Dane (a.k.a. West York) Cemetery

This burial index is complete to 1975 (see Pauline Lillie's history). Dane is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project

Plot Map: none

Condition: See Pauline Lillie's 1976 history (need update).

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

From Williamsburg
  1. Head south on N Highland St/IA-149/P Ave toward North St. Continue to follow N Highland St/IA-149 (0.5 mi)
  2. Turn left at State St/E State St. Continue on 240th St/County Hwy F46/IWV road (3.4 mi)

Dane Cemetery is on the north side of the road.

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.6625089 Longitude -91.9435104

Transcribed by: Fran Eichler from Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History; with updates from Netha Meyer (marked **) from her obituary collection.
Cemetery Photos by: Virginia Threlkeld-Larson (with transcription notes)
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 14 July 2008. Permission given by Lou Eichler (Fran's husband).
Media Source: Iowa County Cemetery Stones & History 1844-1975 via gravestone inscriptions
Cemetery Listing:

An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary notes are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).

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Date of Death



BernardElizabeth20 Jul 189380y 11m 13d
BernardJoel21 Aug 188973y 10m 7d
BlasierEdward18301907GAR marker
BlasierEsther C.18311921
BlasierJames7 May 186113dson of Edward & Esther
BrillJacob M.3 Dec 187862y 6m 15dGAR marker
BrillMary15 Aug 186375y 9m 12dwife of James
BrillSon15 Aug 18631y 3m 15dson of GW & PS
CarmichaelArthur10 Aug 186756y 8d
CastleFreddie3 Sep 18642yson of Jared & Mary
CastleJane E.12 Sep 186660y wife of Orris
CastleOrrin3 Oct 186361y born in Litchfield, CT
DaneBelle M.20 May 189116y 7m 3ddau of CF & M
DaneCharles E.26 Feb 187420y 10m 26dson of CF & M
DaneCharles E., Jr.10 Sep 187217 Apr 1890
DaneCharles F.6 Nov 18297 Oct 1897"Father"
DaneCharles F.8 Oct 190017y 2m 26dson of Mr & Mrs ML
DaneMaria5 Jul 18335 Feb 1921Wife of CF, "Mother"
DaneMyron L.26 Apr 190146y 1m 3d
DaneSherman T.17 Jan 18741y 11m 7dson of CF & M
DaneVeronica24 Jan 186424 Feb 1935
EvansAlice L.9 Jan 186213y 6m 18ddau of JS & G
GanesHope19 Sep 188028ydau of JE & ?
GansAlbert G.10 May 186828y
GansAlberta A.9 Feb 18723y 20ddau of A & A
GansJ. L. (Dr.)19 Sep 186026y 6m 18d
HaleyJohnDec 18772 Oct 1914
HaleyLydiaMar 18541923
HaleyMartin27 Dec 184027 May 1916
HaleyWilliam F.18901920
HastingsCharles H.2 Aug 1910
XHastingsElla M. (Dane)9 Jul 186513 Nov 1903** W/O Charles
HopwoodInfant29 May 18691 mo 15dson of MW & EA
HopwoodJames M.Copier's note: Two GAR markers on NW Hopwood lot, one possibly for James M Hopwood, a Civil War vet, is buried here
HopwoodKatie3 May 188212y 26ddau of MW & EA
HopwoodN. W. (Dr.)29 Jan 187238y 4mGAR marker
HopwoodWilliam B.28y 10mdate of death 2 Nov 1867/5
HouseSarah27 Nov 18901 Jan 1897
HowesAbigail27 Nov 189625 Dec 1896
HowesBabyCopier's note: No dates.
HowesFanny E. Blasier30 Apr 185721 Jan 1901MISPZH Lodge
HowesJames7 May 186113dson of Edward & Esther (Copier's note: Also 6 small children graves here according to foot markers)
HowesKaybeth H.15 May 189820 May 1898
MoffetEmily A.30 Aug 188640y 8m 13dwife of RA
MoffetRobert A.8 Feb 188233y 9m 7d
PriceRoswell S.30 Oct 186426y 9mson of RS & PA
PurdyJacob R.12 Jun 186030y 2m
SeymourMary19 Nov 187183y 3mwife of Henry
SeymourNellie10 Feb 18681m 27ddau of WH & EG
ThompsonInfant4 Jan 186512ddau of GW & CC
WaldoIra30 Oct 185932y 1m 2dCo I, 6th Iowa Cav, GAR marker
WaldoPeggy30 Oct 185932y 1m 2dwife of Ira, WRC
XWallaceCaroline (Gans)22 Mar 18235 May 1906** W/O Jesse Evans, W/O Thomas Wallace

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