Grundy County Remembers Vol. I - Table of Contents

ArticlePageContributed By
Postal History and Ghost Towns Of Grundy County2Glenn S. Paul and Gene K. Foster
History of Cornerstone Laying of Grundy County Courthouse12Excerpts from Grundy Co. Republican, November 12, 1891
The Remarkable Felix Grundy16from the Grundy Register, May 6, 1976
Grundy Center Cemeteries21Clarence and Gladys Brown
Plano Bill Had a Pistol When He Was Five--and He Never Missed!22Reinbeck (Special)
Waterfowl, Dogs and Hogs24Reinbeck (Special)
Charlie "Darky" Merrill24
Down With Liquor25
Reinbeck's Brick Yards25
A Violent Tragedy26
Story of Will Neat26
The First White Child Born In Grundy County27
The Chatauqua and Baseball28
Ray Y. Smith's Memories of Grundy County28told to Helen Draper Price
Dike's Early Days30Naomi Roberts
Cora Davids30
George Alberts31
Roadman and Crouse Families31
Marie Hansen32
Walter Jacobsen32
Charles McKinder33
Fairfield Township Northwest Area33L. Cleo Howard, submitted by Naomi Roberts
Half-Way Station In Grant Township35
J. H. Roadman Memorial Park35
Early School Days in Northern Grundy County36Told by Mrs. Meester to Mrs. Doeden
Early Life in Dike (Comments of early residents)36Nelle Porter as told to Naomi Roberts
Life Experiences of a Rural Minister And His Family37Mrs. Henry (Frances) Doeden
Herbert Quick39
Excerpts from Helen M. Gethman's Master Thesis41
Herbert Quick44from the Grundy Register
Grundy College46Mrs. Leland Bentley
Grundy Center Centennial (News out of the Past)46
Name The Park Contest47Mrs. Leland Bentley
Holland at High Noon48Mrs. Leland Bentley
Bicentennial Bell Ringing, July 4th, 1976, Dike49
Excerpts from the 1911 Atlas50
What's In A Name57
An Item From the Vanity Box58
Boulder Farm's Pet Rock59from The Farm News (Nov. issue)
Train Going West--Four-Fifteen!60Anna Wilhelmina Svenson Akin, 1976
Early Life of Tatjie Huisman--Age 9667Written by Louise Glowe
Faith Healers and Water Witches68
The Story of Emil Runft69Written by Roger Rickert
George Reil72Written by Billie Sonderman
Master Farm Homemakers73Submitted by Mrs. Jay L. Miller
A Handful of Square Cut Nails75Grace Stark Akin, 1976
Dear Farm77Grace Akin, 1964/65
Ivester79Charles Sheller
My Grandmother79Charles Sheller
Peddlars and Bedbugs80Charles Sheller
Grandma and Big Families81Charles Sheller
Grandma and Her Last Name81Charles Sheller
The Threshing Ring81Marlene Moats Neher as told by her Dad, Edgar Moats
Meals for Threshers82Marlene Moats Neher as told by her grandmother, Clara Moats
Winter Ice For Summer83Marlene Moats Neher
Driving To High School84Marlene Moats Neher
Wrestling84Marlene Moats Neher
Sawing Wood85Marlene Moats Neher
A Trip Back Home in Maryland85Marlene Moats Neher
Flight of the Locust86from a writing of Mrs. Edith Dirks Sealman
C. E. and Antje Dirks87Edith Dirks Sealman
Clarence Bockes--Top Husker91from the Grundy Register, Nov. 9, 1934
Old Time Recipes92as told by Nina Foote to LaVerne Jontz
A Cause For Celebration95as told by Nora Lynch Jontz to LaVerne Jontz
The Horsehair Robe95LaVerne Jontz
The Water Wagon and Shadow Social96LaVerne Jontz
"Billy" Bockes96
Recollections of the Fern Creamery97as told by Harold Henning to Jean Evans
A Series of Tales from Jean Evans98
The Wrong Box101
Area In Palermo Township102Mrs. J. D. Meester
The Cold, Cold Winter of 1936104Mrs. Clarence (Gladys) Brown
Beloved Landmark105Grace Akin, Nov. 1975
The Family Barn107Naomi Stubbs Roberts
Old Soren108Mrs. Erik Christiansen
Herbert Quick Schoolhouse109
Denny's Kissing Bridge110Don and Rosie Porter
Veteran of the War of 1812111
The Real Story of How Dike Got Its Name112
Character Sketch of Menko113written by Lillie Fricken, Jan. 12, 1915, submitted by Bob Grimmius
"Tama Jim" Wilson (1836-1920)114
The Town of Beaman and its train on wooden tracks115from the Grundy Register
A Man and His Corn116Margaret Dubois Merritt
Effie (Hadley) Brindle117
Pleasant Valley No. 7120Mrs. J. D. Meester
Our Great Land of the Free122Kathryn Haren Meester, age 93, Sept. 1976
Coming to Grundy Center in 1917123Interview from Mrs. Ralph Ryder
Holland's Great Bank Robbery of '37124
About Cole Younger125Interview with Lyle Hawn by Mr. and Mrs. Leland Bentley
Cemeteries126Mrs. Leland Bentley
Another Cat Story127Mrs. Leland Bentley
The Corn Belt Derby-National Corn Husking Contest128
Nutting128Celestine Miller Persinger
Our Life During The Great Depression129Vern E. dauSchmidt
Conrad Memories131from Conrad History by Mrs. J. F. Alexander & The Conrad Women's Club
