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Browns, Sugar Creek and Riggs, Waterford Township, Clinton County, Iowa

Compiled by Lorraine Houghton and Marilu Thurman, updated August 2006.
Thank you so much to Lorraine and Marilu for sending this information to us. 

The Ahlers Family
John Ahlers was born about 1856 in Germany and immigrated in 1882. John is shown as living in Browns in the 1892 Farmer’s Directory of Clinton County. He married Catherine Brown Underberg, after the death of her husband, Bernard Underberg. Catherine was the daughter of Bernard and Josephine Brown. John and Catherine had a daughter named Agnes, born about 1892. Agnes married Frank Zeiser, after the death of his first wife, Loretta Fier. There is also a daughter Agatha in the school list for St. Joseph’s School, but I have no other record of her.

Carolina Ahlers, born about 1852, (maybe John’s sister, we have no proof) married Henry Trenkamp. Their children were Mary Ann, who married Henry Franzen; Henry Herman, who married Christina Banowetz; Mary Katherine (Kate), who married John Bormann; and August who died young.

The Arkenberg Family
Barney Arkenberg was born about 1830 in Oldenburg, Germany. Barney’s wife, Mary Wichben (Wubben?) was born about 1838 in Hanover, Germany. They married in Clinton County on August 11, 1861. According to the 1880 census, Barney and Mary had the following children: Barbara, Caroline, Helena, Henry and Mary. The 1900 census says Barney immigrated in 1846, and Mary in 1860.

In the 1925 Farmer’s Directory of Waterford Township, Henry Arkenberg is listed with his wife Kathryn Brinkman, daughter of Joseph and Eva. Henry and Kathryn’s had four children.

Henry Arkenberg was born about 1828 in Oldenburg, Germany and died in 1898. His wife, Barbara Bormann, daughter of Mathias and Helen, was born about 1834 in Prussia and died in 1911. They married in Clinton County on April 11, 1860. The Arkenberg’s farmed in the Browns area, according to the 1860 and 1880 census. Their children were Mary, Agnes, Eva, who married Joseph Engler (son of Paul), August, Joseph, Helena, John and Barbara.

The Assenmacher Family
Nicholas Assenmacher was born about 1819 in Cruezberg, Prussia. His wife, Mary, also of Prussia was born about 1835. They immigrated in 1868 with their four children. They are listed as living near Riggs in 1880, and are listed as farmers, along with their adult children. Their children were Clemens, born in 1850; Herman, born in 1854; Lena, born in 1861, and Mathias, born in 1863, all born in Cruezberg, Prussia. Herman married Kathryn Fehring, daughter of Henry and Gertrud, and moved to Missouri. Lena married Anthony Simmons and lived in Nebraska.

Clemens married Veronica Burken, daughter of William and Lizzie Burken. Clemens and Veronica had five children.

The Banowetz Families
Michael Banowetz was born Sept 28, 1817 in Roschizhverh #1, Tschernembl Parish, Austria, to Josef and Maria Schwab Banovz. Michael Banowetz married Gertrude Stonitsch on Feb 11, 1857, in Suchen #3, Nesseltal Parish. Gertrude was born in Suchen # 3, Nesseltal Parish, Austria, on March 2, 1816, to Georg and Maria Stonitsch. Sometime before 1861, Michael and Gertrude moved to Strassenberg, Austria and from there they came to America about 1871 with their son Mathias Banowetz.
Census records tell us that Michael and Gertrude immigrated to America about 1871 with their son, Mathias, born March 1, 1861 in Strassenberg # 32. Their son John, born April 21, 1847 in Suchen # 3 came to America in 1866. John first settled in Dubuque, Iowa where other Gottscheers had settled. He then sent for his father, mother and brother. They settled on a farm of 32 acres southeast of Old Browns. The "Old Browns" train depot was located close to the Michael Banowetz land. The old Banowetz buildings are all gone and Browns no longer exists, but was located in Waterford Township, Clinton County, Iowa. The area around St. Joseph’s Church they all attended is known as Sugar Creek.

John Banowetz met Margaretha Nik, who had joined her brother, Joseph Nik in Dubuque in 1872. They were married in April of 1873 at St. Josephs in Sugar Creek. They settled on a small farm of 40 acres west of the church. According to the 1894 plat map, M Banowetz had purchased this farm of 40 acres, adding to the original 32, which made his farm include 72 acres. Margaret was born in 1852 in Bistriz #12, daughter of Johan Nik and Maria Goeshel.

