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CemeteryTownship SectionPhotos Maps GPS Coordinates
Bear Creek CemeteryUnion23Bear Creek Photos Map41.5385994oN  94.1652352oW
Beaver Catholic CemeteryGrant7Beaver Catholic Map41.7566538oN   93.9121729oW
Booneville CemeteryBoone20 & 29Boonville Photos Map41.5294337oN   93.8846704oW
Brethren Cemetery   A-K     L-ZSugar Grove36Brethren Photos Map41.6902655oN   93.9316175oW
Clayton Cemetery Van Meter27 Clayton Photos Map41.5174892oN   93.9252272oW
County Farm CemeteryAdel7 County Farm Photos Map41.6616544oN   94.0274537oW
Dallas Center Cemetery a.k.a. Masonic Cemetery

Masonic Cemetery History

Adel3Masonic Cem Photos Map41.674oN   93.979oW
Dallas Township CemeteryDallas9Dallas Twp Photos Map41.848oN   94.241oW
Dawson CemeteryDallas9Dawson Photos Map41.848oN   94.241oW
Dexter CemeteryUnion31Dexter Photos Map41.5044327oN   94.2341261oW
East Linn CemeteryLinn35East Linn Photos Map41.6080433oN   94.1996813oW
Ellis Cemetery

Ellis Cemetery History

Adams14Ellis Photos Map41.5485997oN   94.0477313oW
Elmwood CemeterySugar Grove7Elmwood Photos Map41.7502647oN   94.0466218oW
Garoutte Cemetery a.k.a. JenkinsWashington36Garoutte Photos Map41.6919318oN   94.0480103oW
Greenwood CemeterySugar Grove1Greenwood Photos Map41.7766534oN   93.9413405oW
Harper Cemetery

Harper Cemetery History

Linn35Harper Photos Map41.6138766oN   94.2013482oW
Highview Memorial GardensSpring Valley27    41.7980416oN   94.1007905oW
Hoff-Prairie CemeteryWalnut1Hoff-Prairie Photos Map41.68800oN   93.82240oW
Huston Family CemeteryBoone15Huston Photos Map41.5583225oN   93.8363358oW
Iowa Veterans Cemetery
 Listed by County
Van Meter22Iowa Veterans Cem Photos Map41.54532oN  93.95190oW
Jones Cemetery a.k.a. Un-named, PioneerAdams5Jones Photo    
Kimrey Cemetery a.k.a. Minburn

Kimrey Cemetery History

Sugar Grove19Kimrey Photos Map41.7274871oN   94.0474549oW
King Cemetery

King Cemetery History

Adel6King Photos Map41.6877652oN   94.0282873oW
Kinnick Cemetery

Kinnick Cemetery History
Adel21Kinnick Photos Map41.63971oN   93.99876oW
Longmire-Davis Cemetery

Longmire-Davis Cemetery History

Adams16Longmire Photos Map41.560oN   94.073oW
McKibben CemeteryAdams28McKibben Photos Map41.5316553oN   94.0805101oW
Merical CemeteryAdel22Merical Photos Map41.6322103oN   93.9705072oW
Miller CemeteryAdel19Miller Photos Map41.613oN   93.975oW
Mowrer Cemetery

Mowrer Cemetery History

Spring Valley17Mowrer Photos Map41.826oN   94.108oW
Myers CemeteryWashington11Myers Photos Map41.756oN   94.068oW
Oakdale Cemetery Adel29Oakdale Photos Map41.62385oN   94.02274oW
Oakland Cemetery (DeSoto)Van Meter30Oakland Photos Map41.5219334oN   94.0024518oW
Odd Fellows Cemetery (I.O.O.F.)Adel 28IOOF Photos Map41.619oN   93.999oW
Otterman CemeteryVan Meter8Otterman Photos Map41.566oN   93.984oW
Panther Creek CemeteryAdams5Panther Creek Photos Map41.596oN   94.098oW
Panther Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Panther Creek Church of the Brethren Cem History

Colfax4P. Creek-Brethren Map41.680543oN   94.1096789oW
Pleasant Hill Cemetery a.k.a. Prairie Center Lincoln17Pleasant Hill-Lincoln Twp Photos Map41.746oN   94.251oW
Pleasant Hill CemeteryUnion13Pleasant Hill Photos Map41.556oN   94.137oW
Robbins Chapel CemeteryDes Moines22Robbins Chapel Photos Map41.81317oN  93.85632oW
Roush Cemetery HistoryWashington3     
Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery History

Sugar Grove34St. Mary's Photos Map41.700oN   93.9741oW
Saint Patrick's Catholic Cemetery
a part of Violet Hill Cemetery
Spring Valley3Violet Hill Photos Map41.85140oN   94.09750oW
Snider CemeteryDes Moines26   Map41.80345oN   93.84818oW
Spillers Cemetery a.k.a. RiversideUnion7Spillers Photos Map41.566oN   94.229oW
Stump-Thornton-Barto CemeteryVan Meter14Stump-Thornton-BartoPhotos Map41.557oN  93.930oW
Valley View Cemetery a.k.a. Crocker, Wolf HillSpring Valley17Valley View Photos Map41.828oN   94.126oW
Van Fossen Cemetery
a.k.a. Gibson, Rodenbaugh, Old Adel
Van Fossen Cemetery History
Adel31 Van Fossen Photos Map41.611oN   94.047oW
Van Meter Cemetery a.k.a. TracyVan Meter27VM Cem Photos Map41.527oN   93.944oW
Violet Hill Cemetery

Violet Hill Cemetery History

Spring Valley3Violet Hill Photos Map41.85140oN   94.09750oW
Waukee   A - L     M - ZWalnut5Waukee Cem Photos Map41.6016553oN   93.8843932oW
West Linn Cemetery

West Linn Cemetery History

Linn17West Linn Photos Map41.658oN   94.249oW
Williams Cemetery a.k.a. HarkraderVan Meter4   Map 41.5885996oN   93.9607844oW
Wiscotta Cemetery

Wiscotta Cemetery History
Union3Wiscotta Photos Map41.583oN   94.178oW
Woodward CemeteryBeaver1Woodward Photos Map41.854oN   93.933oW
Xenia Cemetery 

Xenia Cemetery History

Des Moines4Xenia Photos Map41.8530414oN   93.8891168oW

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