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Given Name
Birth place
Death place
FARMER Florence L. Lockridge IA Fairfield IA Frank LEAFGREEN Myrtle RASSLER  
FARMER Roger M. Batavia IA Fairfield IA George Washington FARMER Ruth Madge SUTHERLIN McCLEARY  
FIDLER Emma Mae Stockport IA Fairfield IA Harley Harrison GIBERSON Della B. NUGEN  
FIDLER Jack L. South Bend NE Omaha NE James FIDLER Olive ROSE  
FIDLER Rodney Allen Des Moines IA Des Moines IA Jack L. FIDLER Emma Mae GIBERSON  
FINGER Grace B. Murphysboro IL Cedar Falls IA Horace AUSTIN   See WENTE
FITCH Charles M. Newton IL Ottumwa IA Otto FITCH Hester WORTHY  
FITCH Hester Ann Newton IL Jefferson Co IA Elijah WORTHEY Sarah GIBSON  
FITCH Mildred L. Fairfield IA Cedar Rapids IA Frank SIMMONS Anna REID  
FITCH Otto A.          
FITE Alice L. Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Otto SCHAFER Mabel JOHNSON Burial #961
FLEIG Ronald Dwight Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Milburn FLEIG Mary NEWLON  
FLEMING David William Iowa City IA Iowa City IA Gary FLEMING Gail ANDERSON with twin Emily Marie
FLEMING Emily Marie Iowa City IA Iowa City IA Gary FLEMING Gail ANDERSON with twin David William
FLEMING William Thomas Iowa City IA Fairfield IA Charles Thomas FLEMING Jessie Mae BAINES  
FLEMING Wilma Grace Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Guy TURNER Nina LYON Burial #930
FORNEY Earl Elmer Batavia IA Fairfield IA Samuel FORNEY Myrtle EVANS  
FORNEY Edith L. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Jonas GURWELL Ana LANPHEAR Burial #893
FRANCIS Lillian          
FRENCH Elmer F. Farmington IA FairfieldIA John FRENCH Mary WARREN  
FRENCH Maidee MS Rockford IL Wm. NORWOOD    
FRESHWATER Ruth Wayland IA Fairfield IA Albert MANNING Mary VanSANT  
FRITZ Chad Fairfield IA Iowa City IA James FRITZ Taffa MERCER  
Given Name
Birth place
Death place
GABLE John Henry Baltimore MD Keosauqua IA      
GAGER Augusta   Jefferson Co IA Henry BRUDERS Johanna SCHROEDER  
GANN Sheryl Kay Fairfield IA Missouri Glen DIMMITT Erma SMUTZ  
GARDNER Emma Melda   Cedar Rapids IA E. B. ABBEY Katie WILLIAMS  
GARDNER Laura Mae Richland IA Jefferson Co IA Elliott HIXON Americias HARRIS  
GARRISON Bobby Gene Fairfield IA Bosworth MO Gene GARRISON Thelma BROWN  
GARRISON Floyd Eliel Fairfield IA Bremerton WA Floyd GARRISON Helen GIBERSON  
GARRISON Helen Opal Stockport IA Fairfield IA Thomas J. GIBERSON Issie P. PECK  
GARRISON Kathryn Joyce Little York IL Jefferson Co IA Harry SCHUCHMAN Mary KING  
GARRISON Kenneth H. Lee Co IA Jefferson Co IA Gilbert GARRISON Pearl E. BROWN  
GARRISON Thelma Florence Keota MO Fairfield IA Willard LOE Sylvia MASON Died as Mrs ADAMS
GIBERSON Billy Leroy Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Harley GIBERSON Della NUGEN  
GIBERSON Della B. Henry Co IA Jefferson Co IA John NUGEN Emma HILL  
GIBERSON Harley Harrison Jefferson Co IA Ottumwa IA Lafayette GIBERSON Ila Ellen TURNHAM  
GIBERSON Issie Pearl Van Buren Co IA Mt Pleasant IA Christopher PECK Mary HUDDLESTON  
GIBERSON Jason Paul Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Lon GIBERSON Janice CHEZUM Burial #913
GIBERSON Thomas Jesse Stockport IA Jefferson Co IA Hiram GIBERSON Frances HUGHES  
GILBERT Donna Jean     ______ HORRAS    
GILBERT Jamie Lynn Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Jim GILBERT Donna Jean HORRAS  
