Shiloh Township Country Schools

Summary from the survey completed in 1997
- Summary
- 2 homes
- 3 other uses
- 4 torn down

Shiloh No. 1 a.k.a. Old Dick Miller School

Section 11 Northeast corner

Gratus Nederhoff land - school moved to yard and used for storage - whole farm site gone burned and buried

December 3, 1888 to March 23, 1889Teacher: Nellie Gordon
April 29, 1889 to July 19, 1889Teacher: Maggie Pollard
December 9, 1889 to March 28, 1890Teacher: Kate Clifford
April 7, 1890 to June 27, 1890Teacher: Kate Clifford
December 1, 1890 to March 20, 1891Teacher: A. K. Langdon
April 6, 1891 to June 26, 1891Teacher: Kate Clifford
December 7, 1891 to March 25, 1892Teacher: Mabel House
May 2, 1892 to July 23, 1892Teacher: Pluma Bronson
November 28, 1892 to March 17, 1893Teacher: Kate M. Clifford
April 1, 1893 to June 23, 1893Teacher: W. E. Reed
April 19, 1893 to June 30, 1893Teacher: Susie K. Harris
April 24, 1894 to 1894Teacher: Jessie C. Clifford
December 4, 1893 to March 23, 1894Teacher: Burt Ammerman
September 3, 1894 to October 26, 1894Teacher: Jessica C. Clifford
December 3, 1894 to February 22, 1895Teacher: Jessica C. Clifford
April 1, 1895 to June 23, 1895Teacher: W. E. Reed
September 2, 1995 to October 23, 1895Teacher: Maude Lamb
December 2, 1895 to 1896Teacher: Sadie McKeen
December 7, 1896 to March 12, 1897Teacher: Maude Lamb
December 1897 to March 12, 1897Teacher: Maude Ida Lamb
April 5, 1897 to July 2, 1897Teacher: Mamie Diemer
September 13, 1897 to October 22, 1897Teacher: Mamie Diemer
November 29, 1897 to March 25, 1898Teacher: Mamie Diemer
April 11, 1898 to July 2, 1898Teacher: Mamie Diemer
September 5, 1898 to October 28 1898Teacher: Esther M. Clifford
December 30, 1898 to March 10, 1899Teacher: Esther M. Clifford
April 3, 1899 to June 23, 1899Teacher: Rosie Pollard
August 28, 1899 to October 20, 1899Teacher: Mamie Diemer
December 4, 1899 to March 9, 1900Teacher: Lizzie Dorgan
April 2, 1900 to June 22, 1900Teacher: L. Dorgan
November 12, 1900 to 1901Teacher: Probably Lizzie Dorgan
April 15, 1901 to July 5, 1901Teacher: Elizabeth Mutch
November 18, 1901 to April 18, 1902Teacher: Elizabeth Mutch
May 19, 1902 to July 11, 1902Teacher: Maggie Connell
September 8, 1902 to October 31, 1902Teacher: Lena Tayler
November 24, 1902 to 1903Teacher: Lena A. Tayler
April 6, 1903 to June 26, 1903Teacher: Lida E. Taylor
September 7, 1903 to October 16, 1903Teacher: Lida E. Taylor
November 23, 1903 to March 4, 1904Teacher: Edith Early
April 4, 1904 to June 24, 1904Teacher: Myra E. Schnebly
Sept. 5, 1904 to October 28, 1904Teacher: Myrna E. Schnebly
November 28, 1904 to March 10, 1905Teacher: Myrtle Pfiffner
April 3, 1905 to June 23, 1905Teacher: Myrtle Pfiffner
September 4, 1905 to October 30, 1905Teacher: Myrtle Pfiffner
November 27, 1905 to February 23, 1906Teacher: Mr. V. Comer (could be Mrs K. Comer) illeg.
March 5, 1906 to May 25, 1906Teacher: Myrtle Pfiffner
August 27, 1906 to October 19, 1906Teacher: Susie Dunn
November 19, 1906 to March 15, 1907Teacher: Susie Dunn
April 15, 1907 to June 7, 1907Teacher: Georgia Bolton
August 19, 1907 to October 11, 1907Teacher: Georgia Bolton
January 13, 1908 to March 6, 1908Teacher: Floyd E. Barker
March 23, 1908 to May 29, 1908Teacher: Floyd E. Barker
August 31, 1908 to October 23, 1908Teacher: Inez Petersen
November 30, 1908 to March 26, 1909Teacher: Goldie Thomas
April 5, 1909 to May 28, 1909Teacher: Goldie Thomas
Sept 6, 1909 to October 29, 1909Teacher: Bertha Sisson
November 12, 1909 to March 18, 1910Teacher: Bertha Sisson
April 18, 1910 to June 10, 1910Teacher: Tillie Lutterman
August 29, 1910 to October 21, 1910Teacher: Tillie Lutterman
November 28, 1910 to March 30, 1911Teacher: Inger Vaala
April 3, 1911 to May 26, 1911Teacher: Tillie Lutterman
August 21, 1911 to October 13, 1911Teacher: Tillie Lutterman
November 20, 1911 to March 15, 1912Teacher: Edith Hildebrand
April 15, 1912 to June 7, 1912Teacher: Edith Hildebrand
August 26, 1912 to October 18, 1912Teacher: Florence Hildebrand
November 18, 1912 to March 14, 1913Teacher: Florence Hildebrand
Aril 14, 1913 to June 6, 1913Teacher: Florence Hildebrand
September 8, 1913 to October 31, 1913Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
November 1, 1913 to April 3, 1914Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
April 20, 1914 to June 12, 1914Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
August 24, 1914 to October 11, 1914Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
November 16, 1914 to March 5, 1915Teacher: Anna Shelton
April 12, 1915 to June 4, 1915Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
August 23, 1915 to October 19, 1915Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
November 15, 1915 to March 21, 1916Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
March 22, 1916 to May 17, 1916Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
August 28, 1916 to October 20,1916Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
November 6, 1916 to March 10, 1917Teacher: Mary Alice Donohue
April 2, 1917 to May 25, 1917Teacher: Edith A. Ashby
August 27, 1917 to October 19, 1917Teacher: Edith H. Ashby
November 26, 1917 to March 29, 1918Teacher: Elsie V. O'Hara
April 8, 1918 to May 31, 1918Teacher: Grace H. Ibling
August 26, 1918 to October 18, 1918Teacher: Grace H. Ibling
November 18, 1918 to March 14, 1919Teacher: Grace H. Ibling
March 24, 1919 to May 16, 1919Teacher: Grace H. Ibling
August 1, 1919 to October 19, 1919Teacher: Grace H. Ibling
November 17, 1919 to March, 1920Teacher: Grace H. Ibling
March 29, 1920 to May 21, 1920Teacher: Elizabeth E. Lonergan
August 23, 1920 to October 15, 1920Teacher: Elizabeth E. Longergan
November 8, 1920 to March 1921Teacher: Elizabeth E. Longergan
March 21, 1921 to May 13, 1921Teacher: Elizabeth E. Longergan
August 22, 1921 to October 14, 1921Teacher: Regina M. Hook
October 21, 1921 to March 4, 1922Teacher: Regina Marie Hook
March 6, 1922 to April 28, 1922Teacher: Regina Marie Hook
August 14, 1922 to October 6, 1922Teacher: Frances Loeta Schneiderman
November 6, 1922 to March 2, 1923Teacher: Frances L. Schneiderman
March 12, 1923 to May 4, 1923Teacher: Frances L. Schneiderman
August 20, 1923 to September 1, 1923Teacher: Frances L. Schneiderman
November 5, 1923 to February 27, 1924Teacher: Frances L. Schneiderman
March 17, 1923 to May 19, 1924Teacher: Frances L. Schneiderman
August 25, 1924 to October 17, 1924Teacher: L. Roy Lutterman
November 17, 1924 to March 25, 1925Teacher: L. Roy Lutterman
March 30, 1925 to May 20, 1926Teacher: L. Roy Lutterman
August 24, 1925 to October 16, 1925Teacher: L. Roy Lutterman
November 16, 1925 to March 9, 1926Teacher: L. Roy Lutterman
March 22, 1926 to May 14, 1926Teacher: Dorothy Tjaden
August 23, 1926 to October 22, 1926Teacher: Dorothy Tjaden
November 15, 1926 to March 14, 1927Teacher: Dorothy Tjaden
March 21, 1927 to May 12, 1927Teacher: Dorothy O. Tjaden
August 22, 1927 to October 14, 1927Teacher: Dorothy O. Tjaden
November 21, 1927 to March 9, 1928Teacher: John O. Tjaden

