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Iowa County Cemetery Stones and History 1844-1975 (manuscript) by Pauline Lillie

                              ST BERNARDS CATHOLIC CEMETERY           p. 1
                                        History by Pauline Lillie

Section 5 English 78 Township Range 11, on Hy. 52 or Marengo Road 
to Millersburg- About 1 or 2 miles north from town of Millersburg.

The 1881 History of Iowa County as follows: "The Roman Catholic 
cemetery at this church one and a half miles north of Millersburg, 
laid out in 1879 and contains few interments. The remains of Michael 
Cunningham was the first to be laid here. There are a few graves in 
Section 14 (Campbell) taken from page 625". In the 1900 Atlas p. 13 
listed on the E.J. Baird land, the 1874 Atlas p. 23 does not list this 
cemetery or church; Atlas 1915 p. 33 does not appear a cemetery (prob-
ably an oversight.) Should be the L.W. Haffer farm.

Early history is connected with the Catholic Church - first located 
here, north of Millersburg, on the Marengo Road; Moved into town in 
1897. In 1900 a church which cost $ 5,000.00 was erected on a lot 
bought from the Christian Church.

Father Kissane, who then lived at Armah, was in charge of the Miller-
sburg Church, as well as that of North English and Armah; In 1966 
Father Pacha who lived in North English was in charge of all three. The 
church at Millersburg and Armah are closed; Both church building still 
stand: Old Catholic Church , is in the east part of town of Millersburg.

Thos wishing further information check; Catholic Church Records,
found in Iowa County Recorder Book 22 p. 628 - Book 26 p. 23 Book 23 
P. 324 and Book 33 page 396 for the Church and cemetery. Enough hist-
ory of the cemetery has been given for interest here.

Cemetery is well taken care, very pretty, on side hill, west side of 
gravel road; Lovely fence and gate across front; large well cared for 

Cemetery is still in use, for I was in the cemetery for a burial of 
Donald J. Dillin who died December 13, 1973 (b. January 1, 1928, son 
of John and Mabel Dillin ) - Cemetery stones were read September 22, 
1966, by Mrs. Wm. K. Wagner and Phyllis Wennermark

Researched history by Pauline Lillie- Ladora. 


                  ST. BERNARDS CATHOLIC CEMETERY                p.2

Retyped from their copy                 Located: English 78 township, Range __
for arrangement with Iowa               Section 5: ON Hy. "V52" north of
County Cemetery Records;                Millersburg.  Stones read by Mrs.
Bicentennial Project 1976               Margaret Wagner.and Phyllis Wennermark
History by Pauline Lillie               of Cedar Rapids, September 29, 1966 for
Ladora, Iowa.                           the Iowa County Historical Society.

Berry,      Catherine L.        b.5 July 1873      d.2 Feb. 1908
            James               b.1869             d.1954
            Mary                b.1896             d.1944
            Lambert             b.1888             d.9 May 1973

Bushman     Heman               b.24 July 1824 in Minden, Prussia
                                                   d.14 Aug. 1879; ae 55y 20d
            Joseph J.           b.1859             d.1934

Carney      James Leo           b.1939             d.1947

Collins,    Rosa A. dau of T.J. & M.J.             d.5 Oct. 1908;  ae 8m 15d
            Anne                b.1868             d.1939
            John                b.1850             d.1928
            John "Father"       b.1810             d.1893
            Bridget "Mother"    b.1828             d.1910
            William son of J.& B.                  d.1 Dec. 1878; ae 25y 11m 5d
            Cornelius son of J.& B.                d.25 Jan. 1880; ae 17y 4m 9d

Costello,   Thomas              b.1868             d.1941
            Jane                b.1860             d.1937
            Coleman             b.1854             d.1929
            James V.            b.1900             d.1926
            James                                  d.8 Jan 1892;   ae 72y
            Alice S. dau of Anthony & Katie.       d.4 Sept. 1903; ae 7y 2m 28d
            Inf. dau of G. & J.                    d.25 June 1904; ae 10d
            Francis, son of G. & J.                d.28 Mar. 1904; ae 1y 5m 12d
            Myles               b.4 July 1905      d. 27 Mar. 1965
            Blanche             b.6 Sept 1909
            Robert F.           b.1927             d.1929
            Winifred            b.5 Aug 1864       d.15 Dec. 1945
            Michael             b.5 Jan 1863       d.5 May 1917
            Joseph              b.11 May           d.28 Apr. 1919 WW 1 marker
            Etta                b.1903             d.1936
            Terry               b.24 April 1946 (born & died same day?)
            Leo  M.             b.1900             d.1955
            Margaret            b.1911             d.19--


