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Jefferson Township Wayne Township Scott Township
Shawnee Creek Farm Residence of D. C. Smith Residence of J. T. Davidson
Residence of John Price Sec. 4 Sec. 23
Sec. 18    
  Point-Comfort Residence of J. P. McCully
Residence of J. J. Stansbury Residence of Sylvester Smith Breeder of Pure Short Horned Cattle
Sec. 14 Sec. 3 Poland & China Hogs
    Owner of Bull "Captain"
W.J. & J.S. Rodgers, Residence of J. L. Smith Bred by Geo. Murray, Racine, Wis.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in Lumber, Sec. 22 Sired & Grand Sired by Thorne, Thorndale N.Y.
Grain, Feed, Groceries, Provisions   Damed & Grandamed by R.A. Alexander, Ky.
Boots, Shoes &C Farm Residence of C. A. Smith  
Jefferson Co. Iowa Sec. 10 Residence of David Wallace
    Sec. 14
Poplar Grove Mulberry  
Res. Of Jacob Moore, Farm Residence of R. A. Young Residence of John Lee
Sec. 22 Sec. 3 Sec. 15
Williams Creek Farm Residence of Caleb Russell Orchard Grove
Residence of E. C. Noble, Sec. 24 Residence of Hon. H. R. Lyons
Sec 36 Marion Tp. Washington Co, Iowa   Sec. 29
Trenton Township Marion Township Canaan Township
Elm Grove Prairie Gem Farm Cottage Home
Residence of Geo. Miller Residence of Miller Young Residence of Farlow Daviss
Trenton, Iowa Sec. 9 Sec. 31
Henry Co. Institute of Science Brandywine Farm
Built by Geo Miller, A. D. 1869 Residence of Manly Vanorsdol
Trenton, Iowa Sec. 9
Forrest Oak Residence of R. A. Templeton
Res. Of Francis McCray Sec. 29
Sec. 3  
Maple Grove
Res. of W. P. Young
Sec. 10
Residence of Wm. Spry
Sec. 13
Forrest Grove
Residence of J. D. Smith
Sec. 7
Residence of Wm. Litzenberg
Sec. 35
Tippecanoe Township Center Township New London Township
Oakland Mills Crane & Brenholts New-London Mills
Armstrong & Clark, Proprietors Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Hardware, Redfern Shields & Co proprietors
Oakland, Iowa Stoves & Tinware and Agricultural New London, Iowa
Residence of Wm. Davis North Room East Side Square New London Academy
Sec. 3 Mt Pleasant, Iowa New London, Iowa
John Eshelman New London-House
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Ready By J. Borden
Made Clothing, Gents Furnishing Goods, New London, Iowa
Hats, Caps, Boots & Shoes, Cloths, Cassimeres,  
Vestings, Tailors' Trimings, & in fact everything Res. of Dr. J H. Philpott
Pertaining to Men & Boys Wear, Trunks and New London, Iowa
No. 38 & 39, East side of Square. Piety Hill
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Res. of M. Lyman
   New London, Iowa
Res. of Reuben Eshelman
Dealer in Clothing, Piece Goods Res. of Wells Andrews
Tailors' Trimmings, Gents Furnishing Sec 20
Goods, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Valise &c.  
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Res. of A. S. Thomas
  Sec. 5
Holcomb & Andrews   
Jobbers of Crockery Res. of Jonathan Doolittle
Glass Ware, Lamp Chimneys & Sec. 10
Fruit Jars.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Mt. Pleasant Female Seminary
E. L. Belden, Principal
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Residence of C. Pearson, M. D.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Residence of Henry Ambler
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Iowa Hospital for the Insane
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Carriage & Wagon Factory
Howe, Coats & Co. Proprietors
Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Union Block
E. L. Penn & H. Ambler
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Res. of Henry Avery
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Excelsior Mills
J. S. Wertz Propr.
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Res. of W. R. Cole
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Res. of Col. Geo. B. Corkhill
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Res. of Daniel Campbell
Sec. 12
Salem Township Jackson Township Baltimore Township
Res. & Business House of D. W. Henderson Res. of Joseph A. Edwards Lowell Mills
Dealer in Hardware and Agricultural Implements Sec. 20 Stephenson and Archibald, Proprietors
Salem, Iowa   Lowell, Iowa
Res. of H. W. Johnson Smithland Mills
Salem, Iowa Smith, Jackson and Smith, Proprietors
  Lowell, Iowa
Res. of A. D. Woodworth  
Salem, Iowa Residence, Pottery & Tile Factory of
  Edward Melcher
Whittier College Sec. 36
Salem, Iowa  
  Residence of Joseph Brown
Res. of H. L. Lamm Sec. 33
Sec. 36  
  Residence, Pottery and Tile Factory of
Dennis Melcher
Sec. 36
Parish P.O. Danville Tp, Des Moines Co, Iowa


Permission obtained for maps and images used on the Henry County IAGenWeb from Combination Atlas Map of Henry County, Iowa. Geneva, Illinois: Thompson and Everts, 1870. Located at the State Historical Society of Iowa (Iowa City). Available through the Iowa Digital Library at: http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/ cdm/ref/collection/atlases/id/ 9695

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