GILL Kenneth Harlan Salem IA Fairfield IA Perry GILL Ruth GARMOE Burial #951
GILL Wanda Mae Rome IA Fairfield IA Clem SAMMONS Lottie MESSER Burial #886
GITTLER Fred Rudolph Nurenburg GER Keosauqua IA     Burial #859
GITTLER Ludwig (Dr.) Bendzin Poland Jefferson Co IA      
GITTLER W. Maxine Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Chas. R. STEELE Charlotte TURNBULL Burial #912
GODWIN Ada Bernice Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Albert COOP Katie DANA  
GODWIN Evelyn C. Henry Co IA Fairfield IA Wilmer RIEPE Minnie RUBEY Burial #804
GODWIN Rex W. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Warren N. GODWIN Ada Bernice COOP  
GODWIN Warren N. Washington Co IA Ottumwa IA Peter GODWIN Carrie ARMSTRONG  
GOODWIN Earl Orva Rose Hill IA Jefferson Co IA Albert GOODWIN Dora WYMER  
GOODWIN Flossie R.     ______ ADAMS    
GORDY DaLana Elaine Fairfield IA Fairfield IA David GORDY Susan LEWIS  
GREEN Alfred James   Des Moines IA     Parents not in obit
GREEN Anna   Des Moines IA Lewis Kenneth FULTON Mary BOUGALL  
GREEN Emma M. Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Charles MESSER Elizabeth FIED  
GREEN Randall E. Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Oran GREEN Rebecca HAWK  
GREEN Roger Lee Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Richard GREEN Elba Jean HOSKINS  
GREINER Blanche Martinsburg IA Chandler AZ ______ QUINN   Burial #953
GREINER Frankie Packwood IA Richland IA Frank GREINER Rosia KLEIN  
GRIDLEY Donald Wayne Iowa Jefferson Co IA Howard GRIDLEY Eunice HARWOOD  
GRIDLEY Eunice Helen Batavia IA Fairfield IA Guy HARWOOD Clara BRADSHAW Burial #944
GRIDLEY Howard Wayne Eldon IA Jefferson Co IA Arthur GRIDLEY Myrtle THOMAS  
GRIDLEY Linda Marie Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Jasper L. COOK Annabell HAGANS  
GRIDLEY Patrick Clair Fairfield IA Wapello Co IA Howard W. GRIDLEY Eunice H. HARWOOD  
GRIFFIN Archie Baldwin Blanchard IA Jefferson Co IA Wm. GRIFFIN Mary NEWMAN  
GRIFFIN Billie Stanton Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Wm. GRIFFIN Lila M. HOSKINS Burial #828
GRIFFIN Cheryl Joan   Iowa City IA Joe SROUT Dorothy NICHOLS  
GRIFFIN Danny Ray Fairfield IA Ollie IA Billie S. GRIFFIN Mary E. SIX  
GRIFFIN Erma LaRue Burley ID Fairfield IA Earl ALLEN Hazel WINN Burial #754
GRIFFIN Ethel I. Lewis Cass Co IA Mt Pleasant Henry Co IA Thomas RHODES Amanda AGANS  
GRIFFIN George L. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Archie GRIFFIN Ethel RHOADES Burial #783
GRIFFIN George Lewis Blanchard IA Jefferson Co IA Wm. S. GRIFFIN Mary MIDDLETON  
GRIFFIN Kathleen Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Joseph F. LATHROP Jessie SHIRKEY Burial number not noted
GRIFFIN Lela Gertrude Mt Pleasant IA Fairfield Hotel John A. CRABLE Sarah SHANE Died as Mrs. WILSON
GRIFFIN Mary Ellen Batavia IA Fairfield IA Harold SIX Iva WEST Burial #956
GRIFFIN William S. Coin IA Fairfield IA Archie GRIFFIN Ethel RHODES Burial #738
GRIFFITHS Ernest H. Chester England Daytona Beach FL Wm. GRIFFITHS Margaret FURNESS Burial #763
GRIFFITHS Mae Milre Dubois NE Fairfield IA Jay HOWARD Matilda ______  
GRIMES Earl Eugene Libertyville IA Fairfield IA Clive GRIMES Mary Belle WATERHOUSE  

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