February 1863

Words in italics are words I'm not really sure of in this transcription.  People's names are in bold.  If you can add any comments about any of these people, it would be greatly appreciated.


Diary Entry


Called on Mrs. B. again with more particulars as to the journey and may start without hearing from P.  Shall write to them tonight that I am to leave here Monday and shall be in P. on the first train that leaves N.Y. after the boat gets in.  If they do not meet me from any casualty, I think I shall not be afraid to go right on after stopping the night at the Continental House, Chestnut St., Cor. of   (spaces) , Phil. Annie came tonight to get my tabs and flowers in my bonnet.  Mrs. D. B. Durfee died yesterday.


Decided this noon to go.  Annie came this noon and again tonight to help me off.  Left at seven.  S. came to the S. house this p.m. very much incensed at taking my place while I am away.  Could not get L. Jones and have engaged J. Somle.  Capt. B. introduced me to Capt. Davis' wife of Somerset going to Philadelphia to meet her husband.  A smart little boy with African blood in his veins, ran about the cabin.  His mother looks very much like Mrs. F. Lindsey.  Exchanged cards with her.


Snow.  Mary, Carrie, George, Eliza, Langnathy, and WillieArrived at Philadelphia about 2 1/2 p.m.  Took a hack, for which I was obliged to pay $1.50 and found Emmie at 2018 Chestnut St. near the Skuykill between 20th & 21st St.  Dear old aunt Emmie is here.  Jenny is a sweet girl of 21 about the size and much in manner like Trinna Borden.  Cousin Solomon arrived in our after I did.  Had been to two depots in his carriage after me.  Am very glad I did not go to the Continental house.  Find everything pleasant and easy.


Very cold with snow.  Left P. for W. at 11 AM.  D. Elder and lady of P. took seats behind me and Miss Stephenson of Boston shared the seat with me.  She has been with the sick soldiers since the first battles and getting the worse for wear, has been home recruiting.  Was highly edified by their conversation.  She has been a guest traveler in the old world.  Met with ___ ___ (two blank lines) in Italy when he died.  Mentioned talk she had with a southern lady in the tent when she had nothing but boxes to sit on.  Richmond Darol met me at the cars and conducted me to the parlor of Washington House where Mr. Buffington, J. Hodges and Mr. Bullock soon entered.  Mr. B. took me to ?? engaged me a room.  Am weary, O so weary, but a delightful fire is glowing in my room.


Very cold with snow enough to get out a sleigh.  Sat., last night, in the parlor with my things on nearly nine, got thoroughly warmed through.  Found a bright fire blazing in the grade in my room.  My trunk in the corner, I could have shaken hands with, it looked so homelike.  Mr. B. called about 9 to take me to the breakfast room.  Was introduced to Mr. ? Wade, his brother in law who sat at my left & Mrs. Brigham who sat opposite.  Went to the wedding at 1 1/4 lost the ceremony by the hackman being late.  Went from the wedding to House of Rep. & from there to the Senate. C of illusion.  Bride was dressed in a white bridal silk, low corsage & short sleeves & very long veil.


Rain.  Dreadful muddy.  Geo. W. Drew called on me last night.  He sits next to me at table.  Very glad to see him.  Did not see Valentine Mason who was here the night I came.  Visited Smithsonian Institution and Patent Office.  At the latte place saw Gen. Geo. Washington's clothing and household furniture recently taken from the house of the Rebel Gen. Lee at Arlington Heights.  Deeply interested in these things.  Went to House which adjoined then to Senate which voted to go into Ex. business and visitors were requested to return.  Looked from the E. on W. and Potomac. Am glad I came.