John and Margaretha were the parents of: George, John B., Mary, Joseph H., Matthew O., Katherine Viola, Michael W. Frank E., and Margaretha M. By 1884 the John Banowetz family had moved to Labette County, Kansas and in 1920 Maggie was living in Coffeeville. This is in the southeast corner of Kansas, just north of Tulsa, OK.
Mathias Banowetz, born March 1, 1861 in Strassenberg #32, Austria, married Katherine (Kate) Franzen. Mathias and Kate continued living with his parents, Michael and Gertrude, on the farm until their death. Then Mathias continued living on the farm until the death of his wife, at which time he sold the farm, and lived with a daughter.

Mathias and Katherine were the parents of:
Michael Banowetz married Wilhelmina (Minnie) Reuter. They had 15 children.
Christina Banowetz married Henry Herman Trenkamp. They had 19 children.
William Banowetz married Madyalena (Lena) Zeiser. They had 5 children.
Mary Banowetz married Antone Derganz. They had 4 children.
Katherine Banowetz married Peter Reuter. They had 14 children.
Lena Banowetz married John Reuter. They had 4 children.
Elizabeth Banowetz married Alvin Rose. They had 2 children..
Theresa Banowetz married John Dunn. They had 4 children.
Anna Banowetz married Orie McCloy. They had 9 children.
Josephine Banowetz married Leo Fuegen. They had 7 children.
Joseph Banowetz married Pauline Teshak. They had 6 children.
Eva Banowetz married Frank Luskey. Frank passed away after 2 years of marriage. They had no children. Eva married Anton Baresh after Frank died. They adopted 2 children.
John Banowetz was born with Down’s Syndrome and never married.
Margaret Banowetz married Francis Koch about 1931. They had 7 children.

The Boehmer Family
Johannes Boehmer was born in Helmern, Germany on Nov. 15, 1811. He married Eva Marie Ernst of Helmern on September 19, 1837. They immigrated to the USA on a sailing ship from Helmern (of Helmers) on 5/8/1854 to New Orleans after sailing for 7 weeks. In 1860 they were living in Prairie Springs Township, Jackson County, Iowa. By 1870 they were living in Fairfield Township, Jackson County, Iowa. Johann died in 1902 and Eva died in 1876. They are buried at Sugar Creek. The Boehmer children were:
Antone, born about 1838, married Helen Byer;
Theresa, born about 1841, married Joseph Linnenberg;
Carolina Christina, born about 1842, married William Franzen;
Ludwig Franz, born about 1843;
Ferdinandine Louse, born about 1845;
Ludowika Maria, born about 1849;
Mary, born about 1850, married Henry Hank;
August Heinrich, Sr., born about 1851 in Germany, married Katherine Grossman;
Louis, born about 1853, married Elizabeth Guard, moved to Parkston, South Dakota;
William, born about 1855 in Iowa, married Angelica Sieverding;
John, married Elizabeth Pllevdez.
August Boehmer, who married Katherine Grossman, daughter of John and Catherine, bought the Henry Nurre estate. August and Katherine had 14 children. In 1909, they homesteaded in Parkston, South Dakota. Their sons John, Louis, and Mathias Boehmer stayed in Iowa. The Henry Nurre estate was passed to their son, John and two grandchildren.
John Boehmer married Caroline Kimman. They had 8 children.
Louis Boehmer married Anna Teshak. They had 5 children.
Mathias Boehmer married Lena Rose. They had no children.
William Boehmer married Angelica Sieverding, and farmed east of Sugar Creek. Their children were: Louis; Adolph; Gertrude, who married Frank Grossman; Florence and Rudolph.

