World War I

World War I broke out in Europe on 28 July 1914. Not until nearly 3 years later on 6 April 1917 did the United States join the war along with its allies--Britain, France, and Russia. Passage of the Selective Service Act drafted 2.8 million men. More than 2 million U.S. soldiers fought on the battlefields of France. 10,000 new soldiers were being sent to France every day by the summer of 1918.

For Grundy County, Iowa, the draft registered over 3,300 men.

Men aged 21 to 30 were the first required to register on 5 June 1917. The names of 1,391 Grundy Co. men filled the list.

On 5 June 1918 those aged 21 were added to the roles.

And finally on 12 September 1918 the last registration occurred and all men 18 to 45 years of age were mandated to register.

The newspapers printed these names along with details as mandated by the government on how the men were called into service. In order to provide the most accuracy, the names on this site were transcribed from the registration cards rather than the newspapers.

The newspapers were an integral part of keeping it's citizens informed. Some of the articles published in the Grundy Co. newspapers are also transcribed in the following links.


Selective Service - partial

Roll of Honor

Registration June 1917

Registration June 1918

Registration September 1918

Service Flags