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Given Name
Birth place
Death place
CAMPBELL David Batavia IA Lansing MI Calvin CAMPBELL Pearl STANFORD  
CAMPBELL Henry Clay Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Calvin CAMPBELL Pearl STANFORD Burial #772
CAMPBELL Rita Mary Des Moines Co IA Fairfield IA Lloyd JACOBS Catherine TEBERG  
CAREY Hazel Elizabeth Douglas Co CO Jefferson Co IA John KINNER Elizabeth FIELDS  
CAREY Loren Shelbina MO Iowa City IA Thomas CAREY Cecelia WITHERELL  
CAREY Maurice Parsons Parker CO Jefferson Co IA Loren CAREY Hazel KINNER  
CARLSON Carl A. Packwood IA Jefferson Co Hosp Peter CARLSON Augusta LARSON  
CARLSON Etta Lockridge IA Washington Co IA Jacob DUTTWEILER Sarah BALDOSIER  
CARLSON Helen Krem ND Fairfield IA Augus. CONRAD Pauline KRIEGER Burial #902
CARLSON Leonard Frederick Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Adam CARLSON Susan ANDERSON  
CARPENTER Frances Louise Munterville IA Jefferson Co IA August HULTMAN Alveda MELLIN  
CARPENTER William A. Promise City IA Ottumwa IA Arlo CARPENTER Sadie KINLEY  
CASSABAUM Richard Henry Co IA St Louis MO Theodore H. CASSABAUM Wilma MANNING  
CASSABAUM Theodore Harry Columbus City IA Jefferson Co IA Frederick I. CASSABAUM Myrtle BOZMAN  
CEBUHAR Frances Eloise Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Harold HARTMAN Anna NOTT Burial #910
CEBUHAR Marco Dick Olmitz (Olney?) Marshalltown IA Anton CEBUHAR Theresa VERBAN  
CHAMBERS Dorathia San Jose IL Jefferson Co IA Jergen KOEHLER Emma MAMMEN  
CHAMBERS Francis Lee SD Jefferson Co IA Francis CHAMBERS Dana PIERCE  
CHAMP Clarence Bloomfield IA Jefferson Co IA Marion CHAMP Zenobia CARNAL  
CHAMP Dorothy Louise Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Walter BRUDER Grace MULLENIX Burial #875
CHAMP Esther Delilah Van Buren Co IA National City CA Wyatt THOMPSON Minnie LEWIS  
CHAMP John L. Bloomfield IA Fairfield IA Marion CHAMP Zenobia CARNAL  
CHAMP Maryetta Winifred Centerville IA Jefferson Co IA Horace CARLOW Hattie SNODDY  
CHAMP Oren F. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Fay Oral CHAMP Eulalia CARLOW Burial #823
CHAMP Sherry A. Fairfield Fairfield Oren CHAMP Dorothy BRUDER Burial #842
CHAMP Vernis E.   Jefferson Co IA Marion CHAMP Zenobia CARNAL  
CHANNEL Norman L. Des Moines IA Fairfield IA Waldo J. CHANNEL Effie 'Jane' ______  
CHEDISTER Patti Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Walter VanderSNICK Mary COPELAND  
CHEZUM Glen S. Tacoma WA Fairfield IA Harvey CHZEUM Emaline SMITH  
CHEZUM Margie Kathleen Ardmore MO Iowa City IA Willard LOE Jannette BROWN Burial #800
CHEZUM Minnie G. Henry Co IA Fairfield IA Samuel ARNOLD Minnie SCHULTZ  
CHEZUM Ralph S. Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Glen CHEZUM Minnie ARNOLD Burial #948
CLARK Barbara L. Mt. Pleasant IA Ottumwa IA John SINGSHEIM Anna KESTER Burial #923
CLARK Darle J. Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA James CLARK Oriella C. MEACHAM  
CLARK Druzilla Florence Danville IL Fairfield IA Abe WELLS Aba GILLENWATER Burial #937
CLARK James Bruce   Fairfield IA Darle CLARK Druzilla WELLS  
CLARKE Infant Fairfield IA Fairfield IA James CLARKE (unknown) COOK  
CLOUGH Kenneth Glen 'K.G.' Fairfield IA St. Joseph MO Russell Hume CLOUGH Marianne WESTCOTT  
CLOUGH Melinda Sue Fairfield IA Jefferson Co IA Russell CLOUGH Marianne CONE  
CLOUGH Russell H. Wyaconda MO Cordes Lake AZ Glen CLOUGH Nell HUME Burial #897
COFFIN Genevieve Mary Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Nick BAKER Paula REDLINGER  
COFFIN Thomas Earl Pleasant Plain IA Fairfield IA Charles E. COFFIN Cora WATERS  
COLE Gwendolyn Albia IA Iowa City IA Roy W. PHILLIPS Ora A. BRACKETT  
COLE Marvin T. Fairfield ? Bay City MI Earl COLE Alice KLINE Burial #791
COMBS Gloria Jean Iowa City IA Ottumwa IA Clarence SHONDEL Melvena ROBERTS  
