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A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846
By John B. Newhall


Pages 80-89

Page 80.

Druggists and Apothecaries.- Joseph F. Myers, A.F. Allen.
Groceries.- Joseph Schemlyle, J. & G. Schaffer, J.G. Kennady, John Seba, G. Keil, John B. Govert.
Lawyers.- Ed. Johnston, Hugh T. Reid, John F. Kenney, Benj. S. Roberts, Geo. H. Williams, Phihlip Viele, D. F. Miller, O.S.X. Peck, Thos. S. Espy, L.R. Reeves, Henry Eno.
Physicians.- John Claypole, E. Whinery, Joel C. Walker, D.H. Rossau, A.H. Brownson.
Hotels.- Eagle Hotel, C.H. Perry; Madison House, A.Pitkins, (furnished with the invaluable luxury, to the weary traveller, a commodious bath house); Washington House, Harriet O'Reilly; "Inn," Wm. McIntire; National Hotel, J. Williams.
Churches.- Methodist Episcopal; New School Presbyterian, a neat and commodious structure of brick, Rev. J.A. Clark pastor; Old School Presbyterian, in progress of erection; Catholic Church; Campbellite Church; True Wesleyan Church.
Printing Office- from which is issued the "Lee County Democrat," published by R.W. Albright; Thomas S. Espy, editor.



Mayor- Thomas Hale.
Aldermen-J.W. Albright, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Guy Wells, Silas Halstead, Wm Wilson, Geo. Irvin.
Magistrates.- Edwin Guthrie, H.L. Salmon, A.B. Simms.
Postmaster.- Thomas A. Walker.



As early as 1805, Gen. Pike selected this point as a military station, and it was occupied for that object in 1808. Aboutthis time the Indians, consisting of the Sacs and Foxes, Chippewas, Ottawas, Winnebagoes, Pottawatamies, and several other tribes, were in league with great Britain; and during the war, which was shortly afterwards declared between the United States and that country, these tribes were very troublesome to the few scattered settlers in what was then a vast wilderness.


Page 81.


In 1813, owing to the fearful odds of the savage foe, and the great extremities to which the garrison was reduced, old Fort Madison was evacuated by the troops, and destroyed by fire.


In 1832, Fort Madison was again settled by Z. Hawkins, Benj. Jennings, Aaron White, Augustine Horton, Daniel Thompson and Peter Williams. In 1833 their claims were purchased by the late Gen. John H. and Col. Nathaniel Knapp. In the summer of 1835, these gentlemen laid off the town, and, during the summer of 1836, lots were first offered for sale. From that time up to the present period, the town has had a steady and vigorous growth.






Bloomington is among the most important points in the Territory of Iowa. Its situation, upon one of the great bends of the Mississippi, gives it great commercial advantages, which have been duly appreciated by an energetic and enterprising population. It is the seat of justice of Muscatine county, and contains a population of about 1600 inhabitants. Bloomington is the natural depository for a vast amount of the produce of the surrounding country. It is the most convenient landing for merchandise destined for Iowa City, Moscow, Tipton, and the principal portion of the counties of Cedar, Linn, and Johnson. It contains a handsome brick Court House; Jail; several Churches; a Masonic Lodge; many neat and tasteful residences, and several spacious brick mercantile establishments.


Mercantile Houses.
Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.

Bridgman & Weed, Rob't McClelland, Jno. G. Gordon, Lyman Holt, Alfred M Miller, Kelly, Horn & Co., J. Bennett & Co., Green & Stone, Fulton & Lemp, Edwards and Taylor, Charles Evans, Petre Jackson.


Page 82.

Forwarding and Commission.-

E.B. Kinson, A.M. Miller.

Drugs and Medicines.-

E.E. & P. Fay, John B. Dougherty, J.S. Fennimore.


Olds & Reeder, Charles O. Waters, Wm. H. Blayds, J. Koon, J. Budden


R.P. Lowe, Wm. G. Woodward, Jacob Butler, J. Scott Richman, A. McAully, Stephen Whicher, S. C. Hastings, Jno. L. Cummins, Jno. A. Stephenson.

Mechanics and Carpenters

Edward Ballard, J.G. Hoops, Jno. Sacom, H.J. Reece, Wm. Gordon, Edward Olmstead, D.C. Cloud, Richard Vadle, L. & H. H. Hine, Geo. and G. Martin.

Cabinet Makers -

J. S. Freeman, Ono. Freeman, Christian Tegel, J. J. Fritton.

Blacksmiths -

Fullington & Warmsley, Joseph Crane, Geo. Ferry, Benjamin Cullen.

Tin and Coppersmiths-

Thos. Dare, Moore & Ament.

Coopers -

Waterman Bemer, James Buker.

