Grant Twp

Summary from the survey completed in 1997
- Summary
- 2 homes
- 1 other use
- 6 gone unknown fate

Dike - Grant Sec. 6

Grant No. 1

Section 2 Southeast corner - ?

Grant No. 2

Section 9 Northeast corner - ?

Grant No. 3

Section 5 Southwest corner - ?

Grant No. 4

Section 18 Southeast corner - ?

Grant No. 5

Section 16 Southeast corner - Moved behind Dike school to be used as a band room then 1950 Roy Creswell purchased and moved it to eastern part of Dike on E street - Beauty Shop

Grant No. 6

Dike Community - Section 6 ?

Grant No. 7 a.k.a. Zanetta School

Section 36 Mid W
- Sold for $200.00 and outside toilet brought $25.00 from Ray Duffel
- Zanetta (Sec. 35) - On site - 1957 became Robert Duffel home

Grant No. 8

Section 33 East Corner
- Sold at auction for $950.00 to Merle Horswell. Contents sold for about $75.00 - torn down mid 1950's or moved

Grant No. 9 a.k.a. Grant Center School

Section 31 North of Cemetery on W side
- Hollis Miller bought for $1315.00 in 17 July 1947 Grundy Register and moved to Grundy Center (Palermo for his family home
- has orignial floor - 604 J Ave. GC Doug Frost resident in 1997

2 Grant Township Schoolhouses Sold

Two rural schoolhouses in Grant township were sold Monday afternoon. The schoolhouses were known as No. 7 and No. 8. Neither school had been in operation the past ten years.

The sale was advertised and conducted by County Superintendent C. A. Morris. Ross Long was the auctioneer.

Grant No. 7, known as the Zaneta school, sold for $200. The outside toilet brought $25. Ray Dufel was the purchaser. The schoolhouse is on his land. The schoolhouse originally was near the creek. At times during the year it was so wet around the schoolhouse that it left no place for children to play outside. It was decided to move it to higher ground, and Mr. Dufel offered the use of his land as a site for the building. The building has been used in late years as a home for the helper on the Dufel farm. Mr. Dufel paid the district $120 a year for the use of the building which was located on his land. The building has been equipped for family use and it will be retained in its present state by the purchaser. School pupils from this district have been going to the Reinbeck school. Last teacher in the school was Anna Copley Jackson.

There was only one bidder for this school building. It had been appraised at $200.

The school building in District No. 8 was sold to Merle Roswell for $950. The purchaser lives near the school building. The building has not been occupied for ten years, but both the building and the contents were kept in good condition. There were several bidders for the property. The contents made up of some two dozen items were sold separately. They brought a total of about $75.00. Frank Severance owns the land on which the building stands. The building is two miles west of Zaneta. The purchaser expects to use the building for a tenant house. The pupils from Dist. No. 8 go to either the Dike or the Reinbeck school. Buses from both schools come to the district.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 9 May 1957, pg 6