California Newspaper Articles - Misc

I found these at - The California Digital Newspaper Collection. They have newspapers from 1846 to the present. These stories should also be found in Clinton papers around the same dates. They are not in any particular order.

Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar, Number 30, 22 Jan 1931

45 Eggs, 17 Minutes

LOSTNATION,Iowa,Jan. James Edleman consumed 45 eggs and a half a loaf of bread in 17 minutes on a bet. He won. He offered to eat another dozen eggs within an hour, but this was refused by purchasers of the eggs. Edleman had his eggs boiled one and one half minutes.

Sacramento Union, Number 14, 10 March 1908


CLINTON(Iowa).March 9.—The German car in the New York to Paris race arrived at 5:15 o’clock today. It will spend the night here.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 34, Number 21, 22 October 1906

I'm not going to put the whole thing here but there is a neat article about a pressed brick plant industry starting up with examples of "Granite Pressed Buildings in Eastern States". The residence of Lafayette Lamb as well as the factory building and tow of the American Wire Cloth Company are show, with pictures, as examples.

San Francisco Call, Volume 94, Number 34, 4 July 1903

Negro Shoots Two Iowans.

CLINTON,Iowa.July 3.— While being pursued by officers early to-day William Monroe, colored, shot and perhaps fatally wounded Harry Benson of Jacksonville, Ill., and seriously wounded Joe Ryan ofClinton,innocent bystanders. Monroe is from Jeffersonville, Mo., and is an attache of a carnival company now exhibiting here. He escaped.

San Francisco Call, Volume 81, Number 148, 27 April 1897


Clinton(Iowa)Fye. People of the present day do not understand the meaning of hard times. In 1840, when corn was 50 cents a barrel and dressed pork $1.50 a hundred, it took a bushel of potatoes to pay for a postage-stamp.

San Francisco Call, Volume 68, Number 108, 16 September 1890


Deliberate Murder of a Contractor's Wife.
The Assassin Shot in His Tracks by the Frenzied Husband.
Suspected Train-Wreckers Said to Have Hade a Written Confession of Their Guilt— A Fatal Shock.
Special Dispatches to The Morning Call.

Clinton(Iowa),Sept. 15.— A tragedy took place to-day at Grand Mount [sic - probably Grand Mound]. W. M. Langdon of the well-known firm of Langdon & Co., railroad contractors, has a contract for laying the double track of the Chicago and Northwestern, betweenClintonand Cedar Rapids. He had established his headquarters at Grand Mount, and with his wife boarded with the family of a man named Two-good. To-day a man calling himself J. W. Deaven arrived at Grand Mount, and meeting Langdon, went with the latter to the boarding-house, where they conversed with Mrs. Langdon. A quarrel arise and Deaven drew his revolver and shot Mrs. Langdon, killing her instantly. Langdon then drew his revolver and shot the murderer, killing him on the spot.

San Francisco Call, Volume 95, Number 53, 22 January 1904

Reformer Is in Jail for Embezzlement.

CLINTON,Iowa.Jan. 21. — J. W. Warr. president of the Moline Building and Loan Association, has been indicted by the Rock Island County Grand Jury on seventeen counts. The indictment charged that he has embezzled. $31, 000, although it is said his shortage will exceed $100,000. Warr last spring was a candidate for Mayor on the reform ticket. He is in jail in default of bond.

San Francisco Call, Volume 70, Number 113, 21 September 1891

Paper-Mill Destroyed.

Lyons(Iowa),Sept. 20.— The mill of the Lyons Paper Company was destroyed by fire to-day. The prompt work of the Lyons firemen, aided by companies from Fulton andClinton, Ill. [sic], averted a general blaze in the face of a strong wind. Chief C. L. Root, who is also Mayor of Lyons, narrowly escaped death from a falling wall. The loss is estimated at $75,000, fully Insured. The fire caught, it is believed, from a spark from a passing locomotive.

San Francisco Call, Volume 81, Number 30, 30 December 1896

Surgical and Gynecological.

TOPEKA, Kans. Dec. 29.— The Western Surgical and Gynecological Association, which comprises all the States west of Ohio and which is in session in the Senate chamber here, to-day elected its officers for the coming year. They are: President, Joseph Eastman, Indianapolis, Ind. ; first vice-president, D. S. Fairchild,Clinton,Iowa;second vice-president, D. B. Davis, Omaha; secretary and treasurer, Herman E. Pearse, Kansas City, Mo. ; executive board—Lewis Schooler, Des Moines,Iowa;M. B. Ward, Topeka, Kans.; C. L. Hall, T. J. Beatty, Kanssa [sic] City, Mo. ; J. P. S. Ord, Omaha, Nebr. It was voted to hold the annual meeting next year at Denver, Colo., on December 28 and 29. W. W. Grant of Denver was made chairman of tbe committee of arrangements.

San Francisco Call, Volume 87, Number 105, 15 March 1901


MARSHALL, Mich.. March 14. -- Judge Walter Ingalls Hayes ofClinton,Ia., died here suddenly of angina pectoris to-night, aged 59 years. He had served three terms in Congress, representing anIowadistrict as a Democrat.

San Francisco Call, Volume 87, Number 111, 19 September 1901

Senator Kills a Phyiscian.

BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 18. -- Dr. John W. McKown ofClinton,Iowa, was shot and killed to-day by State Senator R. E. Thompson of East Feliciana parish. Some time ago Thompson was arrested at the instance of McKown for the alleged stealing of the fencing between Thompson's place and the plantation of Mrs. Pipes, the sister of McKown, and this caused a bitter enmity. The two men met to-day in the public road. Thompson asserts that McKown assaulted him and that he shot McKown in self-defense. Thompson surrendered.

