Wilson Post #71

Named in honor of David Stokley Wilson who was a representative in 1846 Legislature of Iowa, in Mexican and Civil Wars, and a Senator in 7th and 8th G.A. and Ex-8th.

Post #71, Grundy Center, Ia.
Chartered: March 22, 1882
Disbanded: January 1, 1934

Members: Charter: 53 Total: 135

Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949

Veteran Company Regiment State Organization
Abels, Jacob K 15 Ill. Inf. reorg.
Abels, John Friederich C 46 Ill. Inf.
Allen, Jason E 32 Wis. Inf.
Aplin, James J K 1 Wis. Cav.
Bailey, Elisha A D 4 Iowa Inf.
Belknap, Augustus J C 8 Iowa Cav.
Bloxham, Daniel C 6 Iowa Cav.
Bloxham, James Warren I 13 Iowa Inf.
Bly, Curtis C 96 N.Y. Inf.
Bly, Edward C 65 Consol. Ill. Inf.
Boughton, Philo K E 105 Ohio Inf.
Bourne, James C B 27 N.Y. Inf.
Bowersock, Asa A 10 Kansas Inf.
Boysen, Henry Charles K 1 Minn. Inf.
Brockway, Albert Chester A 49 Mass. Inf.
Brown, Thomas G 13 Iowa Inf.
Burbank, David S G 20 Wis. Inf.
Burns, Judson D B 198 Ohio Inf.
Bute, Abraham H B 14 Penn. 159 Reg. Cav.
Canfield, Lewis B C 146 Ill. Inf.
Carpenter, Abraham E 138 Penn. Inf.
Chambers, John H H 74 Ill. Inf.
Cold, John F A 177 Ohio Inf.
Collins, Daniel O F 64 Ill. Inf.
Cooley, John H K 15 Ill. Inf. Re-org.
Cummings, Milo A K 15 Ill. Inf.
Curtis, Thomas I 10 Wis. Inf.
Dallas, Archibald M Battery C 1 Ill. Art
Daniels, James M K 3 Iowa Inf.
Delancy, William F B 4 Iowa Cav.
Doak, William C 15 Ohio Inf.
Dole, Albert G I 1 Ohio Inf.
Eaton, Urias H I 18 Ill. Inf.
Elliott, William A E 92 Ill. Inf.
Everett, Josiah C 67 Ill. Inf.
Everhart, John E 45 Ill. Inf.
Fink, Andrew W E 10 Ill. Inf.
Finlayson, George I
Fisher, James G 8 Iowa Cav.
Ford, Alvin H F 7 Penn. R. Res.
Ford, John S B 153 Ill. Inf.
Freese, Asjen F 15 Ill. Inf. reorg.
French, Lewis S D 38 Wis. Inf.
Gaskill, Nathan G 35 Iowa Inf.
Gibson, Adin H 14 Wis. Inf.
Gibson, Charles W H 14 Wis. Inf.
Gilbert, Charles H F 46 Iowa Inf.
Goble, Charles E F 4 N.Y. H. Art.
Graham, Benjamin F C 83 Ill. Inf.
Greenfield, John C 122 Ill. Inf.
Griggs, Eli F 15 Ill. Inf. reorg.
Harkins, Eugene Mansfield B 17 Wis. Inf.
Heffelfinger, Edward Mason A 146 Ill. Inf.
Heffelfinger, John G 142 Ill. Inf.
Hess, Frederick C C 104 Ill. Inf.
Hill, John A 46 Ill. Inf.
Hoag, George H D 47 Ill. Inf.
Hoffa, Henry D 142 Ill. Inf.
Hook, George Washington D 11 Ohio Cav.
Houck, George C A 19 U.S. Inf.
Howe, Albert A H 46 Wis. Inf.
Howe, Lewis G K 15 Ill. Inf.
Hundley, William H I 3 Mo. Cav.
