Coroner's Inquest and Verdict, 1907-1940

This is the transcription of the Coroner's Inquest and Verdict records dated 1907-1940 as recorded in the Grundy County Courthouse. This is only an index. Not all columns were transcribed.

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Page Date Deceased Found At Coroner Verdict Constable Coroner's Jury Comments
1 9 May 1907 Meyer, John D. His home in Holland, Ia. J. C. Corsant Strychnine poisoning administered by himself with suicidal intent Cornelius Poppenga Chas. T. Conradi, P. Meyer, J. H. Arends  
2 18 Jun 1907 Dreivel, Otto the Dam of the Blackhawk Creek, Palermo Twp C. E. Butler (J. P. and acting Coroner) Accidental drowning W. E. Morrison (Sheriff) C. M. Sprague, W. S. Derby, G. W. Walker  
3               blank page
4 18 Jun 1907 Heinken, John residence of John Fluth in Pleasant Valley Twp Barney Hook (J. P. and acting Coroner) Acute alcoholic poison administered by his own hand Walter Galpin O. Ackerman, Henry Knock, S. Terbeck (all of Pleasant Valley Twp) And there being no friends to care for the body of the said deceased, I caused the same to be buried lawfully in the Lutheran Cemetery in Shiloh Township, Grundy Co., Iowa on the 19th day of June 1907.
5 11 Oct 1907 Lynch, Mrs. her home J. C. Corsant Natural causes T. Fuller (Marshall) P. Hogan, W. H. Mitchell, L. D. Coffman  
6 9 Apr 1908 Spigelmeyer, Elijah his residence in Conrad A. D. Wiley (J.P. and acting Coroner) An overdose of laudanum self-administered H. F. Middleton John R. Gier, Damon Marsh, A. J. Valentine  
7 24 Jun 1908 Jackson, Earl Dike J. C. Corsant Alcoholic poison Asa Reisinger (acting Constable) Chas. Vought, Henry Reisinger, Adolph Liebsohn  
8 29 Oct 1908 French, John the farm of Morrison Bros, Palermo Twp C. E. Butler (J. P. and acting Coroner) being smothered caused by the dirt from a well which he was cleaning out, caving in on him and the same being accidental W. F. Benz (Deputy Sheriff) C. M. Sprague, John White, J. E. Simms  
9 26 Apr 1909 Sheran, Will Hicks Crossing L. H. Carpenter having his neck broken caused probably by jumping from a Great Western train W. E. Morrison L. T. Starkweather, Louis Severance, Matt Miller  
10 20 Apr 1909 Janssen, Ommo J. P. Brown farm, Beaver Twp L. H. Carpenter Strangulation, self inflicted with suicidal intent Sheriff Black E. L. Piper, J. P. Brown, Fred Helmers  
11 6 Jun 1909 Harrison, Robert Henry a pond north of Rock Island Depot, Grundy Center L. H. Carpenter Accidental drowning James Black (Sheriff) E. H. Dodd, Jerry Connell, Chas. Jontz  
12 13 May 1910 Kingsbury, Harry L. the home of B. L. Robinson L. H. Carpenter taking a dose of chloral hydrate self administered C. C. Bean Ben Foght, Henry Wilson, H. W. Avery  
13 28 May 1910 Swinney, John Price the King farm L. H. Carpenter as a result of Gun shot wounds self inflicted H. G. Callaway Chas. Callaway, Cal Stewart, Hiram Lord  
14 11 Jul 1910 Jacobsen, Albert Sieh's farm L. H. Carpenter Accidental drowning S. H. Knapp Alfred Sieh, Henry Willart, Peter Sieh  
15 9 Apr 1911 DeGrote, Adolph Reinbeck, Ia. L. H. Carpenter causes unknown, no violence being evident Henry Willart Dana Roberts, Christ Powderly, John Johnson  
16 9 Aug 1911 Kramers, Harm Holland, Ia. L. H. Carpenter heart failure      
17 25 Jan 1912 Moffitt, Mussett Anola Reinbeck, Ia. L. H. Carpenter Heridatary Lyphilia      
18 14 Mar 1912 Bramhall, Fred Wellsburg, Ia. L. H. Carpenter accident being crushed between freight car and ? on the Rock Island Rail Road at Wellsburg, Ia on the night of March 13th, 1912 J. C. Doyen E. A. Bowles, D. J. Peters, Hilko B. Rindles  
19 5 Apr 1912 Becker, Lorenz Grundy Center, Ia. L. H. Carpenter hanging himself while mentally deranged John Morrison Will Mitchell, Lou Coffman, Joe Hummel  
