pg 76
Postoffices in Iowa.

The following is a complete list of Postoffices in Iowa, arranged alphabetically, and corrected up to April 1st, 1884.  County seats are indicated by (c. h.).  Money Order offices are designated by full face type.  Those marked (I) are International, as well as Domestic, money order offices, and, as such, are authorized to issue money orders for sums payable in Switzerland, in Great Britain and Ireland, in the German Empire, in the Cominion of Canada and Newfoundland, in rance and Algeria, in the Kingdom of Italy, in New South Wales, in Victoria, in New Zealand, in Belgium, in Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira Islands), in Tasmania, in British India, and in the Island of Jamaica.


pg 78
Conrad Grove

pg 79
Grundy Center (c h)

pg 80

pg 81

pg 83

pg 84

pg 121
ALICE.  A discontinued postoffice in Grundy county.

pg 132
ARROW.  A discontinued postoffice in Grundy county, 12 miles northeast of Grundy Center, the county seat, to which point mail should now be sent.

pg 155
BEAMAN.  A village on Wolf creek and on the I. & M. line of the C. & N. W. Ry, in Clay township, Grundy county, 70 miles northeast of Des Moines, 12 south of Grundy Centre, the county seat, and 4 west of Conrad, the nearest banking point.  It contains a Methodist Episcopal church, and ships grain and live stock.  Stages tri-weekly to Grundy Centre; fare, $1.  Population, 250.  Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily.  H. G. Beaman, postmaster.

Beaman H G, General Store.
Bisbie & Evans, Lumber and Coal.
Bowman J, druggist.
Button L J, groceries and provisions.
Eberhardt H, blacksmith and saloon.
Garland Ed, blacksmith.
Hutchison J W, railroad and express agt.
Jones T H, farm impts.
Long J R, drayman.
McLean W H, physician.
Middleton H F, Veterinary Surgeon.
Miller D, hardware.
Miller H, saloon.
?all H H, furniture.
?lz W, grain and coal.
Thomas J C & Co, grain and coal.
Wheeler F M, dry goods and clothing.
Whitney J H, Hotel Proprietor.

pg 294
CONRAD.  Grundy county.  See Conrad Grove.

pg 294
CONRAD GROVE.  Also called Conrad.  A village on Wolf creek, and on the I. div. C. & N. W. Ry., in Clay township, Grundy county, 65 miles northeast of Des Moines, and 14 southwest of Grundy Centre, the county seat.  Settled in 1880.  It contains Presbyterian, Methodist and United Brethern churches, public schools, a bank, and ships grain and live stock.  A newspaper, the Journal, is published weekly.  Population, 300.  Tel, W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily.  S. S. Waldo, postmaster.

Bank of Conrad.
Benson O P, grocer.
Button Lottie E, milliner.
Conrad Journal.
Fields B, saloon.
Fitz H A, harnessmaker.
Hoy & Buchan, grocers.
Kerr D C, lawyer.
Lighter J H, lumber.
McGinty E H, railroad and express agent.
McLain Bros, physicians and surgeons.
Moulsby E T, harnessmaker.
Moulsby & Lighter, lumber.
Benfield W P, physician.
Reynolds & Co, coal, lime, etc.
Rogers M L & Co, grain.
Seamans W S, grocer.
Smith J H & Sons, grain, dry goods and grocers.
Snyder J W, meat market.
Stark Bros, dry goods and grocers.
Tubbs W K, saloon.
Waldo & Allen, Hardware.
Whiting J, furniture.

pg 530
Grundy Centre.  Situated on Black Hawk creek, and on the P. div. B., C. R. & N. Ry, in Grundy county, of which it is the judicial seat, 69 miles northwest of Cedar Rapids, and 91 northeast of Des Moines.  It contains Methodist, Baptist, Dunkard and Presbyterian churches, a graded school, 3 banks, a creamery, 2 brick yards, rendering works, and 4 newspapers, the Republican, the Argus, and the Courier Weekly, and Der Brueder Bote, a monthly religious paper.  Grundy Centre was first settled in 1857, and was incorporated 20 years later.  The shipments, which are extensive, comprise live stock, grain, butter, and general farm produce.  Stages tri-weekly to Beaman and Kingsbury; fare, $1 to either place.  Population, 1,400.  Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily.  C. W. Reynolds, postmaster.

