Melrose Township Schools

Summary from the survey completed in 1997
- 3 homes
- 3 for other uses
- 3 gone fate unknown

Melrose No. 1

Section 1 Southwest corner
- Bought by Joe Newall and given/sold to someone after the tornado at Buck Grove

District No. 1 Melrose Township held a meeting Tuesday night on Feb. 17, to consider the question of consolidation. Consolidation was unanimously opposed. It was resolved that we, the patrons of the school see that a course of study is used in our school which will admit our eighth grade pupils to the freshman class of any of any acredited high school. We expect to meet socially, often, to discuss subjects of interest to farmers and for the advancement of ourselves and children.
Patrons of District No. 1 Melrose.

The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 19 February 1914, pg 5

Melrose No. 2 a.k.a. Murdock School

Section 4 Southeast corner
- near Sheller Cemetery - made into a home on site - Maurice Schwark
The school/house was turned a 1/4 turn

Melrose No. 3

Section 6 Southeast corner
- Sold - moved for home - Barn was part of underground rail road for slaves - on Quick property - also was told it was torn down?

Melrose No. 4

Section 17 Southwest corner
- ? - Not sure there was a school

When Lightning Struck Melrose Twp. School

Mrs. John Cramer of Steamboat Rock recalls a thrilling experience of 55 years ago when lightning struck the schoolhouse in School District No. 4 Melrose township. The incident is reported in The Eldora Herald in its 55 Years Ago column. It reads:

"On Tuesday morning the schoolhouse in Melrose Township No. 4 was struck by lightning which came down the chimney, out the stove door and split the desk in front of one of the scholars, Roy Watkins. It broke the slate in his hands into several pieces and scattered them across the floor. The teacher standing behind the boy saw the balls of fire, heard the explosion, and then dropped over backwards. All the scholars were unconscious for a few minutes. The boy's left side was burned, but he was well within a few days."

Mrs. Cramer, now 75 years old, was then Lena Luiken, and the teacher referred to. She boarded at the home of the boy who was burned, and well remembers the day lightning struck the school.

Mrs. Cramer's father, the late Henry Luiken, was postmaster at Steamboat Rock at that time.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 10 July 1952, pg 12

Melrose No. 5 a.k.a. Ivester School

Section 16 Southeast corner
- Kitty corner from Ivester Church - Machine shed purchased by Don Butler's grand father - now D. L. Butler Farm

Melrose No. 6

Section 13 South central
- Hwy 14 moved to Sonny Beenken farm in Palermo Twp

Melrose No. 7

Section 36 Northeast corner
- Moved to Green Product used as offices - Good condition

Melrose No. 8 a.k.a. Calloway-Rosedale School

Section 27 Southwest corner
- Dean and Ladonna Sharp moved it to W of Conrad near Liscomb (Marshall Co.) added to it for a lovely home

Melrose No. 9

Section 32 Northeast corner - " " 1 mile S of 14 and 175 - not sure this school existed

The school houses were sold Monday. Melrose No. 6 for $114 and Melrose No. 2 for $80.

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 12 March 1908, pg 7

Bids Wanted For Painting School Houses

Bids will be received by me up until August 15, 1909, for the Painting of the following School Houses, all in Melrose township, Grundy county, Iowa.

DistrictNo.1,size22x28--10 ft. Posts

All buildings to be painted two coats using Red Seal White Lead and Raw Oil. Said painting to be completed on or before the 25th day of September, 1909.

J. P. Doak, rfd 1,
Telephone 12X.Grundy Center
Through Grundy Center

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 29 July 1909, pg 8