Keiter, Charles Ivester G 142 Ill. Inf.
Kelly, Horace Bronson K 3 Wis. Inf.
Kern, Simon E E 107 Penn. V. Inf.
Kerr, Daniel C G 117 Ill. Inf.
Kessler, Francis H E 5 Iowa Inf.
King, Sylvester C C 99 Ind. Inf.
Kirkpatrick, James C E 157 Ohio Inf.
Knapp, Samuel Henry I 61 Ill. Inf.
Kruger, Klaas C 46 Ill. Inf.
LaGrant, William I 34 Ill. Inf.
Laybourne, William R B 147 Ill. Inf.
Leigh, Samuel B 10 N.Y. Cav.
Leonard, George F G 178 Ohio Inf.
Lepper, Frederick D D 2 Ohio Cav.
Letteer, Coe G 1 Iowa Cav.
Lynde, Myron F
Lynde, Theodore B 112 N.Y. Inf.
Martz, Jacob R D 2 Md. Vol. Inf.
Metzgar, Albert Ells D 46 Iowa Inf.
Miller, Judson A H 1 Mich. Cav.
Miner, Martin VanBuren B 37 Ill. Vol .Inf.
Moffett, Francis Garner I 34 Iowa Inf.
Moore, Isaac L G 13 Ohio Cav.
Moore, Richard H 15 Ill. Inf.
Morrison, Isaiah K 85 Penn. Inf.
Morrison, Jesse P E 4 Iowa Cav.
Morrison, Ross K 116 Penn. Inf.
Nichols, Charles H D 153 Ill. Inf.
Nichols, Nicholas C 92 Ill. Inf.
Noll, Thomas Jefferson C 146 Ill. Inf.
Orcutt, Noel P B 31 Iowa Inf.
Paddock, Arthur Eugene F 20 Ill. Inf.
Palmer, David Andrew E 16 N.Y. Cav.
Parrish, William I M 2 N.Y. H. Art.
Pattee, Truman B
Randall, Roswell K G 1 Wis. Cav.
Reisinger, Adam S F 15 Ill. Inf. reorg.
Replogle, Daniel O H 8 Iowa Inf.
Reynolds, Charles Walter I 92 Ill. Inf.
Reynolds, James M I 2 Ill. Lt. Art.
Rice, Henry S G 108 N.Y. Inf.
Richmond, John F K 16 Wis. Inf.
Rogers, Charles G C 26 Iowa Inf.
Sargent, Elbert Marion K 59 Ohio Inf.
Sayre, Salmon B E
Scott, Francis Winfield B 2 U.S. Vet. R. Corps.
Scott, Samuel D 28 Iowa Inf.
Severance, Frederick H G 1 Iowa Cav.
Shattuck, William G 52 Ill. Inf.
Shimer, William C I 92 Ill. Inf.
Smith, Oliver J E 44 Iowa Inf.
Smith, William B 4 Iowa Cav.
Sperry, Lewis E G 1 Wis. H. Art.
Starr, Daniel H 3 Wis. Inf.
Stevens, Abner F E 25 Wis. Inf.
Stoddard, George R C 92 Ill. Inf.
Storms, Joseph K 97 Ohio Inf.
Thompson, John S G 1 Iowa Cav.
Thompson, Seneca K 8 Ill. Cav.
Tilton, Alonzo F H 92 Ill. Inf.
Toogood, William E M 1 Wis. H. Art.
Tull, Charles H G 15 Ill. Inf.
Underwood, James H 56 U.S. Col. Inf.
Vallette, John O Hospital Steward
VanSkike, Jasper N L 4 Ind. Cav.
Vermilyea, George E C 3 Wis. Inf.
Walker, George W G 1 Iowa Cav.
Wallace, Joseph A A 146 Ill. Inf.
Wass, George Frank G 1 Iowa Cav.
Wilson, James T C 4 Ill. Cav.
Woodside, William J M 9 Ill. Cav.
Worden, John N B 7 Ill. Cav.
Source: www.familysearch.org--"Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949,"

