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Given Name
Birth place
Death place
DABNER William Jr. Fairfield IA Kansas City MO William DABNER Ida Mae KICKMAN Burial #963
DALLNER Espy Roy Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Fred DALLNER Lorena LYON  
DALLNER Hattie Anna Salina IA Lockridge IA Alfred HOLLANDER Etta CRILE  
DALLNER Vern Roy Fairfield IA Jefferson Co IA Espy Roy DALLNER Hattie HOLLANDER  
DALTON Gloria Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Michael VAN der SNICK Rita KITCH  
DALTON Steven Raymond 'Salty' Iowa City IA Fairfield IA Basil DALTON Frances MITCHELL  
DANIELSON Maxine Naples IL Ottumwa IA Lester SEAWALT Julia LAUGHLAY  
DAUB Amile Marion Woodford Co IL Ainsworth IA Alex DAUB Katherine SCHNEIDER  
DAUB Andrew F. Marshall Co IL Van Buren Co IA Alexander DAUB Katherine SCHNEIDER  
DAUB Clara Ilene Jefferson Co IA Winfield Henry Co IA George SIX Mary E. STARK Burial #891
DAUB Elnora Henry Co IA Ottumwa Iowa Hosp Andrew P. THOMSON Anna PETERSON  
DAUB John David Corpus Christi TX Corpus Christi TX Leland DAUB Jean CHAMBERLAIN  
DAUB Leona Oakdale IL Iowa City IA William F. CAMPBELL Dora Louisa DEMPSEY  
DAUB Raymond F. Jeffson Co IA (sic) Jefferson Co IA Andrew DAUB Elnora THOMPSON  
DAVIS Jerry Lee Bentonsport IA Fairfield IA Orrie DAVIS Florence FUNK  
DAVISSON Mildred L.   Jefferson Co IA Theodore EDLER Mildred WILSON  
DAVITT Ellen Cummings IA Davenport IA John McLAUGHLIN Julia ______ Burial #793
DAVITT James P. 'Jay' Warren Co IA Jefferson Co IA Phillip H. DAVITT Mary MURPHY  
DAVITT Lawrence Joseph 'Larry'   Bettendorf IA James P. DAVITT Ellen McLAUGHLIN  
DAY Ray E. Richland IA Ottumwa IA Frank DAY Fannie SCHULTZ Burial #870
DAY Ruth Corning IA Fairfield IA Perry JAMES Martha  
DELLEY Margaret          
DELP Edna Maud Washington IA Jefferson Co IA Thos. CHILCOTE Sidney ANDERSON  
DELP James Vernon IA Jefferson Co IA Joseph DELP Anna HOWARD  
DeVOLDER Elodie B. Belgium Jefferson Co IA Ed STEENBEKE Blondina --- Parents from courthouse
DeVOLDER Marie Loraine Altre Belgium Fairfield IA Octavis DeVOLDER Elodie STEENBEKE Burial #936
DeVOLDER Octavis Gus Altre Belgium Jefferson Co IA John DeVOLDER    
DIETZMAN Tracie L.   Des Moines IA Robert DROZ Sr. Rebecca HEDLUND  
DIMMITT Clyde Douglas Jr. Fairfield IA Iowa City Hosp Clyde DIMMITT Eva MITCHELL Burial #819; DIMMETT in cemetery records
DIMMITT Clyde Wilbur Fremont IA Jefferson Co IA Frank DIMMITT Nancy BOALES  
DIMMITT Glen Edward 'Bud' Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Clyde W. DIMMITT Eva J. MITCHELL  
DIMMITT Eva J. Hoopeston IL Fairfield IA Herbert MITCHELL Eva O'HAIR  
DIMMITT Lester L. Fairfield IA Sigourney IA Clyde DIMMITT Eva MITCHELL  
DIMMITT Robert Bruce   Fairfield IA Clyde Wilbur DIMMITT Eva Jewel MITCHELL  
DIMMITT Rose Ann Iowa City IA Fairfield IA Clyde DIMMITT Eva MITCHELL  
DIMMITT Ruby Louise Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Russell KELLER Mary E. MORRIS  
DITTER John James   Ft Lauderdale FL      
DITTER Ruth Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Ralph PARKS Grace KETTLE Burial #756
DOBRAS Bernard E. Iowa Jefferson Co IA Anthony DOBRAS Apolonia LEURMOCK  
DOBRAS Kathryn Poland Chicago IL Anthony DOBRAS Apolonia LUERMOCK  
DOBRAS Mary Anna Chicago IL Jefferson Co IA John MOSINSKI Anna MICHALEK  
DODDS Elva Jean Fairfield IA Lincoln NE John HAIFLEY Stella HAFER  
DODDS John Barker Keosauqua IA Lincoln NE Ralph DODDS Edith BARKER  
DODDS Kayle M. Pierceville IA Fairfield IA William V. DODDS Olive TEAL Burial #736
DODDS Verna Marie Van Buren Co IA Fairfield IA T. D. MORRIS Ella BROWN Burial #911
DOROTHY Irene G. Arenzville IL Fairfield IA Lester SEAWALT Julie LAUGHAREY  