The Bormann Family
Mathias and Helena (Puetz) Bormann and their children came to the USA, from Rommersheim, Prussia, about 1856. Their daughter, Eva, married Alois Neuhaus in 1859, and another daughter Eva married Joseph Brinkman, also in 1859. According to the 1860 census of Waterford Township, they were living in the Sugar Creek area at that time. Matt died in 1879, Lena died in 1892 and both are buried at Sugar Creek. Their children were:
Eva; who married Alois Neuhaus in 1859, was born in 1832 and died in 1899. Their children are listed in the Neuhaus story.
Barbara; who married Henry Arkenberg, was born in 1834 and died in 1911. Their children are listed in the Arkenberg story.
August; who married Barbara Henle, was born in 1837 and died in 1907. August was a farmer in Waterford Township. Their children were:
Mathias, born about 1866, married Adelheid Fehring and moved to Missouri.
Eve, born about 1868 married Henry Jost;
Barbara, born about 1868;
Lena, born about 1869;
Caroline, born about 1873; and married John Frett; (See Frett story for children)
Henry, born about 1875 and died about1918 married Minnie;
John, born about 1877, and died about 1952, married Kate Trenkamp; (See below)
August Michael, born about 1882, and died about 1929, married Agnes Hemfling. They had one daughter Genevieve who married Leo Wagemester.
Eva; was born about 1839 and died in 1925, and married Joseph Brinkman in 1859. Their children are listed in the Brinkman story.
Helena; who was born about 1840;
Jacob; was born about 1841 and died in 1903, and married Mary Caroline Determan, daughter of Benedict Determan on Nov. 29, 1865. They lived in Lyons, Iowa. Their children were:
Mathias, who married Margaret Engler; John Wilhelm; Katherine; Christina; John Joseph; Frank Joseph; Anna Sophia; Maria Helen; Aloysius; Maria Margaret.
Catherine; was born about 1844 and died in 1917 and married Joseph Determan, son of Bernard Clemens Determan. Their children are in the Determan story.
John; who was born about 1848, and died about 1935 married Catherine Determan, daughter of John Henry Determan. In 1870, 1880, 1885 and 1895 census they were in Waterford Township southeast of the church. In the 1885 census in Waterford, John was running a saloon. By 1900 John was living in Preston, Jackson County. Their children were:
Helena, born about 1869 and died 1871;
Henry Mathias, born about 1872 and died about 1872;
Mary, born about 1873 and died in 1950;
Helena, born about 1875 and died about 1879;
John, born about 1877 and died in 1947 married Gertrud;
August, born about 1880 and died about 1945 married Mary Josephine Sturm.
Joseph, born about 1882 and died about 1934;
Catherine, born about 1884 and died about 1973;
Theresa, born about 1886 and died about 1933;
Elizabeth, born about 1889 and died about 1890;
Benedict, born about 1891 and died about 1952;
Clara, born about 1895 and died about 1981.
John Bormann, a son of August and Barbara Bormann, who was born in 1877, married Mary Katherine (Kate) Trenkamp, who was born in 1885, in Lyons, Iowa. They had thirteen children.

The Brinkman Family
Joseph Brinkman was born about 1827 in Hanover, Germany and came to the USA about 1854. His wife, Eva Bormann, daughter of Mathias and Helen, was born about 1839 in Prussia. They married on Oct. 13, 1858 in Clinton County. According to the census records, the Brinkman’s had these children: Adolph, who married Elizabeth; Barbara, who married Henry Manemann; Jacob; John, who married Regina; Helena; Eva, who married Robert Powers; Henry; Catherine, who married Henry Arkenberg; Mary; Joseph and Elizabeth, who married John Dolan.

According to the St. Joseph’s Church, Sugar Creek book, Joseph Brinkman, who died in 1902, had one of the largest funerals held in Sugar Creek. Seventy five teams of horses followed the remains to the church, where a requiem high mass was celebrated by Rev. J. P. Haubrich. There was no sermon. After mass, the remains were laid to rest in the family lot. Joseph Brinkman was always at the head of the list for donating funds for building the Sugar Creek church or other parish buildings.

The Brown Families
According to the Charlotte Record of May 14, 1908, Browns was named after Bernard Brown, Sr. born approximately 1822, and a native of Germany, who arrived here about 1848. He and his wife, Josephine, owned a large farm, and he was considered the founder of the town, since he erected the first building in Browns. He spent the greater part of his life in Browns. Some say Bernard Brown ran a hotel and dining room here at one time. We have not verified this. At one time, Brown, Sr. owned a brewery, which was destroyed by fire many years ago, and was never rebuilt. In all the census records Bernard Brown, Sr. was a farmer. The 1874 Clinton County Atlas of Waterford Township shows Barney Brown, Jr. as a "Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, and Hardware; also Postmaster, Browns’ Station, Sec. 4". By 1880 Bernard Brown, Jr. had moved to Kniest Township, Carroll County, Iowa. Some of the Underberg family also moved to Kniest Township. Brown also owned property in Fairfield Township, Jackson County, just north of Browns, according to the 1878 plat map. Bernard and Josephine had the following children: Bernard, born 1847 in Prussia; Mary, born 1849; William, born 1851; Catherine, born 1853; and Eva, born 1858. The last four were born in Iowa.

Bernard Brown, Jr. married Barbara and they had the following children: Bernard, Helen, Josephine, Lorenz, Michael, Mary, Frank and John. In the 1900 census they were living in Carroll Twp, Carroll CO, Iowa. Catherine married Bernard Underberg and their family is in the Underberg history.

According to the Charlotte Record of May 14, 1908, Bernard Brown died at the age of 86, and had two children survive him; a son, Bernard Brown, Jr., who lived in western Iowa, and a daughter, Mrs. John (Catherine) Ahlers of Browns. (Catherine was married to Bernard Underberg, and upon his death, married John Ahlers). Three children preceded him in death. They were Mary, William and Eva. The following old friends and neighbors acted as pall bearers; Mike Reuter, Barney Timmer, William Franzen, August Boehmer, John Powers, and Martin Skoff. Funeral services and burial were in the Sugar Creek church and cemetery.