DAVID S. WILSON, attorney at law, corner Main and Fifth streets; is a native of Steubenville, Ohio, and was born March 18, 1825; at the age of 14, he graduated from the high school of his native town, and immediately came to Dubuque, Iowa, for the purpose of studying law with his brother, Hon. Thomas S. Wilson, at that time Judge of the District Court; after reading law a short time, he was invited to enter the field of journalism; in 1841, he bought an interest in the Miners' Express and became its editor, and conducted it with ability and success for several years; in 1845, having sold his interest in the paper, he returned to the study of law with his brother; in April, 1846, when he had arrived to the age of 21, he was elected to the Legislature of Iowa as a member of the House from Dubuque County; this was during the Mexican war; Gov. Clark, of Iowa, desired to raise a company of volunteers, and commissioned Mr. Wilson Lieutenant, with authority in conjunction with Capt. Morgan, to raise the required company; the company was raised, one-half by Capt. Morgan and the balance by Lieut. Wilson, and they proceeded to Fort Atkinson, where they remained in the service two years; during this time, they removed the whole tribe of Winnebago Indians from the reservation at Fort Atkinson to Long Prairie, above the Falls of St. Anthony; returning to Dubuque, Mr. Wilson was shortly admitted to the bar, and was immediately elected to the office of Prosecuting Attorney and held that office two terms; in 1857, he was elected to the State Senate for four years; after the breaking-out of the rebellion, Mr. Stanton, Secretary of War in 1862, without the solicitation of Mr. Wilson, commissioned him Colonel, with authority to raise the 6th Iowa Cavalry, and he raised the regiment by his own personal exertion, and just prior to being mustered into the service, the Sioux outbreak occurred in Minnesota, and Col. Wilson with his regiment was ordered to Sioux City, and there joined by another regiment, both being under the command of Gen. Alfred Sully; in the battle of White Stone Hill, which occurred Aug. 3, 1863, Col. Wilson had his horse shot under him; he instantly mounted another and kept up with the charge on the enemy; in the fall of 1863, Col. Wilson built Fort Sully on the Upper Missouri; he resigned his commission and returned home in June, 1864; on the 1st of August he went to California and practiced law with his brother, Hon. S. M. Wilson; remained there two years and then returned to practice in Dubuque and Washington City; after returning to Iowa, in 1872, he was appointed Circuit Judge of the Ninth Judicial District to fill vacancy caused by the death of Judge Barker, which office he held until the following August, when he was appointed District Judge to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Judge Brayton; in the fall of 1874, he was elected by a large majority, irrespective of party distinctions, to the same office for four years. In 1850, Judge Wilson was united in marriage to Miss Henrietta E. Sanford, of Erie, Penn., and by this marriage has four children--three sons and one daughter, the latter, Mrs. Henry W. Brock, resides in Chicago; the Judge's oldest son, Henry, is engaged in the practice of law.

Source: The History of Dubuque County, Iowa, 1880, pg 889.

8 Left Out Of 132 Members Of Local G.A.R. Post

Post Was Organized In Grundy Center March 22, 1882

Post Began with 36 Charter Members

48 of Veteran Members Buried in Different Cemeteries in Grundy County

Wilson Post No. 71 was the first Grand Army Post organized in Grundy county. This Post was organized in Grundy Center on March 22nd, 1882, and the organization has been continued up to this time. When the Post was organized there were 36 charter members. At the second meeting of Wilson Post on April 1st, 1882, additional members were admitted. Additions were made to the membership from time to time thereafter until the total roll numbered 132. Out of this large membership only eight or 6% of the total are still living.

The surviving members of Wilson Post are Jack Heffelfinger, H. B. Kelly, J. R. Martz and George Walker of Grundy Center, Wm. LaGrant of Omaha, W. E. Shimer who now resides in Oklahoma, J. T. Noll of Grinnell and W. R. Laybourn of California. Forty-eight members of this Post are buried in cemeteries in Grundy county. The remainder of the large list of those who have gone rest in graves in different portions of the country.

