Ye' Old Post Offices
Grundy County, IA

Alice, Andersonville, Arrow, Beaman, Bois d'Arc, Boyd, Conrad, Conrad Grove, Dairyville, Dike, Elizabeth, Fern, Fredsville, Greenwood Hill, Grundy Center, Holland, Ivester, Jerusalem, Kingsbury, Lear, Lincoln Center, Lincoln, Melrose, Morrison, Palermo, Reinbeck, Stout, Taylor Hill, Wadaloup, Wellsburg, Zaneta

1. ALICE. Section 31, Palermo Twp, Post office from January 6, 1871 to July 30, 1897. First postmaster, James R. Linn.

2. ANDERSONVILLE. Section 30, Beaver Twp, post office from June 22, 1892 to March 10, 1894. First postmaster Emile L. Peiper, name of town changed to Fern.

3. ARROW. Southeast corner of Sec. 35, Beaver Twp., post office from August 15, 1878 to December 21, 1892. First postmaster Alvin Still. Town was formerly Lincoln Center.

4. BEAMAN. Sec 34, Clay Twp. Recorded October 19, 1875 by S S Beaman and H H Beaman. Post office established December 1, 1871. First postmaster Jacob K. Smith. Town formerly called Wadeloup, and Indian name, supposed to mean "Fork of the Wolf River"./

5. BOIS D'ARC. Located in the southeast part of Grant Twp., as shown on maps, 1863 to 1887. First postmaster Alexander G Gower. Post office from August 21, 1856 to )October 6, 1859. Bois D' Arc is an abbreviated corruption of the French term derived from 'dois aux arcs' which meant 'wood for bows' and later corrupted to "Ozark".

6. BUCK GROVE. Located in the northeast corner of sec 21., Pleasant Twp., a small inland town, most of which was destroyed by a cyclone about 1953. No post office recorded.

7. CONRAD. Located in the southwest corner of sec. 30, Clay Twp., laid out June 1880 by the Iowa and Minnesota Town Lot Co., recorded June 18, 1880. Named in honor of one of its founders, I W Conrad. Post office from June 15, 1880 to October 26, 1881. For some reason the town's name was then changed to Conrad Grove, but changed back to Conrad March 30, 1896. First postmaster, Linas N Sayre.

8. CONRAD GROVE. (See Conrad). Post office from October 26, 1881 to March 30, 1896. Samuel S Waldo Postmaster. Town was formerly Conrad and changed back to Conrad.

9. DAIRYVILLE. A hamlet in sec 25., Beaver Twp. Post office ran August 11, 1887 to April 30, 1902. First postmaster Frank Sprague.

10. DIKE. Sec. 6, Grant Twp. Founded February 15, 1900 by Iowa and Minnesota Town Lot Co. Recorded June 27, 1900. First postmaster Chris P Falk. Town named for C T Dike, large land owner in the area.

11. ELIZABETH. Located in northeast corner of Sec 1, Colfax Twp., and the NW corner of Sec 12, Colfax Twp. Post office from October 18, 1872 to December 12, 1877. First postmaster Hulbert L Burns.

12. FERN. A village in Sec 32, Beaver Twp. Formerly Andersonville. Post office from March 20, 1892 to December 31, 1907. First postmaster, Emil L Pieper.

13. FREDSVILLE. Located in the southeast corner of sec 26, Fairfield Twp. Had the distinction of operating the first centrifugal cream separator in the US. (In the creamery of W M Slifsgaard). Post office from August 6, 1889 to May 31, 1909. First postmaster Levi S Jewell.

14. GREENWOOD (HILL). Located in the northeast corner of Clay Twp. Post office from January 6, 1871 to December 31, 1872. First postmaster J S Greenwood.

15. GRUNDY CENTER. Located near the geographical center of the county. First settled in 1855. Recorded July 2, 1856by Thomas G Copp and John Overdeer. The county seat was located there in the fall of 1856. The name of the town was once changed to Orion, but for some reason the name Orion was never recognized in any official paper or documents of that time. post office established August 30, 1885. First postmaster, Thomas G Copp.