Shiloh No. 2 a.k.a. Kuper School

Section 9 Northeast corner
1997-Still in original spot - poor shape

Following are newspaper articles ...
Notice is hereby given that the old schoolhouse in District No. 2, Shiloh township, will be sold at public auction on Wednesday, January 15, 1902, at 2 o'clock p.m., at the old school house site.
By order of committee
D. Claussen, Secretary

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 26 December 1901

The old school house in District No. 2 was bought by Section Boss Wolf for $57 on Wednesday of last week.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 23 January 1902, pg 8

Tom Ackerman finished moving the old school house from Shiloh No. 2 last Saturday to lots near the depot.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 6 February 1902, pg 8

Members of Class Of 1902-03 All Are Living

A recent check of the records of the school in District No. 2, in Shiloh township, reveals that all of the members of the school in the years 1902-03 and their teachers are still living, many of them in the vicinity of Wellsburg.

The class of 40 years ago consisted of 15 pupils taught by Trieno Riekena. At that time Joh DeNeui was sub-director of the school, and J. T. Gray was the county superintendent.

Members of the school at that time were listed as follows: Jennie Kuper, Cornie Kuper, Abraham DeNeui, Ida Ruter, Fred Boyken, Richtena Schafer, Flora Kuper, Floy DeNeui, Harm Ruter, Lena Boyken, John Boyken, Tom Schafer, Dena Stickfort and Willie Stickfort.

We doubt if there are many similar cases on record where a class of 15 in any school have remained among the living for so many years.

The Register is indebted to Abe DeNeui for furnishing this unusual record.