The members of the local Post together with the companies and regiments to which they belonged and the states from which they enlisted are given below. It will be noted that the state of Illinois furnished the largest list of veterans who later came to make their homes in Grundy county. The list follows:

Charter Members
Gibson, C. W. Co. H, Reg. 14, Wis.
Reynolds, C. W. Co. I, Reg. 92, Ill.
Doak, Wm. Co. C, Reg. 15, Ohio
Apling, J. J. Co. K., Wis.
Keiter, C. I. Co. G, Reg. 142, Ill.
Shimer, W. C. Co. I, Reg. 92, Ill.
Brown, Thos. Co. G, Reg. 13, Iowa
Greenfield, John Co. C, Reg. 122, Ill.
Palmer, D. A. Co. E, Reg. 16 Cav., N.Y.
Sargent, E. M. Co. K, Reg. 59, Ohio
Gibson, Adin Co. H, Reg. 14, Wis.
Heffelfinger, John Co. G, Reg. 142, Ill.
Worden, John N. Co. B, Reg. 7 Cav., Ill.
LaGrant, Wm. Co. I, Reg. 34, Ill.
Burns, J. D. Co. B, Reg. 198, Ohio
Kelly, H. B. Co. K, Reg. 3, Wis.
King, S. C. Co. C, Reg. 99, Ind.
Collins, D. O. Co. I, Reg. 64, Ill.
Howe, A. A. Co. H, Reg. 46, Wis.
Delaney, W. F. Co. B, Reg. 4, Iowa
Shattuck, Wm. Co. G, Reg. 52, Iowa
Howe, L. G. Co. K, Reg. 15, Ill.
Everhart, John Co. E, Reg. 45, Ill.
Curtis, Thos. Co. I, Reg. 10, Wis.
Haskins, E. M. Co. B, Reg. 17, Wis.
Carpenter, A. Co. E, Reg. 138, Pa.
Noll, T. J. Co. C, Reg. 146, Ill.
Bourne, J. C. Co. B, Reg. 27, N.Y.
Chambers, John H. Co. H, Reg. 74, Ill.
Van Skike, John N. Co. L, 4th Cav., Ind.
Canfield, L. B. Co. C, Reg. 146, Ill.
Elliott, Wm. A. Co. E, Reg. 92, Ill.
Thompson, J. S. B. Co. G, 1st Cav. Iowa
Bly, Edward Co. C, Reg. 65, Ill.
Walker, Geo. W. Co. G, 1st Cav., Iowa

