Lincoln Twp

Summary from the survey completed in 1997
- Summary
- 5 homes
- 1 recycled
- 5 gone fate unknown

Lincoln No. 1

Section 11 - North central
- On site - Mervin VD - Horace Brown bought for hired man - there

Lincoln No. 2 a.k.a. Adeline Hanzie School

Section 10 Southwest corner
2 miles N of Lincoln Center Church - home and lived in
NOTE - Sec. 2 NE corner - Glen DeBower moved to Dike across street from new fire station - Nielson (craft store - mothers home)

Lincoln No. 3

Section 5 Southwest corner
- Brick - torn down and lumber used to build house in Conrad

Lincoln No. 4

Section 19 Northeast corner
- Minnie Blohm - Lived in until recently - widow moved to town

Lincoln No. 5

Section 16 Southeast corner
- moved to Holland (Colfax Twp.) - across street from Old Ch. Ref. Ch.
Debbie Harris - Brown color - Home now- good shape - there had been a first build.

NOTE - The Wumpkes family (3 sons and 1 daughter never married and stayed home) They bought Sietsma School from near Buck Grove PV #9. in 1952 they bought Shilo #6 and #7. the movers were bringing the 2 schools up the long lane. nellie asked the men to stop and have lunch. the men declined the offer. This made Nellie mad. She ordered the men to unhook the schools right there. They sat beside the drive and were never used. After the Wumpkes family were all gone, the new owners bulldozed the building site in 1980s. it must be noted that the Wumpkes family was also one of the wealthiest in the Co. and could buy automobiles or anything with cash, they lived very conservatively.

Lincoln No. 6

Section 23 Northeast corner - ?

Lincoln No. 7

Section 26 - Southeast corner

Lincoln Seven Wants to Merge

A petition has been prepared to be circulated in rural school Dist. No. 7, Lincoln township, where the school patrons request to be made a part of the Community school districts. To meet the wishes of the school patrons, it is proposed to split the district so that some of it will become a part of the Grundy Community School District and the other portion to be made a part of the Dike Community school district. As soon as applications have been filed with the County Board of Education, the board will hold a special meeting to pass upon the application.

A similar case is pending for disposal by the County Board of Education regarding Rural District No. 3, Lincoln township. A petition by residents of that district was filed with the county board a number of weeks ago. The board at their last meeting decided to withhold their decision until the following meeting, which is soon to be called. The petition from No. 3 also calls for a split district to be divided between the Grundy and the Dike Community schools.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 14 April 1955, pg 1

Lincoln No. 8

Section 27 Southwest corner - ?

Lincoln No. 9

Section 31 Northeast corner
- Moved to Grundy W across from REC - Jim Taft moved in Lavelle Kunzman home 705 E 1st. St. GC

Lincoln No. 10

Section 34 mid. West
- Johnny Rhoades - purchased by Bill Koobs and torn down
NOTE - Neal Fishcher home in Dike - moved from 3 miles west of Cedar Falls - Lincoln Co.