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Our Lady of Angels

Our Lady of Angels Academy Yearbook List of Students, 1959

OLA Students

The Clinton County Historical Society has many of the yearbooks as well as photos and other memorabilia from OLA. They may have some of the pictures the students are looking at in the photo above.

While the faculty was mentioned at different times, there was no list of names.

Angelorum Yearbook

Our Lady of Angels Academy, under the direction of the Sisters of Charity, B. V. M. was legally incorporated in 1872. The academy is affiliated with the State University of Iowa and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

The building was originally constructed for Presbyterian Synod as a seminary for women, but it did not prove profitable and when offered for sale in 1871, it was purchased by the Sisters for a boarding school for young ladies.

The first years saw only a gradual building up of the boarding school. The comfortable hominess of its atmosphere, its simplicity and sense of security and well-being made its pupils love it dearly, and in later years they desired their own children to share its simple joys. The increased enrollment necessitated additional buildings, and the buildings as they are today were completed in 1933.

The Academy has grown with the city of Clinton over a period of 87 years, and its Alumnae, both in Clinton, and throughout the United States are its strongest supporters.

Senior Class Officers


Penny Dorvart
Sandra Muschall
Mary Beth Waite
Kathy M. Zeller
Cecelia A. Cunningham
Margaret A. Feehan
Mary E. Bart
Joyce Kilmer
Peggy Bentz
Karen L. Burke
Mary K. Button
Jeri A. Coleman
Rosalie Litviak
Adrienne R. Lubanski
Ann W. Mallon
Mary Ann Moore
Jean Oak
Jane Ryan
Connie M. Sommer
Margie A. Walsh



S. Deutman
C. Ruess
M. C. Ring
M. E. Buckley
S. O'Hara
B. Rigney
C. Roederer
K. White
M. K. Van de Voorde
J. Heaney
S. Uphoff
L. Poliquit
J. Ray
C. Retis
B. Cottony
E. Deutsch
M. Maloney
J. Dewell
B. Hansen
R. Brickel
M. A. Ceman
M. Carini
M. Ledger
K. Drzymala
P. McConohy
V. Toomey
B. Faur
J. Armondo
R. Coleman
J. Ferguson
C. Kerker
A. Hana
J. Libert
A. Lenaghan
S. Magee
L. Barlock
R. Herwig
K. Novack
V. Conlon
P. Giannini
P. Narolewski
S. Strohman
P. Ingram
C. Dorion
M. O'Brien
A. Boortz
C. Lubanski
R. Howard
M. Kilmer
C. Faur
M. J. Beard



E. Coeke
P. Allan
H. Walker
C. Daisy
J. Ruess
D. Lewis
P. Lawrence
G. Etten
M. Russell
K. Branigan
M. Kizior
N. Kelly
A. Boeker
M. Harlock
C. Retis
B. Spittler
B. Donnelly
P. Augustine
M. E. Magnafichi
S. Maloney
E. Lenaghan
M. Toomey
C. Abruscato
S. Felice
M. Judd
L. Summers
H. Hogan
M. F. LaFleur
P. Lawton

Grade School


C. Carey
S. Cavanaugh
L. Allan
M. Krauth
L. Johnson
J. Sheppek
P. Long
C. Meroney
S. Carr
H. VanTieghen
S. McClimon
S. Clark
S. Kappes
K. Renier
P. McClintock
B. Felice
D. Vruno
M. Davis
M. King
K. Reader
P. Shaw
S. Rivera
P. Travis
K. Roberts
C. Sheppek
N. Meroney
M. Pape
D. Lubanski
M. Long
P. Vruno
D. French
L. Lilis
D. Dingman
S. Thomsen
K. Thomsen
D. Bailey
K. Vales
M. McClimon
L. Marshal
B. Mickelson
K. Meroney
J. Reader
D. Razor
M. McConnell
J. Knudsen
S. LaCourse
C. Kay
C. Maresea
C. Vruno
C. Sheppek

Business and Social Patrons

(There were 3 pages of names. I only copied the ones from the Clinton area as many were from other states and I did not feel they were relevant.)

Ehrhart Heating & Fuel Oil Co.
Lyons Lumber Co.
Modern Plumbing Co.
Servisoft Soft Water Service
Mr. & Mrs. Fay Steiner
Alden Cafe
Allen Printing Company
C. E. Armstrong & Sons
Clinton Awning Co.
Mr. Bloomberg
R. J. Brick Insurance Agency
Carstensen Transfer & Storage
Clinton Street Railway Co.
Cunningham - Rambler
Ex-Servicesmen's Association Inc.
Clinton Firemen's Association
Gus' "66" Service
Bob Hamilton Feed Stores
Veteran Cab Company
J. W. Judge Insurance Agency
Ross C. King, M. D.
Kurtz Glass Company
Lou Marges
McEleney Motors Inc.
Dr. R. P. McLaughlin
Paaske Shops, Inc.
J. C. Penney
Rastrelli's Candy Shop
Mr. Philip R. Renier
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Smith
C. E. Stukas & Son
Sweetheart Bakery
Delbert Thomsen
Wagner Pharmacy
Clinton Water Works
Zirkelbach Refrigerator
Adler's Service Station
H. A. Amesbury
Becker's Feed Store
Ben Franklin
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Boeker
Bond Walgreen
Mr. Brown
Burke Florist
Clinton Book Bindery Co.
Clinton Corn Processing Company
Clinton Floral
Clinton Iron & Metal
Clinton Mens Wear Ass'n
Dr. B. B. Dwyer
Robert E. Dwyer, M. D.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Gateway Nursery
Greyhound Bus Depot
Giunta Bros.
D. E. Hill, M. D.
Iowa State Savings Bank
J. & P. Shoe Store
Jensen's Oil Co.
Jost Jewelry Store
KROS Radio Station
Lawlor Cleaners
McCarthy & Kollmorgen
Mississippi View Motel
Jasper N. Morgan
Dr. R. J. Nelson
Paetz Super Market
Police Dept.
Leonard Poole
J. H. Potts & Son
Randall Welding Shop
Rod Fitch's Sports Center
The A. C. Root Agency
Mrs. Vada Ryan
C. J. Schneberger, D. D. S.
W. L. Scott, D. D. S.
Robert Shaw
Clifford Shockey
W. C. Snyder
Stuedemann's Shoes
Thomas Glass Co.
J. D. Van Allen & Son, Inc.
Van's I. G. A.
The Wardrobe Cleaners
Don Wyatt Sales & Service
J. J. Young, M. D.