San Francisco Call, Volume 94, Number 75, 14 August 1903

Wife of Veteran Injured.

The wife of Comrade H. S. Rickoff of Seventy-eight and One Hundred and Second New York, now living atClinton.Iowa,fell from a Cliff House car yesterday and sustained a fracture of'the left leg. Thf patient was removed to the California General Hospital by Dr. Winslow Anderson, medical director of the Thirty-seventh National Encampment of the Grand Army. Dr. Anderson, assisted by Dr. C. G. Kenyon; one of the volunteer surgeons of the encampment, treated the unfortunate woman.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 35, Number 159, 9 March 1908

CLINTON, Iowa. March 8 -- Fred Dolph, 26 years old, was murdered while he slept. His head was blown off by a shotguy which had been placed against his head. The widow of the murdered man is under arrest.

San Francisco Call, Volume 93, Number 151, 30 April 1903

Student Body Elects Officers.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, April 23 — The annual election of the Associated Students held here to-day resulted in the selection of the following candidates, who will hold the united student body offices for one year: President, Frank Roehr of San Jose; vice president, M. A. Thomas of Ukiah; secretary, R. A. Hamilton of Riverside; treasurer and graduate athletic manager, D. U. Cowden of San Jose: editor in chief of Dally Palo Alto, O. A. Wilson olClinton,Iowa; business manager of Dally Palo Alto, J. A. Quelle of Palo Alto; editor of Sequoia, Miss Irene Wright of Pueblo, Colo. ; business manager of Sequoia. J. C Coleman, Salt Lake. Utah; executive committee — W. S. Tritch, Denver, Colo. ; F. P. Whitaker, Los Gatos; M. H. Thorpe. Kansas City. Mo.; O. S. Lousiey, Santa Barbara; W. H B. Fowler, San Francisco; J. E. Campbell, Palo Alto.

San Francisco Call, Volume 96, Number 41, 11 July 1904


Bolt Strikes Hearse, Woman Investigates and Finds the Body of Missing Husband.

UTE, Iowa, July 10 -- A bolt of lightening which struck the hearse in which the body of Fidesta M. Haskins was being borne to the cemetery here was the means of clearing up a mystery.

Fifteen years ago, Haskins, a prominent merchant of Clinton, Iowa, went to Cedar Rapids to visit relatives, saying he would return in two weeks. He did not return. Years went by and finally his wife gave him up for lost. She read that lightening had struck a hearse and investigation revealed that the body was that of her husband.

Ute is only twenty miles from Clinton, and yet for fifteen years the husband had lived there.

Daily Alta California, Volume 21, Number 7091, 19 August 1869


Following are the arrivals from the East registerd at the principal hotels last night:

A. P. Hosford and wife, Clinton, Iowa.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 32, Number 162, 12 March 1905


Recent guests of the Leighton are:

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Eastman, Clinton, Iowa

Sacramento Union, Number 129, 30 June 1906


At the Golden Eagle Hotel (J. W. Wilson, proprietor), the following guests were registered yesterday:

F. B. Watt, Clinton, Iowa

San Francisco Call, Volume 87, Number 145, 23 October 1900

The Day's Dead

James A. Sellers.

San Francisco Call, Volume 87, Number 86, 24 February 1901

Woodmen Must. Pay.

CLINTON,Iowa.Feb. 23.— In the District Court to-day Thomas Burke was awarded $1000 damages for injuries received when initiated by the Modern Woodmen.

CLINTON,Iowa,Oct. 22.— James A. Sellers, trainmaster of theIowadivision of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway, died to-day, aged 32 years.

Los Angeles Herald, Number 273, 30 June 1901


TOLL -- In this city, June 28, 1901, Daniel R. Toll, a native of New York, formerly of Clinton, Iowa; aged 74 years.

Funeral from residence of Mrs. E. H. Toll, 1941 Union avenue, Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Interment private.

Los Angeles Herald, Number 16, 17 October 1903

(LOS ANGELES COUNTY) At the Soldiers' Home

Mrs. J. J., Mary, Margaret and Catherine Murphy of Clinton, Iowa ... were visitors today.

San Francisco Call, Volume 94, Number 35, 5 July 1903


John P. Francis of Los Angeles Succumbs.

LOS ANGELES, July 4.— John F. Francis, one of the best-known residents of Southern California, died early this morning at his residence in this city. For several months Francis has been slowly failing. John F. Francis was born inClinton,Iowa,in 1851. The early years of his life were spent on the frontier and In travel in many foreign countries. His residence In Los Angeles dated from 1888, since when he had been prominently connected with many business enterprises in this city. He was a director of the Farmers' and Merchants' National Bank and was active in tne affairs of the Chamber of Commerce, the former Harbor League and several clubs, being president of the Newman Club. In 1892 he was married to Donna Marie de Los Reyes Dominguez, daughter of a Spanish officer In the service of Spain at the time California was ceded to the United States.

Sacramento Union, Number 155, 27 January 1908

Fire atClinton,lowa,

CLINTON(Iowa).Jan. 26.—Fire today caused $150,000 damage to Fish brothers’ wagon works.

Healdsburg Enterprise, Number 42, 25 November 1916


The remains of the late Cornelius Sarginsson arrived in Healdsburg last Sunday and the funeral was held that afternoon from the C. E. Curtis undertaking parlors. Mrs. Burton Smith, a sister of the deceased, accompanied the body from her home, inClinton,Iowa.Mrs. Payne Sarginsson, a sister in law of the deceased, also accompanied the body, to this city. They are guests at the Geo. Alexander home. Rev. John | Partridge of the Episcopal church officiated at the funeral and the interment was in Oak Mound cemetery. Mrs. Will White of San Jose and Mrs. George Saums of Alameda were here for the funeral and returned home Monday.