Assignment of Teachers for Coming School Year

The following list is from The Clinton Semi-Weekly Age, Jul 12, 1900 -- Page 1.


The board of education and City Superintendent O. P. Bostwick have completed the assignment of teachers for the coming school year which will be found in full below. Few changes have been made in the teaching force except where old teachers have resigned or been promoted. The following is the assignment of teachers:


J S McCowan, Principal, Pol Econ and History
Ardella M Billings, Mathematics
Eldora White, History and Civics
Edith Moser, Mathematics and English
Carlotta E. Pope, Latin and English
LeRoy D Weld, Physics and Chemistry
Elizabeth H. Lingle, Physiography and Biology
Mary O. Conrath, German and French
Effie Fraser, Latin
Julia Gordon, English and History


Lillian B. Clark, No. 10, Principal
Hosella Reeder, No. 13, 8th grade
Eliza A. Rogers, No. 11, 8th grade
Frances R. Benson, No. 9, 8th grade
Estella M. Price, No. 7, 7th and 8th grades
Janet East, No. 6, 7th grade
Lillian McCone, No. 4, 7th grade
Gertrude Donahue, No. 3, 7th grade
Etta M. Thorn, No. 1, 7th grade
Leigh Michelsen, No. 5, Science


Julia M. Warden, principal
Emma Golden, No. 8, 6th grade
Cosbi Cummings, No. 7, 6th grade
Etta Yule, No. 6, 4th and 5th grades
Selma Godskesen, No. 5, 4th grade
Nellie Phelps, No. 4, 2d and 3d grades
Jessie Mathews, No. 3, 2d grade
Anna Stone, No. 2, 1st grade
Laura M. Judd, No. 1, C grade
Mabel Benjamin, Assistant


L. Harrison, principal
Katherine Ryan, No. 12, 6th grade
Margaret Hennessy, No. 11, 6th grade
Belle Miller, No. 10, 5th and 6th grades
Harriet B. Toll, No. 9, 5th grade
May Williams, No. 8, 4th grade
Minnie V. Smith, No. 7, 4th grade
Anna Lee, No. 6, 3d and 4th grades
Alice McNearn, No. 5, 2d and 3d grades
Louise Tarkington, No. 4, 1st and 2d grades
Mary Wilkins, No. 3, 1st grade
Lillian Briggs, No. 2, C and 1st grades
Ethel M. Estabrook, No. 1, C grade


Celesta Schoener, No. 8, principal, 5th and 6th grades
Winifred Perry, assistant
Mary Hennessy, No. 7, 4th grade
Mary Schoener, No. 6, 3d grade
Catherine McCarthy, No. 5, 2d and 3d grades
Maude Powers, No. 4, 1st and 2d grades
Ida Thomsen, No. 3, 1st grade
Fannie Hall, No. 2, C and 1st grades
Katherine Wyer, No. 1, C grade


Jessie F. Rule, No. 8, principal 6th grade
Charlotte Rice, assistant
Josephine Lee, No. 7, 5th grade
Alice Kendall, No. 6, 3rd and 4th grades
Cora Sturdevant, No. 5, 2d and 3d grades
Mrs. R. C. Hart, No. 4, 2d grade
Sadie I. Sullivan, No. 3, 1st and 2d grades
Harriet Parkes, No. 2, C and 1st grade
Annie Skinner, No. 1, C grade


Mrs. Amelia Mathews, No. 8, principal, 5th and 6th grades
Helen Billings, assistant
Jessie Leitz, No. 7, 4th and 5th grades
Florence Hill, No. 6, 3d and 4th
Sophie B. Matthiesen, No. 5, 2d grade
Lydia Wyer, No. 4, 2d grade
Grace Howard, No. 3, 1st and 2d grades
Lvia Thompson, No. 2, C & 1st grades
Mrs. Martha A. Miller, No. 1, C grades
Katherine Witzigman, assistant


Jennie A. Gleason, No. 4, principal 5th grade
Alice Purcell, No. 3, 4th grade
Camilla Olney, No. 2, 2d and 3d grades
Mrs. R. F. Barr, No. 1, C and 1st grades


Mrs. Emily P. Belding, No. 1, principal C grade
Freda Fresbse, assistant
Anna Scharnweber, No. 2, C and 1st grades
Emma F. Wilkins, No. 3, 1st grade
Edith Arlen, No. 4, 2d grade
Susie D. Burlingame, No. 5, 3d grade
Mrs. Estelle LePrevost, No. 6, 4th grade


Adaline S. Moffett, No. 1, principal C and 1st grades
Bessie Davie, assistant
Mildred E. Palmer, No. 2, 2d and 3d grades
Edith M. Lenon, No. 3, 4th and 5th grades
Mabel Stumbaugh, No. 4, 6th grade


Elizabeth McLaughlin, C and 5th grades


Mary F. Moody, C and 5th grades


Lulu Morrison, C and 5th grades
Alice Rogers, supervisor of music
Mrs. Alma G. White, supervisor of drawing