                  ST. BERNARDS CATHOLIC CEMETERY                p.3

Cunningham  Michael             b.5 April 1831   d.11 June 1909  "Father"
            Sarah               b.1 Jan. 1839    d.28 Mar. 1879 "Mother"
            Sarah A. wf. of Michael              d.28 Mar. 1879; ae 41 yr
            Julia               b.20 Mar. 1879   d.20 July 1879
            Sarah               b.26 May 1868;   d.6 Feb. 1887
            John M. hus.of Mary,b.2 Oct. 1870    d.11 Feb. 1905
            Katherine           b.9 Feb 1862     d.28 Feb. 1914
            Luke L.             b.24 Jan. 1872   d.13 Nov. 1947  "Brothers"
            Michael             b.27 Oct.1866    d.24 Feb. 1943  "Brothers'
            James               b.19 Jan. 1876   d.7 June 1946
            Jennie Weldon (wf. of James)
                                b.28 Dec 1866    d.18 Nov. 1952
            Raymond A.          b.21 Feb. 1908   d.16 Feb 1966;
                    Amer.Legion, Iowa Tec. 5, Medical Dept. World War II
            Joseph              1944
            Patricia Ann        1939
            Patrick J.          b.15 June 1877   d.17 Sept. 1948
            Agnes L.            b.17 Feb 1877    d.23 June 1959

Dever,      Michael, a native of County Donegal;Ireland
                                d.12 Jan. 1881;  ae 60y

Dillin      Tilcus R.           b.1855           d.1929
            Amy Jane (Murrin)   b.1856           d.1930
            Herman Erwin (s. of T.R. & A.J.) b.7-13-1893   d.5-15-1955
            William C. (s. of T.R. & A.J.) b.1888  d.1965
            Elsie M. (Seaton)   b.1888           d.1966
            Lloyd C.            1910 -
            Leonard T.          b.1921           d.1961
            John A.             b.20 Nov. 1890   d.16 May 1959
                                (s of R.R. & A.J.)
            Mabel R.(Hogan)     b.22 Mar. 1894
            Patricia Lee, dau of Donald & Neola;
                                b.10-15-1946     d.10-28-1946
            Hettie A. dau of T.R. & A.J.         d.26 Apr.1881;ae 3yr 11m 1d

Donahoe,    Mary Ann            b.29 Dec. 1871   d.18 July 1955
            Patrick             b.22 Nov. 1866   d.8 April 1938
            Joseph M.           b.20 Feb. 1898   d.2 June 1961
            John                b.1871           d.1959
            Thomas B.           b.1879           d.1959
            Bridget             b.1869           d.1943
            Timothy             b,1824           d.1913
            Maria               b.1840           d.1914
            Hannah              b.1876           d.1938
            John                b.17 Jan. 1897   d.27 Apr. 1957
            Vera                b.14 Aug 1900
            Melvin La Verne     b.15 Dec. 1925   d.20 Dec.1925
            Timothy             b.1862           d.1940
            Catherine           b.1865           d.1941
            Vincent A.          b.7 July 1897    d.22 May 1959

Dugan,      Bridget                              d.3 Sept. 1881; ae 78y.


                  ST. BERNARDS CATHOLIC CEMETERY                p.4

Dunn        John                b.24 June ;      d.31 Dec. 1936
            Mary                b.20 Sept. 1869  d.1 July 1953

Elwood,     Thomas              b.29 April 1863  d.1 Dec. 1937
            Mary E.(Neal, dau of Chauncey)
                                b.1 May 1872     d.23 Oct. 1909
            Martin J.           d.1 Sept. 1906   b.19 Feb.1906  [as written]
            Joseph M.           b.17 Sept. 1909  d.7 Dec. 1909
            David Eugene        b.11 Sept. 1931  d.15 Sept.1931

Feldevert,  Herman                               d.28 June 1856; ae 40y 5m 27d
            This inscription is on the Bushman stone.  This man died before
            the cemetery was started and he was buried in a field near Lytle
            City.  It is doubtful if his remains were ever moved to this
            cemetery).  (He was he 1st husband of Sophia Sauer, who later
            married Herman Bushman).

Fitzgerald, Peter (no dates) G.A.R. Co."I" 28th Iowa Inf.
            Peter                                d.10 Sept. 1891; ae 28y 6m 8d
            Luke                b.5 Nov. 1832    d.23 April 1905 "Father"
            Julia               b.24 Dec. 1834   d.8 May 1891    "Mother"
            John son of L.& J.                   d.26 Feb. 1889; ae 18y 19d

Floerchinger, Lloyd J. son of M.L.& R. b.7-23-1899  d.4-8-1900

Fox,        John                                 d.10 Dec. 1912; ae 77y
            Jane wife of John                    d.14 May 1896;  ae 64y

Garvey,     Henry                                d.2 Apr. 1897;  ae 63y
            Jane                                 d.20 Aug. 1911; ae 84y

Hebl,       James son of Joseph & A.             d.18 Nov 1886;  ae 14y 1m
            Elizabeth dau of Joseph & A.         d.5 Dec. 1885;  ae 12y 14d