Grundy Center Fire132Interview of Mrs. Ruth Carter by Mrs. Leland Bentley
The 1975 Dike Diamond Jubilee Pageant133
Stagecoach Inn134Tom & Ruth Emmett
Dubois-Pioneer Beaver Township Family135Arthula Merritt Brown
Early Settlers and Indians136Mrs. Francis Persinger
Retired137Mrs. Francis Persinger
Grundy County Fair 100th Anniversary138Interview of Lyle Hawn (Mr. and Mrs.) by Mrs. Leland Bentley
The Good Old Days139Mrs. Art Flater
Our First Automobile140Mrs. Clarence Brown
The Coming of Rural Electricity141Mrs. Clarence Brown
Lou Plager142from the 75th Diamond Jubilee Edition, Grundy Register, June 5, 1952
Fire! Fire!142Mrs. Art Flater
"The Best Part"143Mrs. Leland Bentley
Wellsburg144Taken from a Short History of Wellsburg by Allan J. Ruter
My Favorite Christmas145Helen Draper Price
Wellsburg145from A Short History of Wellsburg, Wellsburg Study Club
Alonzo Brown146
Sports in Wellsburg146Mrs. Duane Babcock
The Bunker Family147Roger Rickert
L. B. DeSeelhorst150
John Haren-Rural Mail Carrier151
Harm and Katie Oltmanns Gocken151
Poppe and Habie Oltmanns Heronimus152
Charles and Sarah Luitjens VanTiger152
John and Antje Steinlag Kramer153
Mrs. Maria Rabenburg153
Iowa Dairy & Food Commission154Advertisement
E. C. Grady155Advertisement
State Dairy and Food Commissioner156Advertisement
The Ransom Bailey Family157Mary Emma Bailey Newton
Conrad Folk Items158Mrs. J. F. Alexander
Early Days in Grundy County160Recollections of E. P. DesMarias in 1916
Memorial Day161Mrs. Leland Bentley
Michael's "Letter From America"162Mrs. Francis Persinger
The Strohbehns166from Reinbeck Courier, Aug. 1976
To Win--$100 Pie!172Mrs. Edward Ubben
A Hello Girl173Mrs. Leland Bentley
The Ladies Aid174Mrs. Ralph Ryder
Pokey Pete174Mrs. Leland Bentley
A Little Story About A Rock175Mrs. William Conrad
How The Grundy Center Ambulance Inc. Came175June Dreesman
Fire and Robberies At The Grundy Courthouse176Mrs. Leland Bentley
Those Hot Summers176Betty Bentley
The House I Was Born In177Florence Draper
Things I Remember177Florence Draper
Pioneer Days179J. W. Conrad, written in 1900
Charles W. Reynolds182Florence (Mrs. Lyle) Hawn
Grundy County Century Farms189
Wellsburg Cards to Compete in 12 Team Summer Softball League192
Farm Marking Identification Program194Theo. Meinert
Unknown Friends194Mrs. Grace Fischer
Ice Cream and "The Vanity Box"195
The Railroad History of Reinbeck196Mrs. James Creswell
"I Heard At The Beauty Parlor"196Mrs. LeRoy Claussen
A Grundy County Pioneer197Mrs. James Creswell
Remember … Ladies?197
Dedication of Ida Miller Memorial Park198from dedication program
When I Was A Boy …199Fred C. Draper
From the Justice of the Peace Book for Felix Township199Fred C. Draper
Another Iowa State Fair Winner200written by Clark Vaughn for the Iowa Farm Bureau Spokesman
County Fair Time Means Greased Pig Time201Mrs. John Krull
Any Check Will Do………201Luther Brindle
Storing Butter201
A Farmer's Thoughts201
Hired Man202Mrs. W. M. Collins
Conrad's Fire Bell Monument204Grundy Register, August 26, 1976
Sunbonnets205Melrose Twp Homemaker
Smocky The Cat205Melrose Twp Homemaker
The Pastor's Corner205Rev. John Latta, United Methodist Church
Crash Landing; Men of the 564th cheat death when C-47 crashes206provided by Mrs. Francis Persinger
The Little Brush Car206Gladys (Mrs. Clarence) Brown
A Trip Into The Past207Mrs. Clarence Schultz
Coon Hunting207Leland Bentley
Evel Knievel's Date With the Snake River Canyon208Mrs. Clarence Brown
Boys Will Be Boys!208Melrose Twp Homemaker
Recipe Browsing209Mrs. W. M. Collins
Can You Top This?210Interview of Mrs. Linn Doak and Carroll Doak by Mrs. Leland Bentley
Reminiscences in Book Form211Mrs. Arthula Brown
It Took Only Fifty Minutes212
A Horse Tale213Margaret Dubois Merritt, 1874-1973
Remembrances of Sue Dodd214Mrs. Gerald R. Monk
History of Local Church218
1976 - 75th Anniversary - Bethany Presbyterians219
Ivester Church of the Brethren221Marlene Moats Neher
Five High School Choirs in Bicentennial Production221Becky Williamson
Happy Birthday U.S.A.!222
Horray For The Red, White and Blue!222
County's Oldest Patriotic Group Disbands223Mrs. Opal Cone
Fredsville224Mrs. Harlan Thuesen
Rail Line Discontinued225
The Big Paint Fraud226Interview of Clarence Mackie
Tornados!!226Interview of Robert H. Renken
The Toilet Hole227Marlene Neher
Adventures of a Country School Teacher228Interview of Mrs. Judson Severance
Aebelskiver228Written by Mrs. Harlan Thuesen