20 9 Apr 1912 Brassfield, J. M. John Rohwer farm L. H. Carpenter hanging himself James Black (Sheriff) Herman Mundt, Ed Longnecker, H. P. Henningsen  
21 19 Jun 1912 Kessler, Eddie Fern, Ia. L. H. Carpenter Accidental drowning      
22 14 Jul 1912 Kruger, Claus Christian Colfax L. H. Carpenter chronic heart disease      
23               blank page
24 19 May 1913 Fiscus, Altha May E. M. McKibbens residence, Felix Twp L. H. Carpenter strangulation at her own hands while despondent James Black (Sheriff) John Small, Albert Fiscus, Otis VanVooris  
25 8 Jun 1913 Knisley, Cora Knisley's farm, Clay Twp L. H. Carpenter a gun shot wound inflicted by her father Ben Knisley with intent of murder James Black (Sheriff) Geo. W. Frederick, Joseph Whorrell, Dave Simms  
26 8 Jun 1913 Knisley, Ralph Knisley's farm, Clay Twp L. H. Carpenter a gun shot wound inflicted by her father Ben Knisley with intent of murder James Black (Sheriff) George W. Frederick, Joseph Whorrell, Dave Simms  
27 8 Jun 1913 Knisley, Ben Knisley's farm, Clay Twp L. H. Carpenter a gun shot wound self inflicted with suicidal intent James Black (Sheriff) George W. Frederick, Joseph Whorrell, Dave Simms  
28 17 Aug 1913 George, Thomas Grundy Center, Ia. L. H. Carpenter Accidental drowning John Morrison E. H. Dodd, Walt Morrison, Clarance Albright  
29 17 Aug 1913 Ledras, Mak Grundy Center, Ia. L. H. Carpenter Accidental drowning John Morrison E. H. Dodd, Walt Morrison, Clarance Albright  
30 4 Sep 1913 Thoms, William John Reimer's farm, Black Hawk Twp L. H. Carpenter strychnine poisoning by his own hand while despondent W. F. Benz (Deputy Sheriff) Jim Creswell, Aug. W. Horstman, Ernest J. Hortsman  
31 13 Oct 1913 Huntley, William Grundy Center, Ia. L. H. Carpenter Auto intoxication Will Benz D. W. Reid, Leon Bigelow, Otto Fram  
32 31 Jan 1914 Downey, Susan M. Morrison, Ia. L. H. Carpenter heart failure Jonas Shafstahl W. A. Elliott, R. L. Stout, C. L. Robinson  
33 4 Nov 1914 Wilcoxon, Dewitt Keller Reinbeck, Ia. L. H. Carpenter reason of bullet wounds inflicted by officers while deceased was resisting arrest   A. M. Robinson, E. K. Green, J. D. Morrison  
34 26 Nov 1914 Brett, Edna Grundy Center, Ia. L. H. Carpenter Chloroform poisoning self administered   Chas. Rogers, John F. Lynn, Ralph Lynn  
35 22 Feb 1915 Brink, Lizzie Grundy Center, Ia. W. L. Miller (acting Coroner) Acute intestinal indigestion   W. E. Morrison, R. F. Bockes, Jas. Black  
36 3 Mar 1915 Tellinghusen, Egge his home in Lincoln Twp W. L. Miller (J. P. and acting Coroner) Strangulation self inflicted   Otto Dirks, John Prusner, Tonjes Meyer  
37 13 Mar 1915 Gronewold, Geerd his home in Colfax Twp W. L. Miller (J. P. and acting Coroner) Strangulation self inflicted   John Nessen, F. C. Eberline, Chas. Etjen  
38 10 Feb 1915 Brower, John 2 miles south of Stout, Ia. On bridge of C&NW R. R. Cullen B. Roe having been struck by a train on the C&NW R. R. tracks two miles south of Stout at about nine oclock, Feb 9th. The number of the train is unknown John Hempen (J. P.) Tom Fitzpatrick, Oltman Diekhoff, Henry Hessenius  
39 11 Mar 1915 Bergman, Otto his home 2 miles south, 1 mile west of Parkersburg, Ia. Cullen B. Roe his own hand, shot himself through the head using a 32 cal. Revolver at his home 2 miles south and 1 mile west of Parkersburg. Time 11:30 a.m. March 11th, 15 AD. C. M. Fobes Chris J. Johnson, John Ellingrod, Ben Ellingrod  
40 25 Apr 1915 Fredricksen, Nels his home J. C. Corsant        
41 9 Jul 1915 Doeden, Tobke Harm Doeden 1 mile south of Stout, Ia. J. W. Gaffey the infant daughter of Harm Doeden 6 weeks old was found dead in bed the 9 day of July at 6 a.m. Death and ? Suffocation during night accidental.   H. W. Engelkes, J. D. Arends, A. W. Bulthuis  