Shoe Makers -

A. Adams, X. Safefer, Jonahan Evry.

Hatter -

A. M. Hare.

Tailors -

Wm. Jones, Killard & Bailey, Sells & Bartholomew, A. Stewart & Co., A. J. Fimple.

Painters and Glaziers -

Johns & Albee, Moses Couch, Samuel Houser.

Chair Makers -

R.J. Vance, Wm. Cooper.

Wagon Makers-

Garvin & Horsley, ___ Selby.

Brush Makers -

Johns & Albee.

Saddle and Harness Makers -

Jno. M. Keme, A. Jackson, James Huff.

Tobacconists -

Aaron Zeigler.

Brick Masons-

Stephen Headly, Daniel Marick, Stephen Dexter, John Triplet.

Boat Builders -

Leffingwell & Daniels.


American House, T.S. Battelle; Iowa House, James Boorland; City Hotel, S.M. Rowell; "Capt. Jim's," James Sumner.

Coffee Houses-

Iowa Saloon, Hoit; Bloomington Coffee House, D.E. Ball.


One Masonic Lodge, one Odd Fellows Lodge.

Churches -

One Congregational, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, 1 Methodist, 1 Episcopalian, 1 Catholic.


Page 83.

Printing Office.- Bloomington Herald, published every Saturday; M.T. Emerson, Editor.
Select School.- Miss Sherrer, Preceptress.
Horticulture.- Commercial Gardens.- James Weed, Proprietor.
This establishment embraces about one thousand varieties of the choicest fruits, selected from the best nurseries in the Union. It is destined ere long to rank among the first establishments in the country. It already contains 1000,000 trees, besides a great variety of grapes, &c., &c.
Corporation of Bloomington.- Chas. Evans, President; Wm. Leffingwell, A.J. Fimple, J.M. Keme, Trustees; Jno. Silly, Recorder; W. Sarvin, Collector and Marshal. R. Warren, Street Engineer.
Magistrates.- T.S. Parvin, D.C. Cloud, Thos. Crandall.
United States Officers Resident in Bloomington.- Joseph Williams, Judge of the 2d Judicial District and Associate Judge of the Supreme Court.



The seat of justice for Scott county, is situated nearly opposite the lower end of Rock Island upon a beautiful plain; with a range of large sloping hills upon its western border. It is about 330 miles above St. Louis, 80 miles above Burlington, and 90 below Dubuque. The country in the neighborhood of Davenport, has universally attracted the attention of all travellers, and has often elicited the muse of both the poet and painter. Perhaps a few spots in our country present a happier combination of rare and attractive beauty than is witnessed in the vicinity of Rock Island. I have approached this point from all its bearings, and whether viewed from river or bluff, it is like a beauteous picture, varied in all its lights and shades.

A correspondent of a New York paper- a gentleman of much taste and extensive observation-thus speaks of this picturesque region:
"The country around Rock Island is, in our opinion is the

Page 84.

most charming that the eye ever beheld. Rock Island is, of itself, one of the greatest natural beauties on the Mississippi. The "old fort" not to speak of its military associations, in in truth, an object on which the eye delights to dwell. The flourishing town of Stephenson, near the Illinois shore, adds greatly to the attractions of the scene; and Davenport, with its extended plains, its sloping lawns, and wooded bluffs, completes one of the most perfect pictures that ever delighted the eyes of man."
Mr. Atwater thus describes this country, in his tour in 1829, being then in a state of nature:

"About thirty miles below Rock Island, the beautiful country on the west side of the river opened to view, and from the first moment we saw it, all eyes were turned towards it. At every turn of the river, as we moved along, new bursts of wonder and admiration were poured out by all the passengers. The ladies were enraptured at the numerous and beautiful situations for dwelling houses, where they pictured a life of rural bliss.

Nature  had done all; man nothing; and not a human being was seen upon either shore, nor a human habitation. That such a beautiful country was intended by its Author to be forever in the possession and occupancy of wild fowls, wild beasts, and savages, who derive little benefit from it, no reasonable man can for one moment believe, who sees it. * * * * * We could hardly persuade ourselves, many times, when we first saw any one of these beautiful spots, that all the art that man possessed, and wealth could employ, had not been used to fit the place for some gentleman's country seat; and every moment, as we passed along, we were ready to look for some princely mansion, erected on the rising eminences."
The location of Davenport may be regarded, as decidedly healthy. Its position near the foot of the rapids, will cause it to become a place of commercial importance. Water power, building stone, and bituminous coals are convenient, and a sufficiency of timber to be found upon the bluffs and neighboring streams.




Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.-Burrows and Prettyman, Inslee
& Owens, H. Price, C.S. Whilsler, Fulton & Co., G.L. Davenport & Co., L.A.
Macklot, G. McKnown.
Druggists. - B. Sanford, Charles Leslie.
Lawyers.- J. Grant, E. Cook, G.C.R. Mitchell, J. Thorington.
Doctors.-J.M. Witherward, J. Price, E.S. Burrows.
Principal Mechanics.-J. & S.P. Jenny, J. Hall, W.S. Collins, S.F. Whiting,
J.L. Davis.
Jewelry.-R.A. Linebaugh
Blacksmiths.-J. Lewis, Jno. Becktel.
Cabinet Making and Furniture.-J. Pope., S. Schoofield.
    Harness Maker.-S. Lindley
Printing Office.-Davenport Gazette, published every Thursday; Alfred
Sanders, editor.
Postmaster.-John Forrest.

Congregationalist; Pastor, Rev. E. Adams.
Methodist; Pastor Rev. J. Brooks.
Episcopal; Pastor Rev. Mr. Goldsmith
Baptist; Pastor Rev. B.F. Brabrook.
Presbyterian; Pastor Rev. Mr. ----
Catholic; Pastor Rev. Mr. Pelamorquer.
Disciples; Pastor Rev. J. Rumbold.
Schools.-Among the principal schools are those kept by J. Thorington, Esq.,
Miss Mary A. Bergin, and Mrs. Bryson. The Congregationalist Society is about
erecting an institution of higher learning in Davenport.
An extensive steam mill is in progress of erection by Mr. Fulton.

[The Seat of Justice of Van Buren County.]


Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.- Manning & Wasky, B.P. Marlow & Co., John Carnes, A.J. Davis, Wm. Steel.

Page 86.

Druggists- Henry Whelin, Benjamin Barker.
Physicians- F.W. Taylor, C.H. Ober, H.H. Barker, John D. Elbert, D. Peck, J. Tarbell.
Lawyers- James B. Howell, H. M. Shelby, George G. Wright, J.C. Knapp, S.E. Seargent, Richard Humphreys, Augustus C. Hall, S.W. Summers, J.D. Devine.
Carpenters- Jamison & Gilchrist, Walker & Hartzell, ____ & Jamison, Dugen & Servicer.
Cabinet Makers.- Ruble & Thornburg, Greene B. Morton, Russo King.
Coopers- E.F. Burton, ___Anderson.
Tailoring Establishments.- J. Kinnersly, Robert Orr.
Shoemakers.- William Hoker, A.B. Moore.
Jewelry.- E.J. Harper.
Blacksmiths.- Hinkle & McCrary, Richard Benjamin.
Saddle and Harness Makers.- George W. Games, Joseph Barker.
Wagon Makers.- Benson Hinkle, Philip Hartzell.
Brick Masons- Jesse Winn, B.F. Pearson
Bakery- E.F. Burton.
Tanneries.- C. Baldwin & Co., G.W. Games, _____ Anson.
Groceries & Coffee Houses.- Julian & Billops, Griffiths & Livingston, David & Pease.
Mills. - Steam Flouring and Saw Mill, G.W. Games;
            Steam Flouring and Saw Mill, Hugh Brown;
            Steam Flouring and Saw Mill, D. Magwire.
Printing Offices.- "Des Moines Valley Whig;" published by Howell & Cowles, editors and proprietors. "Iowa Democrat;" published every Friday by J. & J.M. Shepherd, editors and proprietors.
Lodges- Keosauqua Lodge, No. 10; Free and Accepted Masons.
              Keosauqua Lodge, No. 3; I. O. of Odd Fellows.
              Keosauqua Lodge, No. 1; Iowa Hunters.
Hotels.- Keosauqua Hotel, J. Bruyet; Des Moines Houes, _____ Clymer.
Churches.- Methodist, Congregational and several other denominations.

Page 87.

[Seat of Justice of Henry County.]


