Andersonville Post #155

Named in memory of the famous Andersonville, Ga. prison

Post #155, Beaman, Ia.
Chartered: March 30, 1883
Mustered by: C. H. Fish

Members: Charter: 22 Total: 85

Veteran Company Regiment State Organization
Beaman, Horace S I 8 Iowa Cav.
Blow. Joseph P H 13 Iowa Inf.
Borton, Eber S H 86 Ohio Inf.
Borton, Samuel B 16 Ind. Inf.
Bradford, Thomas A 45 Ill. Inf.
Brock, James K B 2 Iowa Cav.
Broeker, Henry A 14 Mo. Cav.
Broeker, Henry F 1 Mo. Mil.
Brown, James W B 130 Ind. Inf.
Brown, James W   13 Ohio Light Art.
Brown, William H A 140 Ill. Inf.
Brown, William H B 15 Ill. Inf. reorg
Burley, Adelbert H A 153 Ill. Inf.
Burton, Albert I 12 Ill. Inf.
Cold, John F George A 177 Ohio Inf.
Condon, Andrew L F 137 Ill. Inf.
Crookshank, Benjamin Miller I 85 Ohio Inf.
Crouse, Obediah B 31 Ind. Inf.
Dallas, Archibald M Bat. C 1 Ill. Art.
Delle, Christopher C
(aka Dailey, Christopher)
Bat. L 6 Ill. Art.
Dew, William F 20 Ill. Inf.
Diehl, Andrew J D 92 Ill. Inf.
Ebright, Charles C B 138 Ill. Inf.
Elwanger, Henry H 91 Pa. Inf.
Elder, George F 46 Ill. Inf.
Emes, Elias B E 34 Ohio Vol. Inf.
Evans, Martin VanBuren I 8 Iowa Cav.
Fair, John P H 67 Ill. Inf.
French, Charles G 2 Wis. Cav.
Garland, Edwin J Seaman U.S. Navy Ibex      
Glass, Benjamin F H 13 Iowa Inf.
Good, Joseph F 7 Iowa Cav.
Griggs, Andrew S F 48 Wis. Inf.
Hepner, Emanuel A 208 Pa. Inf.
Herr, Jacob H 7 Iowa Inf.
Hotopp, Henry J D 8 Ill. Cav.
Jones, Oliver P A 100 Ill. Inf.
King, Alanson T E 24 Iowa Inf.
Kitzmiller, John F 15 Ill. Inf. reorg.
Lamken, George D 34 Ill. Inf.
McGinty, Edward H F 10 N.Y. Inf.
McIntyre, Donald Gunboat Service      
McMartin, Duncan   153 N.Y. Inf.
McNeal, Henry R E 102 Ill. Inf.
McNelly, Pennock I 175 Pa. Inf.
Maloney, James J K 5 Wis. Inf.
Miller, Hawley D H 26 Iowa Inf.
Miller, Henry F 34 Ill. Inf.
Miller, John A B 11 Iowa Vol. Inf.
Moats, George W M 7 Ill. Cav.
Murray, H Judson A 34 Ill. Inf.
Nason, Henry A 44 Iowa Inf.
O'Bryon, George C B 2 Pa. Cav.
Penfield, William Plumb Asst. Surg. 156 Ill. Inf.
Ralston, James M I 102 Ill. Inf.
Reichert, John R C 11 Ohio Cav.
Robinson, Stephen K 65 N.Y. Inf.
Rodermel, Robert J K 92 Ill. Inf.
Sartorius, John G C 34 Ill. Inf.
Sartorius, Lewis G D 140 Ill. Inf.
Sharp, George B G 9 Iowa Inf.
Sheldon, William A H 8 Ill. Cav.
Sidwell, Thomas R E 188 Pa. Vol. Inf.
Smith, Barzilla B 17 Ill. Inf.
Smith, George W C 3 Iowa Inf.
Smith, Samuel F B 128 Ohio Inf.
Smith, William H H 9 Iowa Cav.
Snyder, Daniel D 8 Ill. Cav.
Sperry, Lewis E G 1 Wis. H. Art.
Stall, Henry Harrison F 20 Iowa Inf.
Stauffer, Isaac B 28 Pa. Inf.
Steward, Amasa E F 127 Ill. Inf.
Stoddard, Lyman H K 47 Iowa Inf.
Stull, Jacob K 22 Wis. Inf.
Swancer, John F 102 Ill. Inf.
Thomas, John C H/K 153 Pa. Inf.
Todd, Henry A I 16 Iowa Inf.
Voorhees, William W C 7 Ill. Inf.
Watt, John G not assigned      
Wells, Hugh M I 86 Ill. Inf.
Weatherly, Alexander C A 115 Ind. Inf.
Wescott, Erskine D 12 Wis. Inf.
Wescott, Grandis C I 2 Wis. Cav.
Wescott, Harvey H F 27 Wis. Inf.
Wilbur, George L K 23 Iowa Inf.
Wilcox, Daniel J C 15 Ill. Inf. reorg.
Wilcox, DeLafayette L M 8 Ill. Cav.
Wiley, Allen D F 88 Ohio Inf.
Wilson, Thomas T H 16 Iowa Inf.

Source:"Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949,"