Mt. St. Clare Academy - 1926

The Clare Dial Volume IV

Mt. St. Clare Dial Staff



Ruth Lucille Dugan
Laura Louise Kelly
Anna Margaret Lotts
Mary Elizabeth Detig
Ethel Lena Davison
Helen Rosalia Schroeder
Esther Mary Michel
Margaret Teresa Higdon
Mildred Ann Commerford
Margaret Mary Ainslie
Margaret Elnora Mohr
Mary Mercedes Reynolds
Gayle Frances Ladd
Viola Frances Spain
Helen Jeanne Lambertson
Florence L. Hubbart
Marie J. Daley
Winifred Mitchell



A. Welch
M. Phelan
F. Conlin
M. Long
D. Curtsinger
A. Dinges
M. Rinn
M. Curtsinger
L. Akin
C. Clark
H. O'Connor
C. Devereux
M. Glynn


D. Ahl
D. Hickey
L. McDonald
D. Kappenman
E. Handel
A. Cash
R. Conlin
D. Peters
F. Bonnem
R. Vaughn
M. McGrory
B. Zeiser
H. Duffy
H. Seidel
B. McCoy


Grammar Grades

M. Franz
E. Wood
C. Regh
S. Theissen
M. Blossfield
M. DeWit
M. E. Taylor
E. Hosett
C. Reilly
A. McGrory
J. Clark
J. Goldbeck
M. Keough
A. Hobbs
M. Hickey
C. Heins
M. Fane
I. Harvey
M. Kernan
M. Lebre
M. E. Daugherty
O. Otto
L. Gehant
G. McConohy
F. Logan

M. Clark
E. Harmer
B. Cirtaut
P. Bauer
A. Bloom
A. Maropolis
M. Lane
A. Olesen
M. Washburn
P. Fox
M. Bauer
D. Goldbeck
L. Loynachan
J. Fenlon
F. Dean


R. Handel
A. Simon
M. Foster
D. Maropolis
M. Stephenson
F. Frankel
M. Schwartz
D. Simon
M. Whistler
M. Colyer
V. Thesen
G. Thesen

Alumnae Notes

There is a section called "Alumnae" that has some interesting notes about former students. It talks about where they work, that they got married, that there was a death. Because many of these students don't seem to actually be Clinton County residents, I didn't retype that information but, if you had a relative that went to Mt. St. Clare, you would definitely want to read thru this section.