DOWNING Irene Elizabeth Birmingham IA Fairfield IA Frederick REIDEL Sarah Elizabeth CRAFTON  
DOWNING Orville Lester Troy IA Davis Co IA Homer DOWNING Emma McVEY  
DREXLER Kathryn 'Katha' F. Des Moines IA Beaver Dam WI Pearl JOHNSON Nettie NEUHART  
DROZ Albert G. Fairfield IA Elgin IL Joseph DROZ Margaret DILLOW  
DROZ Clifford J. Fairfield IA Ottumwa IA Lawrance J DROZ Phena May VILES  
DROZ Elizabeth Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Lloyd DROZ Mildred SCOTT  
DROZ Ethel Aletha Salina IA Jefferson Co IA Roy WAGGONER Ethel WATTERS  
DROZ Infant Fairfield Fairfield Clifford DROZ Willa Bea COOK  
DROZ Infant (f) Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Clifford DROZ Willa Bea COOK  
DROZ Jerry Duwayne Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Richard DROZ Eva Mae HESTON  
DROZ Larry Eugene Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Perry DROZ Norma SHELBY  
DROZ Larry Marshall Fairfield IA   Lawrence John DROZ Phena VILES  
DROZ Lloyd A. Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Louis DROZ Mabel SPEER  
DROZ Mary Frances Fairfield IA Elgin IL Anthony KELLER Sylvia LOVING Burial #745
DROZ Mildred V. Eldon IA Fairfield IA Bert SCOTT Sydney DODDS  
DROZ Norma Vivian Batavia IA Iowa City IA Jess SHELBY Fern ASHBAUGH  
DROZ Perry F. Birmingham IA Fairfield IA Lawrence DROZ Phena VILES Burial #928
DROZ Phena May Unionville MO Fairfield IA George VILES Ellen Jane COLTER  
DROZ Richard V. Jefferson Co IA Iowa City IA Lawrence DROZ Phena VILES  
DROZ Robert B. Sr. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Jack DROZ Aletha WAGGONER  
DROZ Sandra Kay Fairfield IA Jefferson Co IA Clifford DROZ Willa Bea COOK  
DROZ Willard Jack Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Lawrence DROZ Phena VILES Burial #742
DuBOIS Anna Louise Fairfield IA Winfield IA Andrew F. DAUB Elnora W. THOMSON  
DUNKEL George K. (Dr.)   Redlands CA      
DUNKEL Ida B. Johnson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Fred HEMPSTEAD Elizabeth AKERS  
DUNN Alberta Fairfield IA Des Moines IA Walter COOK Hazel GIRE Her ashes interred 19 July 1990
DUNN Theodore         Burial #887 between July and October 1999
DURFLINGER George O. Jr. Wapello Co IA Greentop MO George O. DURFLINGER Garnett DAVIDSON  
DURHAM Bertha L Kirksville MO Winfield IA John OSBORN Ellen DAVIS  
DURHAM Sherman W. Kirksville MO Fairfield IA Joseph DURHAM Aggie WHEELER  
Given Name
Birth place
Death place
EDLER Charles Edward Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA John EDLER Lora SHEPHERD  
EDLER Loretta Jefferson Co IA Iowa City IA James SEE Bertha OSBORN  
EGAN Dana Therese Mankato MN Mankato MN James A. EGAN Barbara EGAN  
EGAN Dorothy Wapello IA Ames IA Robert NELSON Geneva  
EGAN Harry Ray Waverly IA Jefferson Co IA Ray EGAN Agnes RYAN  
EHRET Billy Joe Eldon IA Libertyville IA Abraham EHRET Mildred CARLTON Burial #964
ELMORE Jesse E. Lee Co IA Jefferson Co IA John ELMORE Estella RATCLIFF  
ELMORE May Van Buren Co IA Fremont CA George MILES Lucy GARRETT  
ELMORE P. Grace Henry Co IA Jefferson Co IA Brinton BROMBAUGH Susie CAVINESS  
EMONIN Emile J. Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Emile J. EMONIN Sr. Mary C. PALM  
EMONIN Frank E. Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Emile EMONIN Mary C. PALM  
EMONIN Winnifred K. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA George FRESHWATER Berla CLINKENBEARD  
ENGWALL Esther Catherine Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Frank DIERS Elizabeth CRILE Burial #798
ENGWALL Gilbert C. Lockridge twp Fairfield IA Frank ENGWALL Ellen CARLSON  


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