COMBS Robert Lee   Tomah WI      
COOK Annabell Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA John HAGANS Myrtle FRAKES Burial #895
COOK Austin Lee Fairfield     Teressa COOK Burial #861
COOK Barbra C. Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Andrew HARPER Cathrine DENNISON  
COOK Cathrine Marie Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA James COOK Barbra HARPER  
COOK Charles C. Jefferson Co Ia Fairfield IA Walter COOK Hazel GIRE  
COOK Elsworth L. Cedar Rapids IA Fairfield IA Ira COOK Lillie JOHNSON Burial #940
COOK Everett 'Kent' Fairfield IA Coweta OK Everett P. COOK Mary L. HARPER  
COOK Glenda K. Fairfield IA Iowa City Hospitals Glenn SNOOK Marjorie CRAFTON  
COOK Hazel Marie   Fairfield IA Joseph Selby GIRE Minnie LEWIS  
COOK James Elmer Fairfield IA Iowa City Hospitals Walter COOK Hazel GIRE  
COOK Marguerite E. Davis Co IA Fairfield IA Clyde BRADLEY Bessie BROWN Burial #795
COOK Marvin E. Fairfield IA Iowa City IA Walter COOK Hazel GIRE  
COOK Nellie J. Rome Henry Co IA Jefferson Co IA Elige SIMONS (SIMMONS) Charlotte BELL  
COOK Patricia Sue Keosauqua IA Fairfield IA Earl WATKINS Hazel McELWAIN  
COOK Regina Ann Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Charles COOK Phyllis Mary LONG Not recorded at courthouse; no obit found
COOK Roy R. Rome Henry Co IA Davenport IA William COOK Emma WHIPPLE  
COOK Walter Lee IA Jefferson Co IA James COOK Dora BRANNER  
COOK Wilbur Keokuk Co IA Fairfield IA Raymond COOK Stella REIGHARD Burial #753
COPELAND Blanche HARRISON Farson IA Fairfield IA Walter HARRISON Mary MOWERY Burial #803
COPELAND Donald Orrin Jefferson Co IA Iowa City IA Hosp Lewis COPELAND Blanche HARRISON  
COPELAND Ernest Lewis Jefferson Co IA   William A. COPELAND Sarah M. HUFF  
COURTNEY Florine Fairfield IA Iowa City Hospital Wm MOYER Margaret LOPER  
COX Leslie C. Freeport IL Ottumwa IA John A. COX Pearl HILL  
COX Mildred L. Scotland Co MO Boswell MO Jesse PARRIS Sarah HATFIELD  
COX Ruth Jean Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Harold HARTMAN Anna NOTT Burial #935
CRABLE Clyde C. Mt Pleasant IA Fairfield IA John CRABLE Sarah SHANE  
CRABLE Elizabeth Jefferson Co IA Jefferson Co IA Lloyd McCARTY Ida HICKENBOTTOM  
CRABLE Marie E. Fairfield IA Ottumwa IA James MONTGOMERY Fern FORNEY Burial #741
CRABLE Melvin D. Fairfield IA West Rock Island IL Clyde CRABLE Stella RIDENOUR Burial #896
CRABLE Stella May Clarinda IA Jeffereson Co IA Alexander RIDENOUR Etta McCUTCHEN  
CREW Audubon Clair Fairfield IA Ottumwa IA Edw. CREW Etta ABRAHAM Burial#802
CREW Vivian Van Buren Co IA Fairfield IA Sidney S. HARRYMAN TheoDoshia AYERS  
CROMER Helen Irene Mount Union IA Sun City Center FL Lester GIBBS Ina ______  
CROMER Nannie Doranna Gallatin MO Fairfield IA Tobias M. HENDERSON Mary DAVIS  
CROMER W. S. 'Bill' Nashville TN Sun City Center FL     Burial #775
CROMER William Samuel Sr. New Albany IN Jefferson Co IA Shired CROMER Margaret ROYSE  
CROSS Carmen D. Fairfield IA Monroe WI Chas O. BRIDGEMAN Florence E LeBARR  
CROSS Walter L. Grandville ND Jefferson Co IA Bert CROSS Cora MARTIN  
CROWE Wilma Jane Wayland IA Fairfield Albert MANNING Mary VanSANT Burial #849
CULBERTSON Harry Letts IA Jefferson Co IA John CULBERTSON Cornelia HERRICK  
CULBERTSON Helen Jefferson Co IA Fairfield IA Harry CULBERTSON Stella B. BRISTOW Burial #879
CULBERTSON Stella Broyles Marshall MO Jefferson Co IA Harvey BRISTOW Cora ---  
CURTIS Loretta Lynn Fairfield IA Jefferson Co IA Ray CURTIS Margaret COURTNEY  
CUTTS Helen Mary Fairfield IA Fairfield IA Harry KENNEDY Victoria SHEMANSKI Burial #864
CUTTS Howard LeRoy Centerville IA Fairfield IA Noble CUTTS Ella GORDON Burial #840
CUTTS Jack H. Fairfield IA Camanche IA Howard CUTTS Helen KENNEDY  
CUTTS Thelma Ottumwa IA Camanche IA Wilbur BLACK Dorothea MEREDITH  

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