Kaler,      John                                 d.20 Feb. 1880; ae 6m

Kelly,      Mary M.             b.9 Nov. 1896    d.15 Jan 1897
            John                1862             1946
            Cecelia             1865             1951
            Michael             b.9 May 1860     d.1 Nov. 1925
            Clarrissa E. (Murrin) b.13 Aug.1863  d.9 Jan. 1921

Lacy,       Elmer               b.18 Jan. 1878   d. 15 Nov. 1958
            Mary                b.21 Aug. 1877   d. 25 July 1960
            J. Elmer F.         b.12 Nov. 1916   d. 16 Aug 1940

McDonald,   M. Ethel            1901             1930
            Charles H.          b.25 Sept. 1877  d.19 Aug.1947
            Ann Theresia (Kelly)b.21 Jan 1886    d.25 Aug. 1961
            Theresia Lor Rene   b.29 Oct. 1917   d.6 Feb. 1920


                  ST. BERNARDS CATHOLIC CEMETERY                p.5

McManama,   Patrick             b.1862           d.1935
            Mary                b.1862           d.1922

McMenomy,   Jimmie              b.1864           d.1928
            Michael                              d.9 July 1902
                            A Native of Ireland (no age given)
            Bridget                              d.20 Jan 1924
                            A Native of Ireland (no age given)
            Peter               b.1874           d.1947;  ae 73y 2d

McSwiggen   Arthur              b.1834           d.1898
            Johannah            b.1858           d.1895

Moran       John                              d.5 Dec. 1887(birth or age given)
            Bridget, his wf.,   b.16 June 1817   d.7 Aug. 1900

Murrin,     Laughlin            b.1 Jan. 1820    d.3 Mar. 1899  "Father"
            Claressa E.         b.16 June 1825   d.25 Nov. 1907 "Mother" (Neal)
            James, son of L. & C.                d.30 June 1879; ae 25y 1m 27d

Neal        Chauncy J.          b.25 Jan. 1836   d.17 Nov. 1903 G.A.R. Marker
            *see notes
            Robert L.           b.17 July 1880   d.15 Dec 1900

Neil,       Joseph, son of C.J. & M.             d.3 Apr. 1879; ae 4y 2d
Neil,       Bridgie, dau of C.J. & M.            d.14 Apr. 1890 ae 12y 14d

O'Brien,    Maggie              b.16 May 1873    d.18 Oct. 1903

O'Hara,     Michael                           d.10 Feb.1892-Native of Ireland

O'Mera,     Michael J.          b..1894          d.1962  W.W.I marker
            Agnes L. (Berry)    1896-

Pauwels,    Emile      Nevele, Belgium 28 Jan. 1862  died at
                               Millersburg, Iowa 5 June 1901

Reitzler,   Edward F.           b.7 Sept. 1909
            Lois W.             b.29 Jan.1913   d.29 April 1954

Riley,      Julia               b.19 June 1870  d.22 Jan. 1902; ae 31y 7m 8d

Riley       Mary                b.3 Nov. 1871;   d.29 July 1889; ae 18y
            Michael             b.1832           d.1882
            Ellen,his wife,     b.1839           d.1912
            John                b. in the parish of Cloin, County, Ireland
                                                 d.1 July 1883; ae 82y
            Michael             b.1879           d.1930
            William             b.1867           d.1932
            Ellen               b.1879           d.1940
            Patrick             b.1878           d.1947         "Father"
            Catherine           b.1876           d.1963
            John                b.1874           d.1964


                  ST. BERNARDS CATHOLIC CEMETERY                p.6

Rush,       Stephen                              d.16 Mar.1889; ae 23y 1m 24d

Sauter,     August              b.1861           d.1940
            Margaret            b.1858           d.1926
            Baby of A.T. & Margaret Sauter (no dates)
            Michael F.          b.1892           d.1958
            Mary Agatha (Wagner 1895
            Mary K. (Dau of M.F. & M.A.)
                                b.16 July 1922   d.22 June 1939

Weldon,     James, husband of Margaret born in County Cublin, Ire.
                                                 d.31 Oct.1887; ae 64y 2m
            Margaret, wife of James,
                                b. in County Dublin, Ireland 11 Apr. 1833
                                                 d.19 June 1901;  ae 68y 2m
            Julia               b.1872           d.1945
            Margaret            b.1860           d.1944
            James               b.1892           d.1912  "Brother"
            Patrick             b.1869           d.1932

 * Notes - There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery, includ-
           ing a depression on the Neal lot to the left of Chauncy
           J. Neals marker.  This is probably the grave of his wife
           Margaret (Dugan) Neal.  Some have plain field stone or
           a mortuary marker which is illegible.

Copied September 22, 1966 by;
  Phyllis Wennermark, 746 Old Marion Rd. N.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  Maragret M. Wagner, 2820  12th Ave. S.W. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Re-typed as given by Pauline Lillie, Ladora, for Bicentennial Project
of Iowa County Histoical Society.

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