Iowa County Cemeteries Map (Cemeteries overlay map provided by the Iowa County Pioneer Cemetery Commission)

Click the list to locate a cemetery and view it's GPS coordinates. Zoom & drag the map. See cemetery histories & individual cemetery listings and Gravestone Photos. Contact the Pioneer Cemetery Commission of Iowa County to learn more and to purchase a paper version of the Pioneer Cemeteries map.

Prepared/provided by: Iowa County Pioneer Cemetery Commission. Permission for use given by Stephen Hanson, Randall Betts & the Iowa County Pioneer Cemetery Commission.
Map design: Sherry Sinn

Programming & Other Maps

Web design/Flash/AS3 programming: Stephen Williams, using ModestMaps API.
Aerial/Road Map feed: Microsoft Maps Web publication: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 22 Nov 2008.
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  • Click a list title to sort a column
  • Click a list item to place a marker near a cemetery (based upon GPS Latitude & Longitude)
  • After clicking on a list item, you may use the arrow-down key to place additional markers.
  • Hover over a marker to display more information (an asterisk [*] means GPS lat/lon has been verified. Please help verify additional coordinates with your GPS device!)
  • Double click on the map to zoom in (when fully zoomed-in, a double-click centers the click location)
  • Use Road/Aerial/Hybrid maps to zoom in and out more (Markers [using lat/lon coordinates] should match these maps exactly. Markers will not always match crosses drawn on the cemetery map.)