paul Elmer Batavia IA Fairfield IA Sam KITCHEN Vernie MARING Burial #909
KNOX Barbara L. Mt. Pleasant IA Ottumwa IA John SINGSHEIM Anna KESTER Burial #923
KRUMBOLTZ Dale Lawrence Fairfield IA Fairfield IA John KRUMBOLTZ Minnie KANN  
KRUMBOLTZ Mildred Amelia Fairfield IA Council Bluffs IA Floyd WILDMAN Clara HILDEBRAND Burial #865
KRUMBOLTZ Thomas Dale Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Dale L. KRUMBOLTZ Mildred A. WILDMAN  
KRUSE Richard Charles Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Dean KRUSE Lillian SWAN  
KURKA Catherine Wittemore IA Peoria IL James O'BRIEN Catherine BOYLE Burial #926
KURKA John Stephen Jr.     John Stephen KURKA Sr. Nellie JERREL  
KURKA Marie Belle Birmingham IA Ottumwa IA Thos. WILLIAMS Virgie GAUL Burial #767
KURKA Victor C. Fairfield IA East Peoria IL Stephen KURKA Agnes SUPALLA  
KURNES David Dewayne Fairfield IA Ottumwa IA David P. KURNES Florence SNODDY  
KURNES Florence E. Fairfield IA Bloomfield IA Frank SNODDY Ellen McCLURG Burial #765
KURTZ Helen Elizabeth Ottumwa IA Davenport IA John W. SCANNELL Agnes KURKA  
KURTZ Ralph Francis Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Walter KURTZ Mary BUREKER  
KURTZ Richard Francis Fairfield IA Bettendorf IA Ralph F. KURTZ Helen E. SCANNELL  

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