Adams W S, painter.
American House, Allen Snell propr.
Anderson Rev Thomas (Baptist)
Aplin J J, Cash Beckman Bank.
Aye Rolf, grain and coal.
Bailey & Wood (Charles F Bailey, Arthur N Wood), Attorneys-at-Law, Abstracts and Insurance.
Baldwin Samel H, lawyer.
Bardahl Ove A, merchant tailor.
Barnard & Denio (Lydia E Barnard, Eliza Denio), milliners.
Becker Edwin A, boots and shoes.
Beckman's Bank, C Beckman Pres, James J Aplin Cash.  Real Estate and Collections.
Beckman C, pres Beckman bank.
Bolton John A, lumber and lime.
Branaman Abraham, mayor.
Branaman A & Co (Abraham Branaman, Murry Morris), bankers.
BrownThomas.  sheriff.
Bryant Rev Wm (Presbyterian).
Burns Judd D, physician.
butterfield J N & Co (John N Butterfield, Arthur S Worth), grocers.
Calvin Albert P, drayman.
Calvin J A & Co (James A Calvin, Wm La Grand); general store.
Carey Rev B C (Episcopal Methodist).
Cea & Salmon, blacksmiths.
Central House, Major H Post Propr. (See adv, opp.)
Crippen Wm S, drayman.
Crouse Eugene A, physician.
Cunningham N, clerk of courts.
Der Bruederbote, John M Snyder Propr and Editor.
Dey & Thompson (Joseph S Dey, M J Thompson), lawyers.
Doak Wm, county treas.
Dunn Jacob, Restaurant and Confectionery.
Dutton & Yatter (David J Dutton, Jacob Yatter), Livery, Feed, Sale and Stock Horses.
Eagle House, Wm Lawson propr.
Ellis Phineas B, Grain Elevator and Coal.
Elmer & Coffin (Charles Elmer, Alph Coffin), general store.
Ford Edwin A, photographer.
Frey H W & C P (Henry W and Carrie P), milliners.
Gardner Rev Charles P (German Baptist).
Geer Harvey G, general store.
Gibson C W, county auditor.
Gilman & Johnson (Frederick Gilman, Frank M Johnson), lawyer and real est.
Goodell Minnie, laundry.
Green Wm H, grain and hay.
Grundy County Argus The, Frank B Hand Propr and Editor.
Grundy County Bank, Wm C Williams pres, Chris C Shuler cash.
Grundy County Courier, John M Snyder publr.
Grundy County Republican, Charles J Keiter Publr. (see adv, opp.)

pg 532
Haile J D, county supt.
Hand F B, propr Grundy County Argus.
Haragan Frank, lard, 1 mile e.
Heffelfinger Edwin M, Physician.
Heffelfinger John, insurance agent.
Hillyer Henry L P, Abstracts, Real Estate and Loan Agent. (See adv, p 531.)
Holmes Harry P, Watchmaker and Jeweler.
Houston Edward C, prin school.
Hummer A & Co (Alois and Mathias), drugs and books.
Ickinger Gotlieb, blacksmith.
Keiter C J, Propr Grundy County Republican. (See adv, p 531.)
Keiter Louis M, express agent.
Keiter & Kenyon (Louis M Keiter, Theodore S Kenyon), drugs and books.
Kliebenstein Henry, wagonmaker.
Lang Abraham, meat market.
Lathrop & Graham (Charles M Lathrop, Charles L Graham), barbers.
Law & Smiley (Granville M Law, Charles E Smiley), Organs, Pianos and Sewing Machines.
Lawson Wm, propr Eagle house.
Leigh Clarence W, physician.
Lynde Myron, watchmaker.
Lynn Thomas M, dentist.
McLaughlin Wm G, shoemaker.
Moffett Bros (Thomas M and Francis G), drugs and books
Molchior Charles, shoemaker.
Moore Isaac L, harnessmaker.
Murdough Malchi C, flour mill.
Noll Thomas J, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Real Estate and Loan Agt.
Nye & Bourne (Joseph S Nye, James C Bourne), hardware.
Post M H, Propr Central house. (See adv, p 531.)
Quivey Elmer P, milliner.
Rea & Hayes (J Morris Rea, Samuel Hayes), Attorneys-at-Law, Notaries and Collection Agents.
Ressler Andrew W, lumber and lime.
Reynolds Charles W, City Book Store, Stationery and Circulating Library
Rice Joseph C, Farm Implements.
Robinson B F, County Recorder. (See adv, p 531.)
Saner Wm M, retaurant.
Sargent Bros (A M and Wm C), gen store.
Scharfenberg Herman, wagonmaker.
Schriber J J, county surveyor.
Scott Lucy R, furniture.
Shannon Samuel, brick mnfr.
Shaw & De Seelhorst (Hiram Shaw, Charles F De Seelhorst), Furniture and Undertakers.
Shuler C C, cash Grundy County Bank.
Simon Moses & Bro (Moses and Sig), clothing.
Slifer Catharine, propr Slifer house.
Slifer House, Catharine Slifer Propr.
Smiley George, barber.
Smith Wm J, harnessmaker.
Snell Allen, propr American house.
Snyder Bros (Hezekiah P and John N), hardware.
Snyder Emanuel H, meat market.
Snyder J M, Publr Grundy County Courier.
Sperry & Guernsey (James H Sperry, Edward K Guernsey), creamery.
Stewart & Dodd (Wm Stewart, Robert H Dodd), farm implements.
Tower Bros (Frank and George), brick mnfrs, 1 mile east.
Vanderlas Bros (Bernard and John), Insurance and Auctioneers.
Wass George F, Livery, Feed and Sale Stables, and Farm Implements.
Wegstine Mrs Elizabeth, baker.
Wheaton Orson E, freight ticket and telegraph agent.
Williams W C, pres Grundy County Bank.
Worden John N, livery and bus line.

