Memories of Virginia School

Source: Clinton County Historical Society school binders. Written by Dolores Hilbert LeClere

Virginia school was located southeast of Grand Mound, Iowa. I taught there its last two years, 1950-1952. It has since been torn down.

As I remember, this school had all nine grades both years. One year my spelling bee constestant, Lois Traver, won the county contest by spelling s-u-p-p-r-e-s-s. Other memories are of the typical out houses. One spring day one of my kindergarteners was gone a little too long so I went to investigate and he was standing with one foot on the lower board of the fence watching the Smiths plow. I also remember the usual visits of mice as I sat correcting work after classes, and how afraid my cousin was of them. She wouldn't come inside with the school's water pail until I'd check for mice in the traps each morning.

We usually had a program of some sort around Christmas and a lunch following.