42 24 Jul 1915 Herom, Elzo his home on Louis Meints farm J. W. Gaffey hanging self inflected and that the same was done 23rd of July 1915 while in a state of mental depression H. T. Chinn M. H. Tjaden, Chas. Schrage, Geo. A. Gerdes  
43 14 Sep 1916 Halfwassen, Peter Fred Stahl barn J. W. Gaffey death suicide by shooting himself with a 22 rifle through the heart W. F. Benz (Deputy Sheriff) F. Hayes, E. W. Doeden, O. J. Engelkes  
44 29 Jul 1923 Simms, Ray SE corner of Sec 6, Grant Twp H. W. Engelkes a wound inflicted with a sharp instrument such as a knife or razor by a person unknown to us W. F. Benz (Deputy Sheriff) Otto Frahm, George Boysen, Wayland Gray  
45 24 Apr 1924 Ring, Joe Gradins? Camp north of Reinbeck, Ia. H. W. Engelkes violence but natural cause, heart failure H. W. Avery Geo. M. Saul, A. M. Robinson, Henry Willert  
46 12 Nov 1924 DeWeerdt, Marlin Lammert Hoffman's H. W. Engelkes his own hand caused by poison which he is supposed to have purchased at Marshalltown C. W. Engelkes Nan Walters, Dick Walters, Jake Rindels  
47               blank page
48 19 Jul 1925 Knock, Maggie the Dave Kirkpatrick barn L . D. Coffman hanging by her own hands while despondent      
49               blank page
50               blank page
51 21 Jan 1926 Morrison, Walter C. his home in Grundy Center L. D. Coffman shooting self in head with small caliber gun while despondent      
  17 May 1925 Weatherly, Alma Dittmer her home in Felix Twp L. D. Coffman suicide by shooting herself with a 22 caliber rifle      
  1 Jul 1932 Whaylin, Mae Whaylin Farms in Black Hawk Twp   shot twice with a 12 gauge shotgun by Cressy Whaylin      
  5 Dec 1932 Konken, Harm W. his farm at Fern, Ia. L. D. Coffman gunshot wound in his head caused by his own hands due to financial worry      
  31 Dec 1938 Hearne, Helen a place 2 1/2 miles west of Grundy Center on highway #57 L. D. Coffman unavoidable accident. The car in which she was riding collided with a truck. A. W. Lohring C. A. Biebesheimer, Eiber C. Stevens, John Clark  
  28 Jul 1932 Dinnebier, Joann Sharp farm in Clay Twp   accidental death caused by the child falling in front of the wagon wheel which passed over her chest causing instant death.      
  13 Mar 1933 Jensen, William his home L. D. Coffman suicide by hanging      
  26 Sep 1933 Johns, William Reinbeck, Ia. Was found laying dead in the street about 11:30 p.m. Had left home about 8p.m. Death supposed to have been caused by apoplexy L. D. Coffman        
  8 Nov 1933 Newton, Edgar H. his home L. D. Coffman likely alcoholic poisoning      
  13 Nov 1933 Meyer, Frederick his home in German Twp L. D. Coffman Acute indigestion      
  15 Feb 1937 Krull, Henry Krull farm home about 2 miles SW of Grundy Center   suicide self inflicted with shotgun      
  1 Jun 1940 Rhine, David B. C. Kell farm about three miles north of Conrad   suicide by ingesting strychnine due to being mixed up with the law and financially.      
  13 Nov 1940 Jones, William L. Dick DeNeui farm at Wellsburg   Heart attack or heart blick causing instance death (during hunting trip)      
  14 Sep 1940 Bullard, Marvin Lee Dike, at the bridge at NW corner of Dike on Hwy #57   Auto accident      

The information was transcribed as closely as possible to the original documents and as accurately as possible. If names were known to be misspelled, the corrected spelling has been entered in the Comments column for purposes of searching, etc. If you have a correction, please contact me and I will review the original document and make the correction, or I will update the Comments column to include the alternate information.

Source: FHL Microfilm# 1,602,765