Campbell Cemetery

This burial index is complete to 1966 (see Pauline Lillie's history). Campbell is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project

Plot Map: grid map with names


This is a quiet little cemetery out in the country with the cornfields surrounding it. Many of the stones in this cemetery are broken.

An entrance shows a smaller sign with only "Pioneer Cemetery". A gate is on this corner. A new fence was slated to be erected in late summer of 2008.

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

From North English
  1. Head west on 335th St/F67/W Washington St toward N Howard St (0.3 mi)
  2. Turn right at L Avenue (2.5 mi)
  3. Turn left at 310th St (0.5 mi)
    Destination will be on the right

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.5538969 Longitude -92.0943456

Transcribed by: Fran Eichler from Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History; with updates from Netha Meyer (marked **) from her obituary collection.
Cemetery Photos by: Virginia Larson, Jim Logan and Colin Davis
Plot map with names by: Evelyn Kotouc
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 13 Jan 2009. Permission given by Lou Eichler (Fran's husband).
Media Source: Iowa County Cemetery Stones & History 1844-1975 via gravestone inscriptions
Cemetery Listing:

An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary notes are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).

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Date of Death



BoydPerry A.18681882
BoydWilliam S.18631866
BuckleyEdward18 Sep 184010 Jan 1916
BuckleyLuke24 Oct 18417 Feb 1925
CampbellAddie17 Sep 18714y 7m 13ddau of J & M
CampbellAlbert16 Sep 18603y 4mson of J & M
CampbellEliza26 Jun 185523y 2m 7dwife of Joseph
CampbellEliza A.18321855
CampbellJames A.22 Oct 18621y 6m 27dson of J & M
CampbellJohn13 Sep 18601y 6m 7dson of J & M
CampbellJoseph H.26 Jun 185522y 2m 7d
XCampbellMalinda (Ireland)8 sep 18326 May 188754y 7m 28d**Age from obit; wife of Joseph H.
CampbellSamantha29 Sep 18556m 19ddau of Joseph & EA
CampbellSarah E.18291903
CampbellSarah J.12 Dec 197117y 7m 25ddau of Joseph & EA
ClineElizabeth A.10 Oct 18674m 10ddau of J & M
ClineSarah M.21 Aug 18684m 6ddau of J & M
IngramBenjamin F.20 Oct 18662y 9m 13dson of W & A
IrelandJonathan16 Sep 186564y 13d
MahannahMary E.19 Feb 18632y 8m 28ddau of GA & CA
MahannahWilliam G.15 Jan 18598m 24dson of GA & CA
MastellerCaroline6 Oct 18551y 7m 11ddau of JA & M
MastellerElisa A.25 Aug 18556m 28ddau of JA & M
MastellerEthel M.5 Jan 187517 Feb 1887 dau of GB & Della
MastellerMary21 May 185520y 4m 13dwife of JA
MullinJoseph20 Aug 187483y 8m 19d
MullinMalinda3 Sept 18606y 1m 21ddau of J & H
NeelJonathan 187282y 5m 14d
NeelJonathan19 Aug 18551y 11m 7dson of Jonathan & Nancy
OsbornJonathan L.29 Sept 18602y 4m 17dson of M & CA
ShafferEve29 Jul 188172y 6m 14d
SmartAlphy17 Oct 18552y 2m 7dson of John & Catherine, footstones SLS, LS, AS
SmartCatherine14 May 18282 Mar 1876 John's wife
SmartInfant25 Feb 18574dson of John & Catherine, footstones SLS, LS, AS
SmartJohn N.18 Jan 182720 Dec 1913
SmartSanford L.17 Jun 18612y 2mson of John & Catherine, footstones SLS, LS, AS
StrausserJemima A. Wimer10 Sep 187923y 4m 15dwife of S. Strausser
WimerStephen D.10 Feb 18625m 7dson of J & L
WisemanNancy L.18 Oct 18629m 4ddau of AJ Wiseman

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