pg 555
Holland.  A small town on the P. div. of the B., C. R. & N. Ry, in Grundy county, 4 miles nothwest of Grundy Centre, the county seat and banking point, and 91 northeast of Des Moines.  It contains a flouring mill, a grain elevator, a saw mill, a creamery and several store.  Ships grain and live stock.  Population, 300.  Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily.  David S. Good, postmaster.

Akkerman Egge, constable.
Arends John, saloon.
Bliss Charles S, Physician and Surgeon.
Bowersock Bros (Asa and Emmor), Lumber and Coal, Wagons, Sash, Doors, Blinds and Implements, and Grass Seeds.
Burroughs Stephen W, Drugs, Books, Stationery, Oils and Paints.
Carrington Watler S, Creamery.
Conradi Henry, Billiard Hall.
Duersing Wm L, grocer.
Ferguson Stephen A, live stock.
Freese & Frerichs (Asjan Freese, Hermannus Frerichs), general store.
Gaskill Nathan, Propr Holland House.
German Mill Co, Renko H Siefken pres.
Harms Wiebe, grocer.
Holland House, Nathan Gaskill Propr.
Ivens Alexander M, harnessmaker.
Jensen Herman, drayman.
Kesler John, meat market.
Miller Henry G, shoemaker.
Pervier S G, livery and constable.
Playter Frank H, railroad, tel and exp agt.
Putnam George, horseshoer.
Rice Joseph C, farm impts.
Rice Sylvan T, grocer.
Siefken R H, pres German Mill Co.
Strube Frederick, hardware.
VanSaum & Gaskill (George B VanSaum, Nathan Gaskill), grain elevator.
Vennum James M, principal school.

pg 615
Kingsbury.  A country postoffice in Grant township, Grundy county, 13 miles northeast of Grundy Centre, the county seat, and 7 north of Reinbeck, on the B., C. R. & N. Ry, the nearest railroad station and banking point.  Settled in 1880.  Mail, tri-weekly, by stage, from Grundy Centre.  E. Kingsbury, postmaster.

pg 737
Morrison.  A village on Black Hawk creek, and on the P. div. B., C. R. & N. Ry, in Washington township, Grundy county, about 100 miles northeast of Des Moines and 6 southeast of Grundy Centre, the county seat.  It contains Methodist and Presbyterian churches, and ships grain, live stock and produce.  Population, 200.  Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily.  T. B. Wallace, postmaster.

Boughton P K, hardware.
Bryant Rev (Presbyterian).
Burns S, blacksmith.
Caswell & Shearn, grain.
Cory Rev B C (Methodist).
Curtis C L, grocer.
Davis & Co, lumber and coal.
Dean J, meat market.
Fisher James, saloon.
Gauger A, shoemaker.
Godden Dr H L, justice of peace.
Hans S C, grocer.
Howe H W, express agent.
Kleindienst C, blacksmith
Lyton J N, wagonmaker.
MacWhirtie David, live stock.
Morrison J W & Co, Hardware and Farm Impts.
Morrison Ross, hotel and livery.
Morrison & Weir, bankers.
Rait & MacGlashan, lumber.
Pew F, hotel propr.
Scoville Daniel, harnessmaker.
Steene Joseph, tailor.
Young W H, physician.
Wallar T B, Druggist.
Weir A S, insurance.

pg 861
Reinbeck.  An incorporated town on the P. div. B., C. R. & N. Ry, in Blackhawk township, Grundy county, 10 miles southeast of Grundy Centre, the seat of justice, and 59 northwest of Cedar Rapids.  It con-

pg 862
tains Methodist Episcopal, Congregational and German Lutheran churches, a good graded school, a flouring mill, 4 grain elevators, a bank, and a weekly newspaper, the Reinbeck Times (Dem.)  Ships live stock grain, and produce.   Tel., W. U. Exp., Am.  Population, 700.  Mail, daily.  Mrs. C. Townsend, postmaster.

