More Horse Thieves Hung in Iowa

From "The New York Times" published August 18, 1857

More Horse Thieves Hung in Iowa -- A Protection Society Organized
(From the Davenport Gazette, July 8)

The excitement of the people of Cedar, caused by the nest of horse thieves in this county, is now beyond all bounds; 500 men can be called together in two hours notice.
Three men have now been executed by the posse, and if CLUTE is taken he will make the fourth.
The posse have now rid the country of the whole gang. JOHNSON, WARNER and SERGEANT fled on the first outbreak of popular indignation; DENNY soon after made his escape; and ALONZO GLEASON is now on his way to parts unknow; PAGE, WARREN and PETER CONKLIN are dead, and C. W. CLUTE is closely pursued.

LATER--Since writing the above, we learn that ALONZO PAGE is not dead, as reported, but is in a likely way to recover. Ther is also some doubts as to the death of PETER CONKLIN, yet the story came straight.

On Tuesday last there was a large meeting at Big Rock, to organize a "Protection Society." Several hundred were present. Speeches were made by Judge BISSKILL and others.

On Monday night, a horse was stolen from the stable of DAVID WRIGHT, three miles south of Tipton; and on Wednesday night, one from the stable of Mr. FORD. Both of the above are supposed to have been taken by ALONZO GLEASON and his confederates.

Last week, we learn, a man was hung by the Vigilance Committee of Clinton County. He was caught with the horses in his possession.

At the meeting at Big Rock, order and good feeling prevailed, but there was a determination to rid the country of this band of felons, and then return to their peaceful occupations. The meeting was composed of the oldest and most repectable men in the county.

THURSDAY, 1 o'clock P.M. -- Word was brought to Tipton this morning that GLEASON and others were in the woods three miles below Tipton. Immediately large numbers of men started in pursuit, and at noon returned with ALONZO GLEASON, ED. SOPER, and VAN ASBBEL in custody. They were in charge of the Sheriff, who headed the posse. When the posse entered town they were led by the marshal band of music, and was composed of about two hundred men, all armed to the teeth. The prisoners were in the centre of a hollow square of footmen, who acted as their guard. Behind them followed a long train of horsemen, and then a train of wagons, all filled with men. Another large posse have just left in pursuit of others concerned in stealing horses. Great excitement exists, and is increasing rapidly. Our town is filled with hundreds of armed men.

THURSDAY, 9 o'clock P.M. -- The last posse which went out from Tipton returned about 6 o'clock, having WALTER CASSIDY in custody. He was taken with the hose stolen from DAVID WRIGHT on Monday evening in his possession. He says he went in search of it for Mr. WRIGHT, and found it. He was called up before Squire LONG for an examination, which was adjourned until Monday next. His wife made a complaint against him to keep the peace against her life, and swore he did steal the horse, and was taking it back to get the $50 reward.

ED. SOPER and GLEASON, as well as CASSIDY, are in the custody of Sheriff BIRKLEY.

The town is full of men, and still more are coming from the country -- men of all ages and classes. It is believe that at least one thousand men will be here before morning, and will hang all three of the prisoners now in custody.

Great excitment prevails, and is still on the increase.

FRIDAY MORNING -- Last night, about 1 o'clock, a mob numbering several hundreds went to the Court House, where the prisoners were placed under a strong guard, and took GLEASON and SOPER, and then left for the country.

Sheriff BIRELEY and the guard made a desperate resistance, but it was useless against such numbers.

GLEASON and SOPER are probably hung.

We have just taken a view of the Court room where the prisoners were placed. The door is broken; the stoves, tables and other fixtures are broken and thrown around, giving evidence of a hard stuggle between the Sheriff's guard and the mob.