Grundy Center Exchange

The following is a list of subscribers
to the Grundy Center Mutual Telephone

Ady, H. C. residence28 3r
Ady Drug Co.28 2r
Agnew, Mrs. A. residence2
Albright, A. E. residence126
Alexander, W. I. residence74
Allison, E. H. residence29
Anderson, A. L. residence168
Baldwin, S. H. residence174
Baily, Mrs. W. residence65
Bank, Grundy County National104
Bank, First National92
Becker, F. R. grocery41
Becker, F. R. residence145
Beckman, H. S. residence117
Beckman, Mrs. C. residence83
Bigelow, H. M. store108
Black, James residence49
Blewett, J. H. residence15
Blewett, J. H. store85
Bockes, R. F.42
Bockes, Henry residence35
Boysen, Henry residence133
Bourne, J. C. hardware72 2r
Bourne, J. C. residence72 3r
Burd, Chas. residence39
Burd, J. S. residence180
Burns, Dr. J. C. residence78
Butler, Agnes residence25
Brownell, Mrs. C. A.161
Bridges, W. D. residence150
Callaway, F. U. meat market71
Card, H. L. residence68
Clark, Albert residence160 2r
Clark, John residence160 3r
County Clerk's office116
County Recorder's office40
County Treasurer's office90
County Attorney's office67
County Farm192
Cliff, John188
Coffman, L. D. residence158
Cottage Hotel102
Cole & Morrison, livery43
Cole, Ed residence11
Colvin, A. P. residence47
Crary, E. A. residence26
Crary, E. A. office70
Crouse, Dr. E. A. residence94 3r
Crouse, Dr. E. A. office94 2r
Curkett, Mrs. M. residence157 3r
Cutts, John residence165
Dalgliesh, Jas. J. jewelry118
Davis, Adele residence34
DeLong, A. residence146
Democrat office57
Derby, W. S. grocery106
DeSeelhorst & Coffman, furniture178
Diller, Dr. L. L. office140
DeSeelhorst, F. C.157 2r
DeWild, Albert harness73
Dodd, E. H. office21 2r
Dodd, E. H. residence21 3r
Druck, Sam'l residence7
Durfee, C. E. restaurant50
Eaton, Thos. W. residence51
Electric Light Co.91
Ellis, E. W. office59
Elliott, George B.36
Engelkes, H. W. residence14 3r
Engelkes, H. W. furniture14 2r
Ensminger, E. G. office70
Finlayson, R. M. residence121
Frederick, C. residence38
Frerichs, H. H. office55 2r
Frerichs, H. H. residence55 3r
Frost, Fred J. residence163
Frost, Charles residence5 3r
Frost, Charles studio5 2r
Ford, C. E. residence66
Frances, C. E. music store169
Gardner, H. E. residence81
George, Mrs. H. residence124
Glasscock, S. residence125
Goodell, C. G. residence80
Gray, Cyrus residence132
Gray, J. T. residence24
Green, Mrs. Wm. residence137
Greenfield, E. C. residence48
Grout, L. E. residence114
Gregg, Perry residence138
Hammer, Dr. W. U. office113
Hasbrouck, Ed residence135
Hasbrouck, Isaac residence185
Hasbrouck, Lee residence139
Hasbrouck, Ernest residence77
Hastings, Rev. E. E. residence172
Heffelfinger, J. residence30
Hospital27 3r
Holck, T. H. residence122
Hotel Columbia143
Hummel, A. & Co., drugs93
Jacobs & Co.76
Johnson, Mrs. J. H. residence129
Jones, Rev. J. B. residence82
Kerr, Daniel residence155
Keiter, C. I. residence175
Kelly, H. B. residence100 3r
Kelly, H. B. office100 2r
King, Mrs. A. residence154
Klontz, Peter residence144
Lamar, J. W. residence88
Lamb, H. L. residence79
Lamb & Rogers office120
Laybourn, Geo. A. & Co.170
Laybourn, W. R. residence18
Leach & McCracken, Drs.95
Leibsohn Bros. store61
Lillibridge, Mrs. W. H. residence128
Lynn, Dr. W. R. residence45 3r
Lynn, Dr. W. R. office45 2r
Lynde, George residence9
Marsh, Rev. C. H. residence87
Mastin, Mrs. M.46
McAlvin, Dr. J. G. residence171 3r
McAlvin & Thielen, Drs. office171 2r
McAlvin, Dr. barn86
McIntosh, F. W. residence141
Meier & Lynn, office69
Mertz, Frank residence10
Miner, W. H. residence139
Misner, M. M. residence4
Moffett, H. E. residence89
Moffett, Wm. residence96 3r
Moffett, Wm. office96 2r
Morrison, Geo. W. residence84
Morrison, Jeff residence13
Morrison, Wm.151
O'Connor, C. C. residence16 3r
O'Connor, C. C. hardware16 2r
Paddock, A. E. residence23
Page, Robert residence31
Palmer, D. A. residence3
Peppermam, J. W. residence17
Pavlieck, Joe residence189
Randolph, residence37
Raymond, S. R. residence166
Reisinger, F. W. residence152
Republican office97
Rhea, W. F. drugs103
Rogers, C. T. residence159
Ryan, John R. residence153
Sargent, W. C. residence109
Sargent, E. M. residence101
Shaffer, I. H. residence8
Schafer, C. A. residence127
Scott, W. J. residence62
Scott, W. H. residence60 3r
Scott & Bro., W. H. office60 2r
Scott, G. W. residence123
Scott, G. E. residence75
Simms, J. E. residence173
Snavely, H. K. office20 2r
Snavely, H. K. residence20 3r
Souers, Theodore residence32
Souers & Koons, office44
Sperry, J. H. residence167
Sprague, C. M. residence177
Stark, G. N. residence131
Stevens, A. F. residence176
Stevens, Ed. residence12
Stevens, John residence1
Stout, J. E. residence179
Thielen, Dr. M. H. residence27 2r
Tompkins, J. residence186
Tschirgi, Henry residence52
Upton, J. M. residence105
Vasey, Edwin residence63
Wagner Clothing Co.108 2r
Wagner, H. A. residence162
Williamson, R. J. residence107
Williamson & Willoughby office6
Wilson, J. T. meat market54
Wilson, J. T. residence45 3r
Wilson, W. D. office58
Wilson, W. D. residence53
Wilson, W. F. residence64
Wood, A. N. residence156
Woodmency, John residence22
Woodmency, Frank residence187
Wormer, J. H. residence136
Yeager, A. W. residence183

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 5 June 1902, pg 4