German Twp

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German No. 1

Section 11 Northeast corner
- West side of F Ave. - Still standing on Ron Abbas Land-Maurice Uhlenhop owns - sheep shed - Dee Lindamans children were told that that was Mary's school and that the sheep were waiting for her. They loved to drive by Mary's school to see the sheep.
- badly deteriorated

German No. 2

Section 4 - Southeast corner
- Closed early 50's - torn down for lumber

German No. 3

Section 6 - Southeast corner
- deteriorated - Grain bin - still there

German 3, Ackley Approve Merger

Voters in German No. 3 rural independent school district and the Ackley Community School on Monday approved 65 to 9 a merger of the two districts, which will go into effect July 1.

German No. 3 voters approved the merger question 14 to 0.

Ackley okayed the proposal 51 to 9, with one ballot spoiled.

German No. 3, the last remaining independent district in German township, will hold its regular school election March 12, as scheduled.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 1 March 1956, pg 1

German No. 4 a.k.a John Lindaman school

Section 20 - Northwest corner
- GONE - torn down

German No. 5

Section 21 - Northeast corner
- German Twp. Meeting/Community Hall - still used in good shape
Last school to be open in Co. - Closed as a school in 1954

German No. 6

Section 14 - Southeast corner
- Koert Eilderts 1954 - Moved to Ackley E of Catholic Cemetery-Cupelo off - used for storage - Vanderwerf land

History of German No. 6 School

In the spring of 1900 at the March meeting, the subject of building a new schoolhouse was brought up. After some opposition and lengthy discussion, it was unanimously agreed upon to proceed with the construction of a new building. The old building was then sold to Mr. H. Gronevelt, for $55.00. Steps were taken to secure material and carpenters to do the work. Masons, M. and A. Tjaden, were hired to erect the new building, and by the fall that year the new schoolhouse was ready for occupation, the entire cost of the building being $600.00.

During the fifty-four years of its existence many have here received their first instruction in the three R's and have gone forward to their various fields of occupation.

When the school district was taken over by the town districts, namely, Ackley, Wellsburg, and Aplington, the building had lost its usefulness as far as a place to learning was concerned, and sold at auction on Sept. 28, 1954, to Mr. Koert Eilderts, for $200.00.

The following is the list of teachers:
Mr. F. B. Meinders, 1900-01
Miss Hattie Beving, 1901-03
Mr. John Beving, Sub., 1903
Miss Lydia Koester, Sub. 1 mo., 1904
Miss Tena Doyen, 1904
Miss Bertha Jansonius, 1904-05
Miss Hattie Beving, 1905-06
Mr. H. T. Deters, 4 mo., 1906
Miss Hattie Beving, 1907-08
Miss Mary Soltou, 1908-09
Miss Florence Blom, Sp. term, 1909
Miss Tillie Lutterman, Fall term, 1909
Miss Anna Miller, 1 mo., 1910
Miss Antonia Schneider, 1910-11
Miss Blanch Rieden, 1911
Miss Minnie Bockes, Sp. term, 1911
Miss Harriet Bruns, 1911-12
Miss Nellie Reverts, 1912-13
Miss Florence Blom, 1913-14
Miss Meinzer, 1 mo., 1914
Miss Vera Trepp, 1 mo., 1914-15
Miss Lillie Fricken, 1915-17
Miss Cora VanTiger, 1917-18
Miss Emma Harken, 1918-20
Miss Ella Reiken, 1920-21
Miss Angeline Lubberts, 1921-22
Miss Grace Stockdale, 1922-23
Miss Edna Wedel, 1 mo., 1923
Miss Martha Porter, 1923-25
Miss Grace Koppedreyer, 1925-26
Mrs. Flora Weakland, 1926-30
Miss Esther Meyer, 1930-33
Miss Naomi Lutterman, 1933-37
Miss Marjorie Popkes, 1937-40
Miss Phyllis Bausman, 1940-45
Miss Ethel Tack, 1945-46
Rev. Geo. Dirks, 1946-47
Miss Mabel Sloan, 1947-49
Miss Valda Rops, 1949-50
Mrs. Mary Eachen, 1950-53
Mrs. Joe Mann, 1953-54

Source: Wellsburg Herald (Wellsburg, Iowa), 2 December 1954, pg 4

A Farewell To The Old School In German Township No. 6

There was a farewell party in the old schoolhouse in German Township No. 6 shown in the picture above on November 6th that was attended by 116 people, about all the building would hold. Many former teachers and pupils attended and many who were invited and who live at long distances sent their regrets. The farewell party was a joyful occasion yet with feelings of regret that it would be the last gathering of the kind ever to be held in the building.

Earlier in the year School District No. 6, German township, decided to join the Community School District at Ackley. The little white school building was no longer needed for a school and on Sept. 28th it was sold at auction to Koert Eilderts for $200. The building had served as the educational center for District No. 6 for 54 years. It was erected in 1900 at a cost of $600.

Forty-one different teachers were employed in this school during the 54 years. Some of them only served a portion of a school year. Miss Phyllis Bausman remained as teacher of this school five years, which was for a longer period than any other of its teachers.

What has happened to No. 6 in German township has been the course that about fifty other little white schoolhouses in Grundy county have had to take, but few of them were treated with as impressive a farewell as was bestowed upon German No. 6.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 2 December 1954, pg 1

German No. 7 a.k.a. Aukes school

Section 25 (26) - Southwest corner
- GONE - brick - torn down

German No. 8 a.k.a. Flowing Well School

Section 27 - Southwest corner
- Old pipe still there for artesian well

German No. 9 a.k.a. Oelman School

Section 30 Northeast corner

Schools--Our German friends up in German township, fully impressed with the ideas they brought with them from the mother country in regard to the necessity of a good education, are perhaps doing more toward the education of their children than any township in the county. There are now nine schools in German township and nine good school houses, six of which are nearly new. Two were built during the past summer at a cost of six hundred dollars each, and there are three in the town that cost one thousand dollars each. All honor to the educational enterprise of the citizens of German township.

--The Grundy County Atlas (Grundy Center, Iowa), 7 November 1871