There was a second Brown family in Sugar Creek. Henry was born about 1852 in Illinois and Magdalena was born about 1856. They had two children in the 1880 census. Their daughter Josephine, born in 1876, married Peter Frett. They also had a son, Henry born in 1878.

The Burken Family
William Burken and Lizzie Cossman were both born in Rheinland, Germany. William came to America in 1854, at the age of 27, from Antwerp, Belgium to New York aboard the Dorette. He married Lizzie in 1858 in Lyons and they settled near Browns in 1872 on a farm of 210 acres in Waterford Twp, Clinton County, Iowa. They had four children.

John Burken who married Katherine Berding. Their children were: William, who married Anna Jost; Elizabeth, who married George Roling; Francis; Henry, who married Elizabeth Wagemaster; Bernard; Josephine, who married Bernard Empen; Leona; John Joseph; Edward, who married Arletta Lovell; Victor, who married Martha Feller; Clara who died as an infant and Catherine.

Veronica Burken, who married Clements Assenmacher, with five children: Matthew, who married Marie Arkenburg; Elizabeth; Mary, who married John Herwath; Lena and Katherine. Note: Mary and Elizabeth were twins.

Wilhelmina Burken, who married Bernard Timmer. Their children were: Joseph J; Jacob, who married Viola Geronzin; Matthew, who married Marie Christof; Bernard, who married Gertrude Luedtke; William, who married Clara Luedtke; John; Sylvester; Teresa, who married Walt Gorman; Anne, who married Edward Mullaley; Elizabeth, who married John E. Elsner and Helen.

Mary Burken, who married Michael Reuter. They had the following nine children: Elizabeth Reuter, who married Jacob Lehnertz; Wilhelmina Reuter, who married Michael Banowetz; Peter Reuter, who married Katherine Banowetz; John Reuter, married Lena Banowetz; Veronica Reuter, who married August Frett; Catherine Reuter, joined the convent as Sister Laurentia; Mary (Mayme)Reuter who married William Keiffer; William Reuter, who married Catherine Diedrich and after her death, Ludwina Franzen Luskey and Joseph Reuter, who married Nellie Norton, and after her death, married Martha Munseh.

The Buthala Families
Michael Buthala was born in 1828 in Gric #12, Gottschee, Austria. His wife, Mary Stonitsch, was born about 1834, in Strassenberg #18, Gottschee, Austria. We believe Mary was related to Gertrude Stonitsch, the wife of Michael Banowetz. According to the 1880 census and plat maps, the Michael Buthala family lived near Browns, Iowa. They had the following children: Catherine, born about 1863 in Austria, and Annie, born about 1870 in Iowa. They immigrated to Browns between 1863 and 1870.

Joseph Buthala was born in 1818 in Gric #10, Gottschee, Austria. It is a good probability that Joseph and Michael are cousins, to what degree, I don’t know. Joseph’s wife Catherine Sietz was born in Underpaka #10 in 1820. They had seven children all born in Austria: Catherine, Joseph, John, Jacob, Michael, Mathias, and Frank. Joseph, Jr. and John were the first to come to America, we are unsure of the date. The twins Michael and Mathias came in July 1874. Next came Joseph, Sr. and Frank in April 1875, and the last was Catherine and Jacob in June 1878. Daughter Catherine married John Herwath in Austria about 1865 and census records say they came to America about 1882. It is believed they came separately. Catherine’s sister Mary Sietz also came to Sugar Creek. She remained single and in 1900 was living with Joseph, Jr. There also was another Joseph Sietz with the family in the mid 1880’s; however we are not sure how he is related.

The 1900 census records say Catherine and John Herwath had two children. One was John who married Mary Assenmacher, daughter of Clemens; and the other was a daughter Mary, who married Matthew Nemanich. Joseph, John and Jacob did not marry. Michael married Barbara Teshak, daughter of George and Barbara Teshak. Barbara died in 1905 and Michael in 1907. Barbara’s parents raised their son, Edward. Mathias married Mary Gard and they moved to Union County, South Dakota. Frank married Anna Gard, Mary’s sister and they too moved to Union County, South Dakota. Joseph, Sr. died in 1890 and Catherine in 1884. Joseph and Catherine, the children that stayed in Sugar Creek, and Michael are buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery at Sugar Creek.

In 1894 John Buthala had a farm just west of Browns. John died about 1905, and in 1905 John’s land was divided between his brothers, Joseph and Jacob Buthala, according to the 1905 plat maps. In the 1925 plat map this same land belonged to John Herwath, Jr. and his wife, Mary.