Iowa State Gazetteer - 1865


Descriptive and Historical Sketches of Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages

and a Classifield Business Directory

Compiled and Edited by James T. Hair

Chicago: Published by Bailey & Hair, at the Office of the City Directory,
164 Clark Street.


The compilation of the present work has been a subject of great solicitude to us, in the desire we have felt to produce a work as perfect as possible in all its details, with every aid that ordinary foresight and attention could insure.

How far we have succeeded we leave to its patrons to judge, and especially those resident in the State.  As, however, this is the FIRST IOWA STATE GAZETTEER ever published, we have been careful to gather up all our information from the oldest and best informed citizens of each locality, many of whom have written for the book, placing us, and, indeed, the resident citizens, under great obligations for accurate information which otherwise could not have been readily obtained.  We have also added a BUSINESS DIRECTORY of great value to the business community, which will be found mainly correct, as the names have been chiefly obtained by actual canvass.  In some of the more distant and isolated places, we are indebted to the Postmasters for the information required.

Although we do not expect that the work will be found free from errors, yet, if after a thorough and impartial examination, it receives the general approval of those who encouraged it by their patronage, we shall feel amply repaid for our exertions to make it worthy of their commendation.

We return our most sincere thanks to the following gentlemen, for historical and descriptive sketches of the localities mentioned in connection with their names, and also to many others for their kindness in furnishing information, and taking great interest in an enterprise which could not have been successful otherwise than with the hearty co-operation of the people with the Publishers.

John C. W. Bailey and James T. Hair - Chicago, Nov. 23, 1865

Post Offices in Clinton County

Boone Spring Brookfield Buena Vista
Burgess Calamus Camanche
Charlotte Clinton DeWitt
Elk River Grand Mound Low Moor
Lyons City Orange Ramessa
Toronto Welton Wheatland