American House, Lewis S French Propr.
Andrews Isaac F, barber.
Andrews Mrs Isaac F, dressmaker.
Avery Harman W, general store.
Bank of Reinbeck, Nehemiah R Pierce pres, Thomas A Pierce cash.
Brown W A, propr Commercial house.
Bryson David E, tel, railroad and exp agt.
Cameron Robert, horseshoer.
Claussen John H, shoemaker.
Colburn & Goble (Wm R Colburn, Charles E Goble), hardware.
Commercial House, Wm A Brown propr.
Cremer J H & Sons (John H, James B and Allen D), Horseshoers, Blacksmiths and All Kinds Job Work and Machinists.
Cunningham Patrick, grocer and crockery.
Dethlefsen Peter C, dry goods.
De Wolf Wm W, general store.
Donavan Charles, Propr Reinbeck Times.
Ehlers Hans, grocer.
Eickemeyer & Co (Augustus D Eickemeyer, Isaac B Tallmadge), bakers.
Fletcher Bros (David E, John and Daniel), dry goods and clothing.
Frahm August, saloon.
Fraunwiser Adolph, jeweler.
French L S, Propr American House.
Fritts Oliver, drayman.
Fritz & Hickson, livery.
Fritz & Lutwig (Richard Fritz, Charles Lutwig), wagonmakers.
Frost Charles C, Photographer.
Gunther C P & Co (Charles P Bunther, John A and Jacob W Butterbaugh), lumber.
Hartman John, grain.
Hathaway Lawrence B, physician.
Hite W B & Co, grocers and shoes.
Hoffman Lewis, harnessmaker.
Horah Mrs Arena, laundry.
Horstman John, grain elevator.
Irvin J L, harnessmaker.
Kielsmark Mathias, saloon.
Kolb Ferdinand, furniture.
La Grange --, drugs.
Lewis Mortimer M, grocer.
Lick Bros, meat market.
Lick Peter, hotel.
Lunau Christian, shoemaker.
Lynn T M, dentist.
McIntyre Andrew, grocer.
Maholm John, constable.
Methfessel Adolph, grain elevator.
Millhaus Louise, milliner.
Peterson Theresse, dressmaker.
Pierce F R, pres Bank of Reinbeck.
Pierce T A, cash Bank of Reinbeck.
Pierce T H, banker.
Pierce Truman, justice of peace.
Pinch Thomas, restaurant.
Porterfield Bros, general store.
Powderly Wm, saloon.
Powers Joseph L, physician.
Reusch Julius, druggist.
Reinbeck House, Peter Sieck propr.
Reinbeck Times, Charles Donavan Propr and Editor.
Riley Wm, lawyer.
Rohlf & Peterson (Christian Rohlf, Hans Peterson), hardware.
Salt Thomas, general store.
Scott & Aitken (Lemuel Scott, James Aitken), livery.
Shear Rev George E (Meth Episcopal).
Sherratt Barnett, Coal and Wood, Lime, Hair, Stone and Cement.
Sherratt Wm, live stock.
Sieck Peters, propr Reinbeck house.
Sieh Bros (Emil Z and Henry P), meats.
Slippy W A & Co (Wm A Slippy, Betheuel D Young), general store.
Steffen & Puck (Peter Steffen, Peter Puck), cigar mnfrs.
Stewart & Moeller (John R Stewart, Peter D Moeller), grain elevator.
Strawhecker Wm, Wagon Mnfr and Repairs.
Sult Leah, harnessmaker.
Tallmadge Isaac B, lawyer.
Thomas Rev R H (Congregational).
Townsan Mrs C, books.
Townsan Clarence J, railroad and tel agt.
Wade Henry, painter.
Weddle & Biebersheimer, flour mill.
Weinand Rudolph, physician.
Whyte George, shoemaker.
Wienand Rudolph, physician.
Wohlk Caroline, saloon.
Young Warren, physician.

pg 1001
Wellsburgh.  A postoffice on the P. div. of the B., C. R. & N. Ry, in Grundy county, 10 miles northwest of Grundy Centre, the county seat and nearest banking point.  Population, 25.  Mail, daily.

Source: Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1884-5.  Volume III.