Trieno Riekena is at present 61 years old. He attended the college at Cedar Falls; he has a son, Jacob, who is now superintendent at Lewis, Iowa, and another boy, Willard, who is principal of the school at Renwick, Iowa.

Joh DeNeui is now 71 years old and has served as director and president off and on for many years of the Shiloh township school board. He served in this capacity in 1939, at the age of 68 years.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 10 December 1942, pg 13

Shiloh No. 3 a.k.a. Dickie DeNeui School

Section 6 Southeast corner
- Don deNeui father bought - last teacher 1953 - used as farm building - Don deNeui tore down

Interesting Historic Facts Of Shiloh District No. 3

Following is a very interesting account of the history of Shiloh School District No. 3 as prepared and given to the Herald for publication. It is doubtful another school district in the county has a history centered so much around one family.

In 1865, Johannes de Neui, with a bride of a few months, migrated from Germany and came by stage coach to Ackley, Iowa, which had at that time a few houses and no railroad. He worked for some time in a saw mill at Eagle City on the Iowa River south of Ackley. (Eagle City is now a ghost town.) But the tilling of the soil was in his blood, so he came to Grundy County and purchased some land in Shiloh Township, District No. 3. He built a log cabin on Beaver Creek and broke up the prairie sod with an ox team, some time later he built a frame house in the grove where Dickie deNeui now lives. Since more settlers had moved into the district the U.S. government asked permission to use the log cabin as a school house and for 3 years it served as the first school house for Shiloh District No. 3.

Today almost a century later seven deNeui children are attending Shiloh District No. 3, whose Great-Grandfather's log cabin served as the first school house for their district. They are Robert, Ronald, Karen, Carol, Iona, Daryl and Janice de Neui. They are the children of Noble, Abe and Dickie de Neui.

When the log cabin school house was replaced with a frame building, there arose a dispute as to where it was to be located. The dispute was settled when Simon Snittjer Sr. offered to donate the site if it were built on the farm he owned and operated. Today almost a century later Simon Snittjer Jr. a grandson of the man who donated the site owns and operates the same farm, and is serving as Secretary of the Shiloh Township Board of Education.

In the early days Shiloh No. 3 served as an arm of the law. Weert Riekena who went by the nickname of the Squire, served as a justice of the peace. He lived about 80 rods south of the school house. As the law suits and disputes heard by him drew too large crowds for his home to accommodate, the cases were tried and disposed of at the school house. Shiloh No. 3 was the social center of the neighborhood in the horse and buggy days. The social gatherings, the community plays and box socials were first class entertainment. A large number of business firms in Wellsburg are owned and operated by former pupils of Shiloh No. 3, who also took part in these entertainments besides the annual school picnics and programs. Threshers picnics, 4-H gatherings and telephone business meetings are still held there.

Marjorie Renken teaches Shiloh No. 3 this year. She boards in the district and spends the weekends at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Renken of Parkersburg. There are 13 pupils enrolled at Shiloh No. 3 at the present time.

The largest number on the school's record at one time was 44 pupils. About 25 descendants of Johannes deNeui have attended school there and have been living in the district continually since the log cabin was built.

Source: Wellsburg Herald (Wellsburg, Iowa), 15 February 1951, pg 1

Shiloh No. 4 a.k.a. Eertmoed School

Section 8 Mid South side
- near (West) Ron deNeui farm moved to near Jeff Simms used as school Colfax 7 - maybe Sonny Beenkens farm now - moved to Palermo No. 3 - Original Shiloh 4 on Ron deNeui farm as shed for machinery - VanPatten school from book "East Friesens in American", by Rev. Schnooker

Shiloh No. 5

Section 21 Northwest corner
- Harlan Riekena doubted if it existed because his grandmother was born in 1896, lived near and never attended. Geo. Wells owned much land and there were not many people living in the area then. Should have been a mile east.

Shiloh No. 6 a.k.a. John Stoehr School

Section 24 Northeast corner
- across from Gene Ruter (sold to Wumpkes moved) closed 31 or 32

Shiloh No. 7 a.k.a. Lutterman School

Section 26 South central
- (SW 25) (Wumpkes bought old school) Harold O'Kones owns land now

Shiloh No. 8 a.k.a. Nichols' School

Section 28 E/S
- Moved to Henry Nederhoff farm (Sec. 21 SE) is a grainery behind grove. Floyd Eiten told Ruth Hawn

Shiloh No. 9 a.k.a. Pine Creek School

Section 29 Central
- Herbert Quick, Grundy County author, attended at age 4
Sam Ross moved and made into home - Duane Murra home 829 E 4th St., Wellsburg, Iowa

Shiloh School Sold For $650

The school house west of Wellsburg in Shiloh township known as the Pine Creek School, was sold at public auction Monday afternoon. The high bidder was Sam Ross. His bid was $650.

This was the third time this building was offered at auction. The other two times the bidders were under the appraised value and it was not possible to sell them. One bid at a previous sale was $1000. The last appraisal was made low enough so that the property couldn't fail to sell. That appraisal was $200.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 28 October 1948, pg 1