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A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846
By John B. Newhall



Pages 90-99

Page 90.



Adam Hine.  


J.G. Wickersham, Norton Munger, L. Johnson, C.E Stone, W.F. Telford, J.M. Young.


W.S. Burdsal, Collins, O'Hara & Sullivan.


Rapids Hotel, Wm. Coleman; Mansion House, J. Welch; American House, A.C. Meeker.

Religious Denominations-

Methodist, Presbyterian and Roman Catholics.

Keokuk likewise contains an extensive Steam Flouring Mill; 1 Steam Saw Mill; 3 Blacksmith Shops; 3 Tailors; 2 Bakeries; 2 Saddlery Shops, several Groceries, and one of the most extensive Coopering establishments in the upper country, owned and conducted by R.B. Hughes & Co.




There have been about fifty new buildings erected during the last year, and many are now in progress of erection. The amount of Wheat shipped from Keokuk, before the close of navigation, (November, 1845) was 40,000 bushels, besides a considerable amount of Rye, Barley, Flaxseed, & c. During the "packing" season, of last year, the extensive Coopering establishment of Hughes & Co. turned out 1900 Pork Barrels, 300 Lard Tierces, 400 Beef Tierces, in addition to a large number of Flour Barrels, shipped to St. Louis during the spring and summer.




The site of this city was selected by a board of commissioners in 1839, as the permanent Capitol of Iowa. The situation is one of great beauty, in the midst of all that wild and enchanting scenery so peculiar to a prairie country. Its incipient growth was rapid and almost unparalleled in the history of towns. In eleven months from the period the first settlement was made (then an Indian hunting ground) Iowa City contained a population of about 700 souls, 3 hotels, half dozen stores, several churches, and artizans of almost every description.


Page 91.


The State House, or Capitol, is situated on a commanding eminence, overlooking the whole city, and when completed will be decidedly the most spacious and magnificent edifice in the Territory. The design is a chaste specimen of Grecian and Doric architecture, surmounted by a dome, supported by 22 Corinthian columns.

The Territorial Legislature already convenes in this edifice; it likewise contains the Territorial Library, and the office of the Secretary, Treasurer, &c. of the Territory, although the interior is not yet finished. Iowa City is 75 miles from Burlington, 86 from Dubuque, 30 miles from Bloomington, and 80 miles east of the Raccoon Fork of the Des Moines.



Mercantile Establishments-

Dry Goods, Groceries, &c.- John Powell, E.C. Lyon, C.H. Berryhill, L. Holt, Theodore Sanxay, M. Murray, Geo. Andrews.

Grocery and Provision Dealers.-

F.P. Brassart, C.H. Buck, M.M. Montgomery, N.C. Boye.

Coffee Houses-

Charles Frink,  R.C. Keathy.  


Old School Presbyterian, Pastor, Rev. M. Hummer  
New School Presbyterian, Pastor, Rev. W.W. Woods  
Episcopal Methodist  
Protestant, Pastor, Rev. Mr. Pierson.  
Roman Catholic, Pastor, Rev. Mr. Godfrey.  
Baptists, Pastor, Rev. Mr. Smith  
Christian Church, Pastor, Rev. J. Clark.  


S.M. Ballard, Jesse Bowen, Henry Murray, Ezra Bliss, S.R. Crummey, N.G. Sales, W.W. Woods, Wm. McComrack.


Curtis Bates, J.P. Carleton, G. Folsom, M. Reno, Hugh D. Downey, Eastin Morris, W. Penn Clark, D.A. Shaffer, F.H. Lee, Geo. S. Hampton, P.H. Patterson, P.D. Turner.


Mechanics' Mutual Aid Association    
Fire Company (No. 1)    
Iowa City (Masonic) Lodge No. 4    
Iowa City Royal Arch Chapter No. 2    


Iowa City University; Iowa City College; Female Academy; Mrs. Craig, Preceptress.

Printing Offices-

Iowa Capital Reporter, published on Wednesdays, by A.H. Palmer
Iowa City Standard, published on Wednesdays by Foster and Morris
Watchman (Religious) Rev. C.R. Fisk, Editor.


Iowa City Mill Company, grinding and sawing; likewise another for grinding and carding.


C. Trowbridge  

The situation of Iowa City, and surrounding landscape, will remind the tourist of the city of St. Omir, in France. Perhaps no two places in the world, are encompassed with natural scenery more strikingly similar. The writer speaks as an eye witness. Time will not obliterate his impressions, when gazing, by the soft sunlight of France, upon the spires and domes of the latter city, surrounded by "tower, moat, and battlement."


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