School Consolidation

From the Clinton Herald 03 Feb 1945

Proposed to Submit Questions to Voters at School Elections.

Looking forward to a more completely united postwar city with equal opportunity for all, two committees joined yesterday in sponsorship of the proposed consolidation of the two Clinton independent school districts.  One committee is representative of membership in the Lyons club in the Lyons district and the other of the Clinton district.

Petitions addressed to the boards of directors of the two districts, respectively, will be in circulation early next week and will be presented to the boards at their regular meetings, Monday evening, Feb. 12.

To Be Submitted March 12

It is proposed that the question of consolidation shall be submitted to the voters in each of the two districts at the regular school election, Monday, March 12.  The question must carry in both of the districts to become effective.

Organization of the united committee was affected yesterday afternoon when the two committees met in the council chamber in the city hall.  After discussion of the proposal, the committees adjourned to meet again in the city hall council chamber at 4 o'clock next Tuesday afternoon.  All interested citizens are invited to attend that session.

Members of the Clinton committee are volunteers, interested in the consolidation proposal submitted by a committee, representing the Lyons club, which made its recommendations after a thorough study of the project and of existing and prospective conditions.

Members of Committee

The Clinton committee is composed of E. M. DeMoss, chairman, Gilbert Henning, secretar, Municipal Judge W. A. McCullough, Dr. L. A. Gustafson, Paul Nadelhoffer, Rodney Fitch, Morgan Sexton, Dr. R. F. Herrick, LeRoy Jones, Dean Boyce, Harold Barnes, Clyde Hendrix, John H. Irey and W. C. Eastland.

Appointed from that committee are two sub-committees as follows.

Executive -- W. C. Eastland, chairman, W. A. McCullough, Rodney Fitch, Clyde Hendrix, Dr. R. F. Herrick and LeRoy Jones.

Publicity -- Morgan Sexton and W. C. Eastland.

Lyons District Committee

Members of the Lyons district committee, named by President Wayne Shadduck at the last meeting of the club, are:

Dr. W. L. Scott, chairman, A. B. Oakleaf, Paul Christiansen, Attorney Glenn T. Cousins, Jens Paaske, Lloyd Peterson, L. J. Derflinger, Frank Martin and Walter Stuedemann.

Clinton civic organization, including the Lyons club, Clinton Chamber of Commerce, Junior Chamber of Commerce, Labor Congress, Rotary, Kiwanis and Gyro clubs are represented in the two main committees.

It is proposed, however, to expand the committee membership to include representatives of all educational, patriotic, civic and service organizations and all industries in the city.

Various members of the committee have been named to communicate with the latter bodies and invite them to appoint representatives to serve on the united committee.