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1839 - 1939

Where Are They?

The following pages are a list of local people whose burial sites are unknown. These folks died between 1839 and 1939, and are not found in our county's cemeteries. Our longtime Correspondence Secretary Verda Baird realized over her years of research that there were many names in our various county sources that didn't appear in our cemeteries and compiled a listing numbering nearly 1700 souls. These people may have moved away, died and were buried there; they may have died in this county but were buried outside it; or possibly they were cremated and the ashes never interred.

The sources from which this listing was created are:

Probates ~ 1839 - 1939
Wills ~ 1839 - 1939
Guardianships ~ 1839 - 1893
Death Records ~ 1880 - 1939
Newspaper obituaries ~ 1847 - 1939
Federal Census Mortality Schedules ~ 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880
Funeral Home Records ~ 1890 - 1909
Dr. Shafer's Mortality List ~ 1852 - 1862
Mortician's published list ~ 1879
Coroner's Docket Book ~ 1909 - 1934

The listing has been broken down into surname groups as shown below; click on a group to browse the surnames beginning with those letters.

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D - G
H - J
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M - O
P - R
T - Z

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