County's Threshermen

C. S. Macy Lists Those Operating In Grundy

Bureau of Markets Requires That the Season's Grain Record be Kept

County Agent C. S. Macy has been listing all the threshermen who operate in Grundy county. There are 133 separate rigs which thresh grain in the county. Some of these are from adjoining counties and do only a small share of their work in Grundy while others confine their activities entirely to this county.

A thresher's record book is to be supplied to each outfit and at the end of each month a report sheet is to be filled out and sent in to Mr. Macy, showing the number of bushels of grain of each kind threshed for each man. Figures are also asked for on the 1917 crop. The number of acres in the field from which this grain was harvested is also required.

The Bureau of Markets, which requires this report, is a sub-division of the Department of Agriculture. The U.S. Food Administration also is interested in the securing of the grain figures.

The list of threshers follows:

A. H. Eberhardt, Beaman
G. E. Jones, Conrad
F. W. Bauerle, Conrad
O. B. Anderson, Liscomb
Dick Brown, Conrad
J. J. Meyers, Dike
B. S. Price, Eldora
C. E. Stover, Conrad
J. E. Weatherly, Conrad
J. E. Drenner, Cedar Falls
Harm Hayenga, Wellsburg
C. O. Dirks, Holland
H. M. Bockes, Beaman
Frank Katzer, Conrad
Frank Appel, Grundy Center
Christ Wolff, Stout
R. C. Schoup, Reinbeck
Geo. Stumbaugh, Morrison
A. M. Meyers, Holland
Wm. Kelly, Grundy Center
Ed Longnecker, Grundy Center
Joe McCoy, Morrison
John Barfels, Reinbeck
Gus Stange, Reinbeck
James Sell, Reinbeck
Will White, Reinbeck
Will Cummings, Reinbeck
Fred Robins & Co., Reinbeck
Will Voss, Reinbeck
Peter Weaver, Reinbeck
Ehlers Bros., Dinsdale
Frank Gordon, Reinbeck
John Jensen, Hudson
John Rhode, Voorhies
Will Harken, Wellsburg
George Hayenga, Wellsburg
Chris Doescher, Parkersburg
H. A. Schuck, Parkersburg
Fred Flute, Ackley
Geo. Tjaden, Aplington
Henry Heatland, Ackley
Fred Ackerman, Aplington
B. Johnson, Ackley
Chas. Ackerman, Aplington
Joe Meyer, Aplington
Ben VanEllen, Parkersburg
Ed Palmer, Parkersburg
C. A. Hessenius, Stout
Geo. Kramer, Stout
John Wilson, Stout
Jake Bergman, New Hartford
Antony Reiter, Dike
Geo. Arends, Dike
Anton Synnegaard, Stout
Oscar Arenholtz, Stout
Henry DeGroote, Parkersburg
Behrens Bros., Cedar Falls
Hilko Arends, Stout
R. W. Crouse, Dike
Ole Johnson, Cedar Falls
Peter Johnston, Dike
Ray Huntley, Stout
Herb Larsen, Cedar Falls
Louie Hess, Grundy Center
Wilbur Hudson, Eldora
R. W. Button, Eldora
O. Geerdes, Wellsburg
Ben Peters, Wellsburg
Chas. Nederhoff, Wellsburg
Web Meyer, Wellsburg
Ben Hook, Wellsburg
Anson Miller, Eldora
Fred Delp, Eldora
Linnie Daggett, Eldora
Elias Moats, Conrad
Chas. Messer, Grundy Center
John Bakker, Steamboat Rock
Ebbo Nederhoff, Wellsburg
Ross Bros., Wellsburg
Rudolph Hook, Wellsburg
Fred Coulter, Conrad
Howard Sherbon, Conrad
Geo. Jakey, Whitten
Chas. Stubbs, Conrad
Elmer Jones, Conrad
Cara Brewer, Whitten
Jud Smith, Whitten
Chas. Dunn, Whitten
David Walton, Whitten
Lloyd Hauser, Whitten
Joe Nablo, Conrad
Lester Quigley, Whitten
Fred Eberhardt, Minn. Lakes
Joe Albright, Grundy Center
C. E. Diehl, Grundy Center
W. J. Bales, Eldora
Lester Hoffa, Grundy Center
Reinhardt Spieker, Ackley
Koch Bros., Wellsburg
Brower Bros., Holland
Joe Pabst, Holland
Cornelius Dirks, Grundy Center
J. D. Dieken, Grundy Center
Joe Haack, Stout
Henry Peterson, Grundy Center
Amos Pabst, Grundy Center
Clark Brown, Dike
John Groenwald, Dike
Chris Guldager, Cedar Falls
Luke Aswegan, Stout
Jake Myers, Stout
Casper Walterman, Stout
Arend Bros., Stout
Hillerd Meester, Parkersburg
Tom Kruse, Parkersburg
Will Mooty, Grundy Center
Geo. Jacobs, Lincoln
Alberts Bros., Reinbeck
Henry Ohrt, Reinbeck
Matt Miller, Reinbeck
Chris Deufels, Hudson
John Schfiebein, Hudson
Barfels Bros., Grundy Center
Chas. Hell, Grundy Center
Meyers Bros., Grundy Center
Hartman Bros., Grundy Center
Wayne Clinite, Grundy Center
Robert Naber, Conrad
Amos Burd, Grundy Center
Henry Kitzman, Beaman
Frank Katzer, Conrad
Dave Rhine, Conrad
Will Thomas, Conrad

--The Grundy County Dispatch (Grundy Center, Iowa), 24 July 1918, pg 1, 8