Description of Stout

The town of Stout is located on the Chicago, Northwestern Railroad (Belle Plaine and Sanborn branch) about six miles northwest of Dike and six miles southeast of Parkersburg. Stout is comparatively a new town but is certainly worthy of being on the map. The farming community in the vicinity of Stout is composed of a very thrifty class of citizens and the town of Stout is well represented with good stocks of merchandise of all kinds.

The population at the present date, July 1, 1911, is 100. Stout has a bank, lumber yard, stock yard, grain elevator, general store, hardware and implement dealer, restaurant, etc., etc.

The German Reformed Church have a nice building of their own and a large congregation. M. E. Church has a very substantial building.

The Public School at Stout is worthy of mention as they have an elegant new building which was erected in 1910 at a cost of $3,000 and the results obtained in the Stout school are very satisfactory.

Taking it as an average it would be pretty hard to find a town which would be a better place for a home or place of business than Stout.

Several retired farmers have moved here to spend the rest of their days and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

--Atlas of Grundy County, Iowa, 1911