Report of School Visitations: 1870

SOURCE: The Clinton Weekly Herald, Feb. 12, 1870

OFFICE OF COUNTY: Supt of Com. Schools, Clinton, Feb. 7, 1870

Visited sub-district No. 5, Eden township, R. McAdams teacher, enrollment 43, average 30, deportment improveable, method of teaching ordinary, is deficient in illustrative, demonstrative and practical explanations.  Pupils appear anxious to progress and are doing so to the best of their ability, and the instructions received.  House small, tolerably seated, and furnished with very small black board and ordinary school apparatus.  The play ground should be enlarged and set with trees.

P. M. Sub-district No. 1, DeWitt township, W. E. Waters teacher, enrollment 33, average about 20, deportment amendable, method of teaching ordinary, but illustrative and explanatory; teacher appears tired and is not as interested and energetic as his abilities indicate.  Pupils inclined to ease and moderation in the prosecution of their studies.  More effort on the part of pupils would result in benefit to them, encouragement to teacher, and satisfaction to patrons.  House new, pleasantly and centrally located, temporarily seated and furnished with large black-board and some apparatus.

Feb. 2. Independent school district of Wheatland, S. S. Henderson principal, enrollment 178, distrubuted as follows: Primary department 85, Mrs. Hattie Henderson teacher.  Intermediate 85, Miss Maggie Ross teacher.  High School 35, instructed by principal. Average attendance 150, deportment good, method of teaching embraces many of the improvements recently introduced in schools of this class.  Pupils should be taught to think, reason, explain and demonstrate every rule, principle and theory connected with, or relating to each, and every lesson, under consideration.  This school conducted in a manner creditable to the ability of the teachers employed.  The school building is of brick, two stories high, of modern architectural style, situated on an eminence commanding a fine view of the city, a beautiful valley of Yankee Run, the far stretching valley of the Wapsey with its wide bottoms and wooded bluffs, presenting to the eye a panoramic view, of unsurpassed loveliness and beauty.  The rooms are well ventilated and seated with extension desks and seats of modern style, also furnished with blackboards and ordinary apparatus.  The play ground is the most extensive I have yet seen, and when set with shade and ornamental trees will furnish a pleasant resort for the juvenile Wheatlanders.

Feb. 3, A. M. Sub-district No. 3, Spring Rock township, M. R. Parsons teacher, enrollment 28, average 15, deportment indifferent, method of teaching ordinary and administered with moderation.  Pupils in no hurry to become learned.  House small, seated with moveable desks and seats (a relict of by gone days), and furnished with a diminutive blackboard and apparatus of the most ordinary kind.

P. M. Sub-district No. 7, Spring Rock, Miss Libby McCulley teacher, enrollment 16, average 12, deportment good, method of teaching ordinary, teacher designs to follow the business and is desirous of making such improvements as will promote her usefulness.  Pupils attentive, studious and progressing.  The House is new, pleasantly and centraly situated, but too small to be of permanent use to the district.  A good blackboard has been furnished and is used to advantage.

P. M. Sub-district No. 4, Spring Rock, Mrs. Caroline Cook teacher, enrollment 30, average 20, deportment good, method of teaching ordinary.  Mrs. Cook has taught several terms, enjoys the good will of her pupils who are improving under her instructions.  House pleasantly located near a stream of water; room small, and seated with movable seats and desks of antiquated style not adapted to convenience, a black-board, maps and charts complete the school apparatus.  The play ground is limited.

Feb. 4, A. M. Sub-district No. 1, Spring Rock, M. T. Blazer teacher, enrollment 30, average 21, deportment good, method of teaching illustrative.  Pupils interested, and very much engaged in their studies.  House not large enough to accomodate the increasing population of this district, who appear to be surrounded with all the comforts and conveniences of life, except an attractive and commodious school room.  The play ground is small and should be enlarged; the underbrush cut out leaving the larger trees standing for shade.

P. M. Sub-district No. 5, Spring Rock, Miss Deborah C. Mowry teacher, enrollment 39, average 23, deportment good, method of teaching ordinary with some improvement in teaching orthography, teacher would derive great benefit from normal instruction.  Pupils studious.  I have seldom seen scholars so desirous to learn and attentive to instructions given.  This school is going ahead.  House new, well built but entirely too small for the accommodation of the pupils attending.

P. M. Sub-district No. 2, Spring Rock, Caster Van Antwerp teacher, enrollment 30, average 22, deportment good, method of teaching original, illustrative and practical.  Mr. Van Antwerp has taught several terms in this district, to the decided benefit of his pupils, and the entire satisfaction of the patrons, who would do well to retain him as long as he is willing to serve them in the capacity of teacher.  This school is second to none in this township.  The house is like all of those in this District, too small for comfort and convenience, but is furnished with a small blackboard and ordinary apparatus, and, through the influence of director R. H. Randall, with a copy of Websters Dictionary.

R. B. Millard, Superintendent