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Henry County Business Owners, 1870

  Mount Pleasant Hillsboro
  John B. Drayer, Judge Circuit Court. J. R. Allen, Physician and Surgeon.
  T. A. Bereman, County Clerk. Roger Jordan, General Merchandise.
  A. R. Warren, Recorder. J. G. Newbold, Insurance Agent and Notary Public.
  Oc. H. Snyder, Auditor. Lewis Van Dorin, Wagon and Carriage Maker.
  R. Banks, Treasurer. J. R. Davidson, Blacksmith
  Geo. W. Thompson, Superintendent Public Schools.
  T. A. Mann, County Surveyor. Lowell
  A. C. Strawn, Mayor, Mount Pleasant. Myers & Hall, Proprietors Hotel.
  N. J. Rogers, Marshall, Mount Pleasant. E. Archibald, Physician and Surgeon.
  Attorneys. E. H. Stephenson, of Stephenson & Archibald, Millers.
  Amblers & Babb, Union Block. J. W. Smith, Miller.
  P. N. Bowman, over National State Bank. T. J. Price, Dealer in Dry Goods and Groceries.
  E. A. Vancise, over First National Bank. P. S. Cunningham, Grocer.
  M. L. Edwards, Court House. R. G. McFarland, Fine Stone Quarry.
  Tracy & Borgholthaus, north side Public Square. Edward Folsom, Fine Stone Quarry.
  Geo. B. Corkhill, Maid between Monroe & Madison Sts.
  T. W. and John S. Woolson, North Side Public Square. New London
  Real Estate Dealers. Wm. Allen, Druggist, Grocer and Grain Dealer.
  Geo. C. Van Allen, Court House. Wm. M. Glenny, Physician and Surgeon.
  H. C. Saunders, opposite Brazelton House. J. H. Philpott, Physician and Surgeon.
  J. C. Harbin, No. 30 North Side Public Square. W. C. Hobbs, Physician and Surgeon.
  Ambrose Yancey. James L. Cochran, Principal of Academy and Attorney at Law.
  Hardware Merchants. B. Roberts, Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Drugs and Medicines.
  Jas. B. Shaw, corner Jefferson and Monroe Sts. Richard & Nugen, Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, and Ready-made Clothing.
  Jas. A Throop & Co. No. 23 N. S. Square. A. Chandler, Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries Boots and Shos and P. M.
  Druggists. W. D. Waller, Boots, Shoes and Notions and General Nursery Stock.
  H. T. Bird, & Co. Brazelton House Block. W. F. Price, Fruit Trees and Shrubbery.
  Chas. Sneider, 22 N. S. Square. J. H. Hampton, Blacksmith and Wagon Maker.
  Physicians and Surgeon. T. H. Bristor, Carriage and Wagon Maker.
  C. Pearson, Homeopathic. Daniel M. Hodge, Merchant Tailor.
  T. E. V. Fariss, Washington St. between Jackson and Jefferson. J. Borden, Proprietor Hotel.
  *. W. McClure Sam. J. Shaner, Station Agent, B. and M. R. R.
  Insurance Agents. W. Workman, Grain and Stock Dealer.
  corner of page torn off George Edger, Corn Plows and Corn Stalk Cutters.
  Banks. Shields, Redfern & Co. New London Mills, Dealers in Grain, Flour, Feed, &c.
  First National cor. Monroe and Jefferson. S. Staebler, of Mill County.
  State National cor. Main and Monroe.
  L. N. Vale, Cashier First National Bank. Salem
  J. K. Clark, Manft. Clark's Pat. Window Sash Holder. H. Gibbs, Proprietor Hotel, and Dealer in General Merchandise.
  H. N. Crane, Books & Jewelry opposite Brazelton House. A. B. Marsh, Dry Good, Groceries, and Dealer in General Merchandise.
  Leisenring Bros. Photographers, over National Sate Bank. A. D. Woodworth, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Groceries and Hardware.
  Cole Bros. Lightning Rods and Pumps. Thomas Shampoi, Manft. and Dealer in Boots and Shoes.
  Henry Avery, Nursery Man. J. M. Triplett, Groceries, Queensware and Boots and Shoes.
  Horton J. Howard, Conveyancer, Justice of the Peace & Nurseryman, Court House. J. C. Reeves, Druggist.
  R. Root, Proprietor, Brazelton House. L. J. Rogers, Physician and Surgeon.
  Dr. Geo Robertson, Fruit Farm, 2 miles South of Mt. Pleasant. Grapes, Strawberries, Plants, Cutting, &c. T. A. Bull, Dentist.
  Holcomb & Andrews, Dealers in Crockery Glass and Queensware. J. W. Pickeing, Tannery and Harness Manft.
  Frank Hatten, Proprietor Mt. Pleasant Journal. Wm. Pray, of (Pickering & Co.) Harness Manufacturer.
  R. H. Copeland, Proprietor Henry County Press. W. H. Willmett, Harness Maker, works for Pickering & Co.
  A. T. Broosk, Asst. Internal Revenue Assessor. Nathan Hockett, Saddle and Harness Maker.
  L. W. Saylor, Dry Goods and Notions, No. 24 N. S. Square. Israel Mendenhall, Cabinet Maker.
  T Schreiner, Sash, Door and Blind Factory, cor. Main and Saunders Sts. Marshall Knight, Wagon Maker.
  J. D. Dugdale, Livery and Feed Stable, Washington between Adams and Harrison. I. T. Brooks, Blacksmithing.
  W. H. Hatch, Books, Stationery, Jewely and Muscial Instruments. Hiram Jones. Blacksmithing.
  E. L. Belden, Female Seminary, cor. E. Washington St. and Asylum Ave. D. W. Henderson, Dealer in Hardware and Agricultural Implements.
  Ben L. Cozier, Principal Public Schools.
  Spearman & Houseman, Wholesale and Retail Groceries, S. E. cor. Spruce. Trenton
  John Eshelman, Wholesale and Retail Clothing, 38 and 39 E. S. Square. Jacob Morrison, Merchant.
  Reuben Eshelman, Clothier and Merchant Tailor, 29 N. S. Square. James C. Green, Notary Public and Agent Aetna Insurance Co.
  P Jericho, Harness and Saddle Maft. 25 W. Monroe St. Q. M. Noel, Proprietor Hotel.
  L. F. Willard, Harness and Saddle Maft. Monroe between Main and Jefferson. J. C. Hull, Physician and Surgeon.
  J. S. Wertz, Excelsior Mills. C. C. Turney, Blacksmith and Wagon Maker.
  Howe, Coats & Co. Wagon and Carriage Manufacturers. Joel Turney, Blacksmith and Wagon Maker.
  N. Greusel. Jacob S. Probosco, Grocer.
  S. D. Swan H. W. Howard, Groceries and Provisions.
  J. R. Gilchrist, Silver Plating. Simon N. Lozier, Groceries and Provisions.
  Wm. White Wm. M. Willson, Cabinet Maker.
  R. Allen Jas. Stephens, Wheelwright and Chair Maker.
  B. M. Shockey, Physician & Surgeon.
  J. H. Godspeed, Dry Goods & Groceries.
  Charls Craven, Wheelright, Wagons & Carriages.
  E. F. Haight, Wheelright, Wagons & Carriages.
  T. L. Hall, Harness Maker.
  Wm. G. Lauder, Blacksmith.
  C. M. Fulton, Groceries, Drugs & Hardware.

Source:  Combination Atlas Map of Henry County, Iowa; Publisher, Thompson & Everts, 1870 http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/cdm/ref/collection/atlases/id/9695 

Transcribed & formatted by Conni McDaniel Hall, July 2014

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