Medical and Surgical Directory -  1880/81

SOURCE: The Medical And Surgical Directory of the State of Iowa. Lyons, Iowa: J.C. Hopkins, 1876.

Clinton County Medical Society.

This Society was organized in 1857, re-organized and incorporated in January, 1869, and the Constitution and By-Laws revised and codified in 1874. Meetings are held quarterly on the first Tuesday in January, April, July and October at such places within the County as the society from time to time determine.

The By-Laws provide that “none shall be admitted to membership in this Society except those who are regular graduates in medicine and surgery, having diplomas procured in a regular manner from medical institutions recognized by the American Medical Association."


President, A. W. Morgan, DeWitt; Vice President, A. J. Hobart, Clinton; Secretary and Treasurer, P. J. Farnsworth, Clinton.


J. Dennison, DeWitt; D. W. Lundy, Albany, Ill; C. W. Meyers, Clinton.


R. D. Boyd, Albany, Whiteside Co., Ill. F. S. Johnson, DeWitt.
John Dennison, DeWitt. Daniel Laugan, DeWitt.
P. J. Farnsworth, Clinton. D. W. Lundy, Albany, Ill.
H. S. Farnsworth, Clinton. Charles H. Lothrop, Lyons.
D. W. Finlayson C. W. Meyers, Clinton.
G. W. Frost, Bellevue, Jackson Co. A. W. Morgan, DeWitt.
Thomas D. Gamble, Wheatland. William McQuigg, Lyons.
A. J. Hobart, Clinton. H. M. McKenzie, Elwood.
R. J. Hart, Low Moor. P. F. Ryan, DeWitt.
  W. S. Wallace, Camanche.


Giving names, address, place and date of graduation, and school of practice, of the physicians of the State.

NOTE: R denotes Regular in Practice; H. Homeopathic; E. Eclectic; P. M. Physic Medical; B. Botanic; * Graduation doubtful; + not a Graduate; ++ nothing known as to the standing or qualification.

N. B. If any errors exist in reference to the application of the above symbols, those who have neglected to respond to the circulars sent them are alone responsible.






Barringer, G. R. Clinton Bennett, Chicago 1880 E
Bielenbeck, John Wheatland     ++
Bowers, Clinton Clinton     +
Boyd, J. H. DeWitt     + R
Boyd, J. R. Lost Nation     * R
Boydston, Benj. S. Calamus     + E
Carson, J. A. Grand Mound     + H
Churchill, Thomas Calamus     ++
Cook, D. C. Calamus State Univ. Iowa City 1873 R
Cook, David S. Wheatland Coll. P. and S., Keokuk 1855 R
Daly, M. E. Lyons     +
Dennison, John DeWitt Albany, NY 1846 R
Deeds, O. E. Delmar Bellevue, NY 1867 R
Dikeman, F. Wheatland     ++
Ennis, John E. Lyons Rush, Chicago 1861 R Not in Practice
Farnsworth, Philo J. A. M. Clinton Coll. P. and S., NY 1860 R
Farnsworth, Henry S. Clinton Med Dept Univ. Vt 1860 R
Field, G. W. Bryant Chicago 1875 R
Fitzgerald, William Grand Mound State Univ. Iowa City 1876 R
Foristal, D. E. Lyons Homeopathic, Chicago 1878 H
Frost, A. M. Wheatland Vermont Med Coll, Woodstock 1843 R
Gamble, Thomas D. Wheatland St. Louis Med Coll, Mo 1858 R
Hart, R. J. Low Moor State Univ Iowa City 1876 R
Hays, James F. Clinton Univ. Glasgow, Scotland 1849 R
Hays, W. F. Malone     ++
Hills, W. P. Wheatland     * R
Hitchcock, L. B. Grand Mound     + H
Hobart, A. J. Clinton Ann Arbor 1859 R
Johnson, F. S. DeWitt State Univ Iowa City 1880 R
Kellogg, C. F. Charlotte     +
King, E. H. Clinton Hahneman, Chicago 1868 H
Langan, Daniel DeWitt Coll P and S, Keokuk 1863 R
LeBeau, Lewis A. Charlotte Washington Univ Baltimore 1879  
Lothrop, Charles H. Lyons Med Dept Univ New York 1858 R
Mellick, J. B. Lyons     +
Mewherter, J. H. Elvira     + R
Meyers, Charles W. Clinton Cleveland Med Coll, Ohio 1862 R
Morgan, Albert W. DeWitt Coll P and S, Keokuk 1870 R
McArthur, J. A. Lyons McGill Coll. Montreal   + R
McAffee, Edwin M. Clinton Hom. Philadelphia 1855 H
McCormick, Henry Clinton med Dept Univ Penn, Phila. 1857 R
McKenzie, H. M. Elwood Rush, Chicago 1874 R
McLaughlin, J. B. Delmar E. M. Institute, Cinn. 1860 E
MacQuigg, William Lyons Cleveland Med Coll, Ohio 1861 R
Paxson, W. C. Clinton Starling, Columbus no date R
Russell, C. A. Calamus     +
Ryan, P. F. DeWitt State Univ Iowa City 1877 R
Sheehy, John Clinton Ann Arbor, Michigan 1870 R
Smith, A. H. Clinton Chicago Medical College 1872  
Waggoner, M. R. DeWitt Hahneman, Chicago 1871  
Wallace, W. S. Camanche Coll P and S, Keokuk 1878 R
Westbrook, E. M. Lyons Kemper, St. Louis, MO 1847 R
Wetmore, A. Clinton Med Dept Univ New York 1848 R
Wetherell, George F. Lyons Med Dept Univ of NY 1856 Winnie, H. K.
Winnie, H. K. Clinton     * H
Yeomans, Clara Clinton Hahneman, Chicago 1870 H