John K. Randolph, P. & A. Saunders, D. Gilchrist and Co., E.S. Hill, A. McKinney, H. Ray.
Druggists- B.F. Stephenson, Dr. Davis.
Saddlers- Edward Trine, J.D. Waugh.
Tinners- J. & W. Craig.
Tailors- Douglass & Rogers, John Eshelman, J. Pollock
Cabinet Shops- Reuben Allen, E.D. Young
Blacksmiths.-Rucker & Gass, Jno. Campbell, Jacob Shoup.
    Wagon Shop- Pixley & Thomas.
Plough Manufactory- Mr. Buckley.
Gun Smith-Mr. Hixon.
3 Shoe Manufactories; 4 Carpenters' Shops; 1 Turner; 1 Paint Shop.
Lawyers- Wm. Thompson, John T. Morton, Wm. H. Wallace, Franklin Street, A. Lotspeich.
Physicians- Dr. Darling, J.H. Temple, Chas. S. Clark, J.D. Payne, G.W. Snyder, Dr. Farriss, Dr. Harper.
Magistrates- P.C. Tiffany, A. McKinney.
Post Master- John S. Bartruff.
Hotels- Henry House, P.C. Tiffany; Mount Pleasant House, J. Bowman.
Churches.- Methodist Episcopal, Pastor, Rev. Mr. Simpson; Baptists, Rev. Mr. Burnett; Christian, _______; Presbyterian, _______; Congregational, ______.
Lodges- Mount Pleasant (Masonic Lodge), No. 8.
Schools- "Mount Pleasant High School" and Female Seminary, Samuel L. How, Principal; 120 Students.
Select School.- By Miss Huestis and Miss Mary Jane Young.
Mount Pleasant Collegiate Institute.- This Institution, chartered by the Legislature of Iowa, is in a flourishing condition; endowed with Professors in Natural and Moral Philosophy, Literature, Languages, &c. The buildings are spacious and convenient, affording every facility for the accommodation of youth.    Rev. A.J. Huestis, Pres.
County Officers- District Prosecutor, Wm. Thomson;


Page 88.
Sheriff, Samuel Smith; Clerk of the District Court, E. Kilpatrick; Judge of Probate, A. McKenny; Recorder, John P. Grantham; Coroner, Moses Beers; Treasurer, Wm. S. Viney; County Surveyor, H.H. McMillan.

[Seat of Justice of Jefferson County.]


Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.- Sample & Manning, Wm. I. Cooper & Co., C.S. Schaeffer and Co., J.W. Taylor & Co., J.L. Myers & Co., Richard Irwin, Wm. Alston, G.W. Markle, Wm. Pritt, G.W. Slatter.
    Druggist-Daniel V. Cole.
Watchmaker and Silversmith-E.J. Harper
Tailors-Winner & Ogden, Wm. A. Hendricks, Ultz and Houghland.
Saddlers-Wm. A. McKimmy & Co., Adam H. Weir.
Boot & Shoe Makers- John S. Berg, ___ Johnson.
Cabinet Makers- Gossage, Elliott & Co., S.G. Finney, W. Bartholomew.
Carpenters-Thorne & Crain, Robert Hill, William Kittle, J. Cunningham.
Carriage and Wagon Manufactory- Shamp & McComb.
Gunsmith-Daniel Mendenhall.
Blacksmiths.- C.C. Van & Co., Baker Brothers, J. Anderson.
Chair Factory-Jenkins & Knight.
Sign and Ornamental Painting.- Anson Ford.
Carding and Cloth Dressing Establishment.- Millikin, White & Co.

Mills in the vicinity of Fairfield.

Name Stream Saw or Grist
Bush's On Cedar Creek Saw
Wesley Depew On Cedar Creek Saw and Grist
Pitkin & Junkin On Cedar Creek Saw
Deeds On Skunk River Saw and Grist
Goodspeed On Cedar Creek Saw

Page 89.
Hotels- National, kept by Samuel Shuffleton; Eagle, Mrs. Beck

Churches. - Old School Presbyterian; Pastor, Rev. L.G. Bell., Congregational; Pastor Rev. Wm. A. Thompson.
Methodist Episcopal; Pastor Rev. Mr. Reeder.
Schools- There are two day schools; one kept by R.W. Steele, and one by Mr. Bright.
Postmaster.- Ebenezer S. Gage.
Lawyers- Samuel Shuffleton, Thomas H. Gray, Slagle and Acheson, C. Baldwin, Wm. H. Lyons, Cyrus Olney, Wm. E. Groff, J.B. Teas, Ezra Drown, Charles Negus.
Doctors- J.C. Wear, J.S. Moberly, Wm. L. Orr, __ Steele.
Justices of the Peace- Samuel G. Finney, Wm. E. Groff.
Notaries Public - Wm. H. Lyons, Robert Brown.



Is rapidly assuming an important position among the commercial towns of Iowa. Its situation, at the foot of the Des Moines Rapids, and near the confluence of the Des Moines and Mississippi rivers, renders it the natural depository for the surplus produce of one of the most luxurious portions of the Mississippi Valley. Unless the obstructions of the Upper Mississippi Valley are speedily removed, it requires no gift of prophecy to foretell the rapid and certain destiny of Keokuk. It already contains some eight or ten mercantile establishments; various mechanics; supports a weekly newspaper; and contains a population of about 1100 inhabitants.


Mercantile Establishments.- Chttenden & McGavic, R.B. Hughes & Co., J.M. Chapman & Co., A. Hine, Patterson & Roberts, Layman & Johnson, James Death, James Ivens.
Drug Store.-T. Daviss.
Printing Office.- "The Iowa Argus," published weekly; Wm. Pattee, editor and proprietor.

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