List of Letters at Post Office

The following lists are from various newspapers in Clinton. It is my understanding that, at that time, you sent a letter to someone at the post-office of a certain city.  The residents went to the post-office to pick up their mail.  If it was not picked up in a certain time frame, a list was published in the newspaper.  If it still was not picked up, the letter was returned to the dead letter office (in New York, I think) and they would try to find a better address and resend the letter.

These lists are handy for genealogists because they give a small hint as to where someone was thought to be and perhaps there are other local records that can be searched.

The Clinton Herald, Jan. 17, 1857

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Clinton, Decr. 31st, 1856.

Andrew, James Keen, W. W.
Agerty, George Kaler, Miss Mary
Armstrong, J. L.  
Ames, Henry W. Lee, John, Esq.
Atherton, A. P. Lowry, George
  Longfellow, William
Brown, John L. Luce, David P. 2
Bourke, John Lowry, Charles P.
Baldwin, Simeon 2 Lee, Mrs. Mirrill
Burlingame, James Lazlerzi, Joseph
Birdsell, W. Lucy, Jery
Blackwell, Geo. W.  
Bell, Miss Mary Ann Macorney, William
Bassett, Mrs. Jane Miller, John W.
  Manner, E. W.
Childs, E. L. 6 Miers, William
Conlon, James Mercer, Rich'd 2
Clemence, Henry A. Morin, Michael
Cooke, Edward S.  
Chapman, George Norton, Nathan
Chenoweth, Miss Eliza Norton, Mr.
Delany, Timothy Phillips, Charles
Dutcher, John C. Phillips, J. M.
Daly, Simeon  
Durning, Jas. 2 Remer, Lewis
Dennig, Henry Ryder, Jonathan A.
Dean, J. F. 3 Raney, James
Delkiner, Levi Ross, William
Drake, Charles Ryan, Thomas
Duffin, Felix Reyley, Patrick
Devine, Timothy Reddings & Gibson
Donaldsen, Miss M. A. Rhodes, J. Esq.
Ellis, E. Shaw, A. J.
Eldridge, Ira Steele, Wilham
  Scott, E.
Fay, Thomas Shelton, Dr. C. S. 2
Farrell, Patrick Sturghgan, John
Fisher, M. H. Sames, Abraham 2
Fisk, A. D. Esq. Slater, John
Fanar, Miss E. Smith, A. T. M.D.
Firmaw, William Skeela, John L.
  Sharman, J. P. Esq.
Griswold, John Smith, Geo. Esq.
Gridley, Norman J.  
Grimes, George E. 3 Tierney, Michael
Grinnell, George Thomas, Mr.
  Thompson, Joseph
Hull, Mrs. Lorenzo Turner, Robert
Hays, J. R. Turner, Thomas
Huffman, E. Esq. Thomas, George
Hill, Geo. G. Tedron, Hiram
Hays, Dr. Samuel Toomer, Alexander
Hopson, James Esq. Thornburg, W. M.
Herring, Henry  
Harwood, J. 3 Vandeventer, John T.
  Vaugh, J. D. 2
Jones, G. W.  
Jonson, Lydia L. Woode, Amarilla
Jackson, James Warner, William
Jeffries, Lewis White, W. R.
  Waters, Spencer
Kingsbury, Geo. W.  
Kennedy, James Young, John

Held for Postage   

Jones, Rev. Willimer Flower, Mrs. B. F.

Clinton Daily Age, May 25, 1892

The following is a list of letters remaining at the post-office at Clinton, Iowa, for the week ending May 24, 1892:

Bunderson, Nese Morse, Geo
Bochanan, C F McLaughlin, Geo
Booth, Mr. Murphy, James
Carr, Harry McDermaott, Jas
Dolphus, Charles Olsen, Pedar
Dees, Henry C Rese, Herman
Downes, J P Stone, E D
Hams, John G Schmitz, H J
Hardersen, Thos. Schultz, J B
Ives, J B True, Jasper
Jinkrom, P Wolcott, J N
Lapig, Chas. Walters, Chas.
M. L. Mr., 227 5th Ave  
Bernard, Estella Tuttle, Mrs. M R
Erickson, Theresia Tobrock, Mrs. W J
Neasy, Mrs. A Tuttle, Miss Nettie E
Raye, Mrs. Elizabeth  

Parties calling for the above will please say "advertised" and then give date of list.  F. W. Marin, P. M.

The following is the list of letters remaining in the Post Office at Lyons, Iowa, for the week ending May 21, 1892.

Coy, G U Girlach, Miss Dolly 2
Kush, Phillip H Ringer, Mr. H D
Smith, Patrick Smith, C L
Schatterman, August  
Holy, Mr. Nagle, M F

Parties calling for the above will please say "advertised" and give the date of list.  V. S. Nelson, P. M.

Clinton Daily Age, June 8, 1893

The following is a list of letters remaining at the post-office at Clinton, Iowa, for the week ending June 6, 1893:

Archerman, Fred Henderson, John
Baker, Charlie Jepson, W
Berger, M S Kramer, Philip
Bobnar, Matiza Leach, Curt
Brown, George Lay Laffrnty, Danl
Conrad, Carl M Miller, W A
Cook, B C Meyers, Leon C
Campbell, Geo M Mains, Capt P P
Dawnson, M Joe Mitchell, T S
Duhn, August Monroe, Tom
Dunn, Steve Mruphy, W J
Elderedge N (Barber) Opstrndt, John H
Econner, S Olds, Rev S C
Furgard & Brown Philips, Mr and Mrs A J
Freer, F A Payton, John
Fignell, Charles Porter, E G
Grimes, Guy M Reed, A
Grader, Lew Silverton, J M M of C A N W Ry
Gowdy, W E Todden, William
Higgins, E S Teter, A M
Hogh, L N Tallman, H P
Hrarvey, S C Winkley, John L
Hall, W H Wever, William
Crapser, Mrs Louisa Mathews, Mrs S A
Gwin, Annetta Wilson, Miss Sadie
Jensen, Francis Young, Miss Lula
Loft, Miss Mintie  

Parties calling for the above will please say "advertised" and give the date of list.  F W Mahin, P. M.