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Mapswith driving directions to cemetery locations are provided byTopoZone.com, which in turn uses United States Geological Surveycoordinates. These maps give driving directions; and allow the user tozoom in, pan left to right, up and down, etc. Created for IAGenWebcourtesy of Rich Lowe Jr.

Cemetery Name Township Latitude Longitude Directions to Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery a.k.a. Bethel-Knauss Cemetery Jefferson 41.6238792 -95.7002849 View Map
Biglers Grove Cemetery Boyer 41.7324887 -95.7794525 View Map
Calhoun Cemetery Calhoun 41.6391571 -95.8941767 View Map
Chambers Cemetery Washington 41.6019344 -95.5683378 View Map
Champan Frazier Cemetery a.k.a. Old Frazier Cemetery St. John     Located in a field on the bluff behind the house at 2964 Hwy 183 (a.k.a. 2964 Loess Hills Trail)
Champlin Cemetery a.k.a. Yorshire Cemetery a.k.a.Walker Cemetery Washington 41.5122135 -95.5769496 View Map
Cleveland Cemetery Lincoln 41.8277662 -95.7197287 View Map
Conyers Cemetery Little Sioux 41.8058212 -96.0039 View Map
Cowan-Pardee Cemetery Boyer     Located on west side of Ross Trail between 212th St. & 220th St. Out in field near large tree.
Cox Cemetery Lincoln 41.539158 -95.6422286 View Map
Ellison Cemetery Cass 41.6561006 -95.6263943 View Map
Frazier Cemetery La Grange     On 290th St. just north of Hwy 30
Fountainbleau Cemetery a.k.a. Murray Hill Cemetery a.k.a. Old Murray Cemetery Little Sioux 41.8249878 -96.0008444 View Map
Greenwood Cemetery a.k.a. Whitesboro Cemetery Jefferson 41.6733229 -95.725563 View Map
Harris Grove Cemetery Union 41.5783245 -95.7258413 View Map
Hauger Cemetery a.k.a. Hauger-Rumbaugh Cemetery Clay 41.6388797 -96.0502906 View Map
Hawkins Cemetery Cass     Southwest corner of Hwy 44 and Tampa Avenue
Henderson Cemetery Jefferson 41.6222125 -95.6891736 View Map
(Cem sits more out in field by a lone tree)
Hodges-Purcell Cemetery a.k.a. Benjamin Purcell Cemetery Boyer     Located on the bluff behind farm house on west side of Oneida Ave. between Easton Trail and 153rd St.
Hurley's Evergreen Cemeery La Grange 41.34209 -95.51696 View Map
2291 Hwy 30 between MO Valley and Logan
Linnwood Cemetery La Grange 41.5591583 -95.7497307 View Map
Little Sioux Cemetery Little Sioux 41.8024879 -96.0069557 View Map
Logan Cemetery Jefferson 41.6402681 -95.784453 View Map
Lytle Cemetery Washington 41.5624905 -95.5552822 View Map
Magnolia Cemetery Magnolia 41.6902672 -95.8802874 View Map
McGavern Cemetery Jefferson 41.6333237 -95.7419524 View Map
Mefferd/Mefford Cemetery Douglas     East side of Sawyer Trail between 194th St. and 207th St. Located by residence at 2026 Sawyer Trail
Mondamin-Noyes Cemetery (2 cemeteries side by side) Morgan 41.7188776 -96.0319564 See Noyes Cemetery
Mount Carmel / Mt. Carmel Cemetery (shares land with Rose Hill Cem) Missouri Valley     See Rose Hill Cemetery
Noyes Cemetery a.k.a. Mondamin-Noyes Cemetery (2 cemeteries side by side) Morgan 41.7188776 -96.0319564 View Map
Oak Grove Cemetery a.k.a. Old Town Cemetery St. John 41.5166595 -95.865288 View Map
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Harrison 41.8447105 -95.5941704 View Map
Purcell Cemetery a.k.a. Jesse Purcell Cemetery Magnolia     South side of Nassau Place between Mogan Ave.& 189th St.
Rose Hill Cemetery (shares land with Mt. Carmel Cemetery) St. John 41.5658252 -95.8913992 View Map
Ruffcorn Cemetery Morgan 41.7572101 -96.0211226 View Map
St. Bridget's-Magnolia Cemetery a.k.a. St. Bridget's Catholic Cemetery       Located in north side of Magnolia Cemetery.
Schley Cemetery Washington 41.5555461 -95.5419486 View Map
Silver Hill Cemetery a.k.a. Silver Prairie Cemetery Magnolia 41.6897116 -95.7922306 View Map
Soldier Valley Cemetery Jackson 41.7916547 -95.9550103 View Map
Spears Cemetery a.k.a. Graybill-Spears Cemetery (2 cemeteries located side by side and share cemetery sign) Washington 41.5097136 -95.5813941 View Map
Valley View Cemetery Union 41.5813795 -95.6327837 View Map
Woodbine Cemetery Boyer 41.7472106 -95.7141734 View Map
Yutesler Cemetery a.k.a. Yutsler Cemetery Clay 41.6686011 -96.0372345 View Map


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