April 1, 1882
Wass, Geo. F. Co. G, 1st Cav., Iowa
Morrison, Isaiah Co. K, Reg. 85, Pa.
Moffett, F. G. Co. D, Reg. 34, Iowa
Miller, Judson A. Co. H, 1st Cav., Mich.
Stoddard, G. R. Co. C, Reg. 92, Iowa
Allen, Jason Co. E, Reg. 32, Wis.
Bloxham, Daniel Co. C, 6th Cav., Iowa
Cummings, M. A. Co. K, Reg. 15, Ill.
Eaton, Urias H. Co. I, Reg. 18, Ill.
Fisher, James
Gaskill, N. Co. G, Reg. 38, Iowa
Heffelfinger, E. M. Co. A, Reg. 146, Ill.
Hess, F. C. Co. C, Reg. 104, Ill.
Hundley, Wm. H. Co. I, 3rd Cav., Mo.
Lepper, F. D. Co. D, Co. 2, Ohio
Paddock, A. E. Co. F, Reg. 20, Iowa
Randall, R. K. Co. G, 1st Cav., Wis.
Metzgar, A. E. Co. C, Reg. 1, Wis.
Burbank, D. S. Co. G, Reg. 20, Wis.
Belknap, A. J. Co. C, 8th Cav., Iowa
Dole, Albert J. Co. I, Reg. 1, Ohio
French, L. S. Co. D, Reg. 38, Wis.
Greggs, Eli Co. F, Reg. 15, Ill.
Houck, Geo. C. Co. A, Reg. 19, U.S.
Kerr, Daniel Co. G, Reg. 117, Ill.
Morrison, Ross Co. K, Reg. 116, Pa.
Moore, Issac L. Co. G, 13th Cav., Ohio
Everett, Josiah Co. C, Reg. 67, Ill.
Reisinger, A. S. Co. F, Reg. 15, Ill.
Orcutt, N. P. Co. B, Reg 31, Iowa
Rice, Henry S. Co. G, Reg. 108, N.Y.
Reynolds, James M. Co. I, 2d Lart, Ill.
Leonard, Geo. G. Co. G, Reg. 1SS, Ohio
Tilton, A. F. Co. H, Reg. 92, Ill.
Scott, Samuel Co. D, Reg. 28, Iowa
Scott, F. W. Co. B, 2nd Vet., U.S.
Daniels, J. M. Co. K, Reg. 3, Iowa
Kessler, F. H.
Brockway, A. C. Co. A, Reg. 49, Mass.
Hoeg, Geo. H. Co. D, Reg. 47, Ill.
Lettier, Coe Co. G, 1st Cav., Iowa
Parrish, W. I. Co. M, Reg. 2d. H. Art., N.Y.
Martz, Jacob R. Co. D, Reg. 2d Vet. Vol., Md.
Severance, F. H. Co. G, Reg. 1st Cav., Iowa
Underwood, Jas. Co. H, 56 Col. Inf., U.S.
Graham, B. F.
Smith, Wm. Co. B, 4th Cav., Iowa
Bailey, E. A. Co. D, Reg. 4, Iowa
Woodside, W. J. Co. M, 9th Cav., Ill.
Moore, Richard Co. H, Reg. 15, Ill.
Tull, Chas. H. Co. G, Reg. 15, Ill.
Stevens, Albert F. Co. E, Reg. 25, Wis.
Bowersack, Asa Co. A, Reg. 10, Kan.
Freese, Asjen Co. F, Reg. 15, Ill.
Ford, J. S. Co. B, Reg. 153, Ill.
Abels, John F. Co. C, Reg. 46, Ill.
Sperry, L. E. Co. G, 7th H. Art., Wis.
Ford, A. H. Co. F, R. Res., Pa.
Gilbert, C. H. Co. F, Reg. 46, Iowa
Lynde, Theodore Co. B, Reg. 112, N.Y.
Vermilyea, G. E. Co. I, Reg. 3, Wis.
Starr, Daniel
Miner, M. V. B.
Wallace, Joseph A.
Bly, Curtis Co. C, Reg. 96, N.Y.
Boughton, Philo K. Co. E, Reg. 105, Ohio
Fink, A. W. Co. E, Reg. 10, Ill.
Hill, John
Morrison, Jesse P. Co. E, 4th Cav., Iowa
Boysen, Henry C. Co. K, Reg. 1, Minn.
Tull, Chas. H. Co. G, Reg. 15, Ill.
Nichols, Chas. Co. D, Reg. 153, Ill.
Nichols, Nicholas Co. C, Reg. 92, Ill.
Starnes, Joseph Co. K, Reg. 97, Ohio
Finlayson, Geo. Co. I, Reg. 42, Ill.
Replogle, D. O. Co. H, Reg. 8, Iowa
Rogers, C. G. Co. C, Reg. 26, Iowa
Richmond, John Co. K, Reg. 16, Wis.
Laybourne, W. R. Co. B, Reg. 147, Ill.
Sayre, S. B. Co. E, Reg. 18, Ill.
Bloxham, J. W. Co. I, Reg. 13, Iowa
Snapp, Saml. H. Co. I, Reg. 61, Ill.
Kern, Simon E.
Moore, Richard
Bute, A. H.
Abels, Jacob Co. K, Reg. 15, Ill.
Toogood, W. E. Co. M, Reg. 1, Wis.
Kruger, Klaas Co. C, Reg. 46, Ill.
Metzgar, A. E. Co. D, Reg. 46, Wis.
Kilpatrick, J. C. Co. E, Reg. 157, Ohio
Wilson, J. T. Co. C, Reg. 4, Ill.
Thompson, Seneca Co. K, Reg. 8, Ill.
Cold, J. F. G. Co. A, Reg. 177, Ohio
Hoffa, Henry Co. D, Reg. 142, Ill.
Pattee, Truman Co. B, 7th Cav., Ill.
Hook, Geo. W. Reg. 11, Ohio

Source:The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 28 February 1929, pg 1