Thompson Post #386

Post #386, Reinbeck, Ia.
Chartered: April 2, 1885
Mustered by: C. W. Boutin
Disbanded: January 1, 1919

Members: Charter: 15 Total: 37

Veteran Company Regiment State Organization
Alexander, Lock M F 74 Ill. Inf.
Andrews, Isaac F E 146 Ill. Inf.
Barrett, James C E 4 Wis. Cav.
Bashford, George W C 11 Wis. Inf.
Bean, Alexander W D 7 Wis. Inf.
Bean, Charles C D 7 Wis. Inf.
Bixby, Aaron H 6 Iowa Inf.
Boynton, Orlando J E 33 Mass. Inf.
Brandt, Wesley L C 17 Ohio Inf.
Brown, William A H 46 Iowa Inf.
Colburn, Amos P D 10 N.Y. H. Art.
Colburn, William R K 153 Ill. Inf.
DeWolf, William W G 151 N.Y. Inf.
Donovan, Charles E 45 Mass. Inf.
Dunn, James H E 14 Wis. Inf.
French, Lewis S D 38 Wis. Inf.
Gange, John G 26 Iowa Inf.
Gibson, Adin H 14 Wis. Inf.
Goble, Charles E F 4 N.Y. H. Art.
Hall, George M K 47 Iowa Inf.
Hamilton, Daniel P F 10 Vt. Inf.
Harris, Henry N K 27 Iowa Inf.
Isbell, Job R B 12 Ind. Cav.
Kelly, Horace Bronson K 3 Wis. Inf.
Kingsbury, Emmor G 35 Iowa Inf.
McCord, John W C 58 Ill. Inf.
Maholm, John G 14 Iowa Inf.
Mehrlein, Daniel G 126 Ohio Inf.
Patterson, John E 92 Ill. Inf.
Pinch, Thomas H C 179 N.Y. Inf.
Reese, Frank N K 17 Ill. Cav.
Salt, Thomas A 12 R.I. Inf.
Scott, Harper A 93 Ill. Inf.
Sibert, John G E 56 Ohio Inf.
Smith, Simeon L F 36 Ill. Inf.
Stevens, William Howard E 1 Wis. H. Art.
Struble, Riley C 10 Iowa Inf.
Struble, Riley B 26 Iowa Inf.
Thrasher, Notley H K 20 Ind. Inf.
Underhill, Andrew H 74 Ill. Inf.
Watson, William A 15 Iowa Inf.
Weddle, George D C 13 Pa. Vol. Cav.
Woehlk, Asmus C 14 Iowa Inf.

Source:"Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949,"