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Published Quarterly by

The State Historical Society of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa



Editor Benjamin F. Shambaugh

Associate Editor, Dan E. Clark



Transcribed by Elaine Rathmann





Number 1—January 1918


Arms and Equipment for the Iowa Troops in the Civil War –Cyril B. Upham

             Arms for Border Defense—Page 3-15

             Arms for Iowa Infantry Regiments in Federal Service--Page 15-25

             Arms for Cavalry and Artillery—25-27

             Uniforms for the Iowa Troops—27-36

             Blankets For the Iowa Troops—36-37

             General Condition of Iowa Regiments—37-41

             Baggage Trains—41-43

             Transportation of Troops—43-44

             Tents and Barracks—44-46

             Rations and Food Supplies—46-48

             Equipment of Cavalry Regiments—48-52



Notes and Comment—Page 149




Number 2—April 1918


Relief Work in Iowa During the Civil War—Earl S. Fullbrook


The United States Sanitary Commission

                          Agitation for a Commission

                          Organization of a Commission

                          Plan of Operation: Purpose


                          Preventative Service of the Commission

             Relief Work

             System of Collecting Stores

             General Relief

             Special Relief

             Value of Relief Work



II. The United States Christian Commission

             III. The Western Sanitary Commission

IV. The Organization of Relief Work in Iowa

             The Keokuk Ladies’ Aid Society

             The Army Sanitary Commission

             Two Forces in the Field

             Union of the Two Forces

V. Attempts at Unification of Relief Agencies

             Complaints Concerning Relief Work

             Relation of Iowa Organizations to National Commissions

             The Iowa State Sanitary Commission

VI. The Iowa Sanitary Commission

             Proceedings of Convention

             Organization of the Work of the Commission

             Activities and Accomplishments of the Commission

VII. Sanitary Fairs in Iowa

             The Northern Iowa Sanitary Fair


VIII. Relief of Soldiers’ Families

IX. The Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home

X. Local Aid Societies

The Death of General Albert Sidney Johnston on the Battlefield of Shiloh—Joseph W. Rich



Number 3—July 1918


Frontier Defense in Iowa 1850-1865



Number 4—October 1918


Social Work at Camp Dodge



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