St. John's Lutheran Church

Buy Ground For New Lutheran Church Building

About an acre of ground was bought the first of the week that will be used as a site for the new Lutheran church and parsonage to be erected in Wellsburg to replace the church building on the old Lutheran church site northeast of Wellsburg. This building was completely destroyed by fire a few weeks ago.

The ground purchased for the new church property in Wellsburg is part of the former John Tjaden farm now owned by the M. H. Tjaden children. It is on the primary highway. The county road maintainer shed is located on the ground. This will be moved to a new site. The new church property measures 150x200 feet.

By a vote of about 3 to 1 the Lutheran church congregation a week ago decided to build the new church property in town rather than on the former site in the country. Inasmuch as such a large majority of the members favored this change, it has been accepted by the entire congregation as the best course to pursue.

Appoint Building Committee
A building committee of seven members of the church has been appointed with authority to draw plans and accept bids for the construction of the new building. Members of this committee are George Diekman, John and Carl Heinrichs, John Schoon, Herman Harrenstein, E. B. Harms and Harvey Vahlsing.

The building committee closed the deal on Monday for the purchase of the ground needed for the new church and parsonage in Wellsburg. The price paid for the ground has not been disclosed.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 16 March 1939

List of Ministers

NameYears Served
Rev. Alfred Ernst7 Feb 1943 - May 1948
Rev. Dean Kasischke3 Oct 1948 - Aug 1955
Rev. Hugo HeinMar 1956 - Mar 1958
Rev. Robert WolffJul 1958 - 21 Jan 1962
Rev. Robert Busch5 Aug 1962 - 23 Aug 1964
Rev. Charles Wind17 Jan 1965 - 29 Sep 1968
Vicar Lloyd A. Bickel17 Aug 1969 -
Vicar Alvin Jeske30 Aug 1970
Vicar Wayne Brinkmann29 Aug 1971
Vicar Grohn
Vicar Horst
Vicar Arndt
Rev. Clarence Langhans
Rev. Max Zscheigner
Rev. Fred Muenchow