Mr. B., Mrs. Wheeler, wife of Major Wheeler and myself went to the reception of Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln.  Entered the front hall through a room back of it to the one where they were and after shaking hands and addressing them pasted through a room furnished in green and gold to the far-famed East room which is furnished in red.  After looking round for some time passed again through front hall to conservatory.  Mrs. L. dressed in black velvet.  Weed in pure white gloves.  Went in search of Contraband school.  Did not get in --


Yesterday.  Took breakfast at 9 1/2 a.m. went directly, accompanied by Mr. H. to the church where Mr. G. attends opposite the park from the White House.  Found when I got there had lost my pocket hand kerchief.  What a dilemma.  Capt. Dale of Cincinnati also spent the day there.  He is at present one of Gen. McDonell's Staff and his lawyer in the trial now pending.  Engaged to Miss Florida Gordon, eldest daughter now at home.  Very injurously allowed myself to be persuaded to stay to tee.  Was urged to take wine at dinner and invited to take a glass of toddy before dinner. BAH!!!  
Left at 10 a.m. in the cars for Philadelphia again.


Arrived at P. last night about dark.  Found Jennie and Amanda engaged to go and hear Murdock read.  Was delighted to sit down with aunt and cousin Emmie.  This morning went in the cars down street with cousin J. called to examine some engravings for her to permit found the little "Bare Foot Boy" which she took.  Went into a gallery of paintings up stairs connected with the store.  Entered the "Academy of fine arts" Studied the group of figures in foyer at the entrance.  Death on the pale horse and one or two others and was then obliged to leave.  Stopped at Hessel's and took ice cream with Jennie


Hulda arrived last night in time for a late supper with us.  Have been this a.m. with Jennie to visit Fairmount water works and started from then to go to Wissehiekon but the wind was so bad thought it would take the horse until night to go there and back -- Sent down street by Jennie to get some unsted which I found but 17 ?? orma ? Bride went to make calls this p.m. and tonight appeared at table ornamented with a set of diamonds which gleamed and flashed like so many stars.  Had a general good time at home to-night -- Jennie sung and played.  I sung but not well.


Visited the Girard College with the Bride & Groom and cousin E. & husband.  Was introduced to the President Mr. Airy.  Eat some ruir bread and ham which was prepared for the pupils.  Every thing in perfect order & nice & clean -- Should like to be a teacher there.  Shall apply for a situation through cousin S. H. Hoxsin.  A dense fog prevented our seeing anything from the top of college building which in clear weather gives a fine view of the city.


Cousin C. left with his bride of a week at 11 last evening for Cincinnati.  Invited me to accompany him.  Should embrace the opportunity if I could leave my school so long as I should wish to stay there.  Went with cousin E. to Laurel Hill Cemetery where spent a long time and were loth to leave.  A funeral procession slowly entered and a young girl was laid in her last home.  A beautiful wreath of Japanese evergreens & Heilotrope ornamented the casket of Fannie ___ (blank line).  Stranger tho she was tears would flow at the sight.  Cousin E. took me to Academy of Natural Arts & Science this p.m.


Went this morning with aunt E. to call on Ernest Woodward. Called on his ? 26 North Front St. on him at ___ ___ (two blank lines) St. and on his G. mother 1101 Spence St. but did not see his mother. His G. Father died while he was at the W. S. A. Hospital at Portsmouth Grove. Had a very pleasant call. Mrs. Davis is to leave here Monday if her husband leaves that day.  I shall go. What with cousin Jennie and Amanda H. to hear the German Band.  Very good music but it needed in enlivening with song for my taste.  Took ice-cream on my way home.  Cousin S. invited me to accompany him to hear Artumes Hale on 60 minutes in Africa but I was too tire besides it was not what I liked for Sat. night.


Delightful day.  Rained yesterday.  Started for home at 11 in the cars.  Cousin Jim accompanied me to the depot.  Arrived in New York in time to take the boat for Fall River.  Was so glad to get on board and anxious about my trunks not coming did not think to go on deck until nearly dark.  Delightful when I did go.  The sun was just setting and its golden rays were touching every spire and tower for many miles around with beauty one spire reflected its rays in the various hues of the bow of promises.  This setting was gorgeous.  I watched it until the little stars came out and then retired.  Found Fannie Nason on board and took a birth above hers. Laura Bridgeman was also here with Dr. McDonald's aunt.  Shall visit her in spring at Boston.