16. HICKS. A railroad junction as shown on 1927 soil maps located in the northeast corner of sec 12, Black Hawk Twp. No post office recorded.

17. HOLLAND. Located in sec. 26, Colfax Twp. Laid out in August 1877 on land owned by Elias Marble. The town was named after the pastor of the German Presbyterian Church who was a native of Holland. post office was established August 14, 1877. First postmaster John A Riggs.

18. IVESTER. Located in the southwest corner of sec. 15, Melrose Twp. first post office located in a farmhouse owned by George W Putnam about 1 mile south of Ivester church. Post office from May 22, 1893 to June 30, 1904. First postmaster George W Putnam.

19. JERUSALEM. A hamlet and stage station located about 1 mile south of Beaman in sec. 34, Clay Twp. The name was changed to Wadaloup. No post office recorded.

20. KINGSBURY. Early maps show it located in the central part of Grant Twp. Later maps locate it in the northeast corner of sec 14, Grant Twp. Post office from November 29, 1880 to May 18, 1887. First postmaster Emmer Kingsbury.

21. LEAR. Located in sec 9, Beaver Twp. Post office from August 9, 1898 to July 30, 1904. First postmaster Jans Dirks.

22. LINCOLN. Located in sec 13, in the northeast part of Lincoln Twp. Post office from August 11, 1887 to May 31, 101. First postmaster Harm Shulta.

23. LINCOLN CENTER. Located in about the center of Lincoln Twp. post office from February 24, 1869 to August 15, 1878. First postmaster Harrison A Bohall.

24. MELROSE. Located in the northern part of sec 9, Melrose Twp. Post office from July 10, 1872 to December 3, 1878. Postmaster was William F Miller. Mr. Miller was the father of Ida A Miller the first white child born in Melrose Twp.

25. MORRISON. Located in sec 14, Washington Twp. Established by the Morrisons. Town Lot Co., July 25, 1877. Recorded February 1, 1878. post office established July 25, 1877. First postmaster Daniel E Munn.

26. ORION. Formerly Grundy Center. Changed back to Grundy Center. No post office recorded.

27. PALERMO. Located in the northwest corner of Palermo Twp. Post office from February 8, 1872 to October 24, 1878. First postmaster Jno W Veinum.

28. REINBURG. Located in sec 26 Black Hawk Twp. Recorded April 30, 1877. The first post office was at the home of August Lush located about 1.5 miles east of Reinbeck but was discontinued as soon as Mr. Methfessel established the new town of Reinbeck. The town was named for Reinburg, Germany. Post office established May 8, 1872. First postmaster August B Lusch.

29. STOUT. Located in northeast corner of sec 14, Beaver Twp. Recorded June 18, 1872. Post office established July 7, 1900. Discontinued after 1949. First postmaster John B Hissemus. Town named for A V Stout.

29a. TAYLOR HILL. Located in the NW part of Fairfield Twp. Post office from October 18, 1885 to June 13, 1869. First postmaster James T Wiley.

30. WADALOUP. Located in sec 34, Clay Twp. Formerly Jerusalem. Now Beaman. Post office from February 14, 1867 to October 13, 1869. First postmaster James T Wiley. Wa-di-loupe suppose to mean "Fork of the Wolf River".

31. WELLSBURG. Located in sec 14 & 15, Shiloh Twp. Settled about 1879. Recorded February 17, 1894. The town is named after George Wells one of its founders. The spelling was changed to Wellsburg. Post office was established September 3, 1881. First postmaster Joseph Doyen.

32. WHITTEN. Located on the Hardin and Grundy county line in sec 18, Felix Twp. Post office located in Hardin County.

33. ZANETA. Located southwest corner of sec. 36, Grant Twp. Post office from February 1, 1901 to January 31, 1906. First postmaster George F Marsh.

Material for this site was found in the "Grundy County Remembers" book from the Grundy County Historical Society, 1977 which was located in the Waterloo Public Library. Transcribed on April 30, 1999 by TreeVines Genealogy for genealogical purposes only.