Arrived home this AM.  F. Nason took me home in her carriage.  Found S. waiting for me at home and Ella Kane, darling came to the door in her night clothes.  Annie came this noon and took dinner with us.  Found Ruth in a peck of trouble because I was not here yesterday.  Will get a principal next time  I have occasion to go to W. H. wedding.  Mr. L is  gone to W. & ? M.  was there the week I was there too bad.


Went to the boat this morning and saw Capt. Brown but did not find my trunk.  He has taken the expressman's card and I shall probably get it.  Annie hopes I shall not but get its worth and then have some new clothes.  Called on Mrs. Dolan.  Went to D. Drufus & Benefraint?.  He presented the So. with $100 as a gift from his wife.  We all felt suitably thankful.  Am dreadful tired and wish I had come home earlier.  Late hours will not do for me.


Rain. Went to the boat but no trunk.  The baggage Master was very ansy about it.  Shall look for it tomorrow by Capt. Brown.  Am delighted with being again at home and in my school although my journey has been much more than I ever anticipated.  I have filled all the moments not employed in sight seeing with writing letters & learning & doing new things as well as teaching some things.


Rain.  Went to the wharf but the boat was not in & did not come until noon.  Called at Capt. Brown's house & found the trunk had arrived.  Sent to the boat for it & got it here about 6 p.m.  Found everything in good order not to exerpt Major Shean. Glad to see the old ___?  One session paid some of my unsettled bills.  Shall owe about $150 when I have used up my last term's salary.  Am in hopes one year more will enable me to settle up the business & free the estate from encumberances.


I invited Ella home last night & this morning she has tried me so I gave out last night & sunk down into a shower of tears.  O how she tries me!  I think sometimes my patience is at an end.  I told her this p.m. that I should never stay & be tried so again; & if she saw fit to treat me thus I should certainly leave her to herself.  How true the words of holy writ on this point; better to be on thy house top than dwell in a house a contentious spirit.  O how my heart aches!


Much snow yesterday.  Delightful weather.  The schools are closed in commemoration of the anniversary of Washington's birthday which occurred yesterday.  Spent the morning doing little things & the afternoon with Mrs. C. Baker.  Attended the meeting with her this evening & wore my new hood which I began at Washington.  Do not like it at all for meeting.  My voice is lost when I sing I don't seem to hear it.  S. thinks she will take it.  I am glad.


Delightful morning & evening much like spring.  My little children asked the privilege of holding prayer meeting during the time of recess last Sat. & yesterday it was commenced.  I have appointed Eliza Borden daughter of Mr. Chas. Borden to take the lead.  She takes the bible and reads a portion of scripture & then leads them in prayer.  Little Ella speaks & says "I love the Lord," Jesus has said "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not."  I will be guided by him & not fear man.


Another delightful morning and evening .  Mr. And Mrs. Ferguson called this evening on their way to meeting at Miss. Chap.  M. M. rose for prayers on Monday evening at our church and last evening he and his wife.  He is rejoicing in hope but she is heavily burdened.  Spoke with Angus about it and he conversed with them before meeting commenced.  She was somewhat relieved at the class.  The Prodical Son was the subject of Mr. C's remarks this evening.  Phile Gray came in with me to pray her heart being very heavy. 


Delightfully morn rainy evening.  Began to rain just at close of morning session.  Wet drizzly night.  Did not go to meeting but ironed.  The melting of the snow makes the air very chilly.  Had a grand time all alone to myself today.  Have actually opened my piano and practiced twice nearly an hour.  Think S is better, shall try to practice a little every day now while she is gone and probably shall continue to after she returns. 


Raining.  Delightfully evening.  One session although the rains ceased just as the time commenced yesterday.  One of Miss. Smith's as pupils was buried this p.m. and the services were held at this Miss. Chap. Mr. G. never spoke with more effect.  Many bereaved mothers were present and their sobs spoke the side of feelings welling up in their hearts.  Her dear little hands looked very sweetly clasping a little bouquet of heilotrope and geranium leaves.  Had an interesting meeting this evening.  All who thought themselves Christians were requested to rise and nearly if not quite all arose then we song while standing "Come we whose ?".