Clinton Police and Firemen

The Clinton Police -- This photo is in the book Clinton: A Pictorial History and it says: 

"In this photo, you can see Clinton police wearing their bullet proof vests circa 1933.  Left to right: Chris Hanson, Sonny Jurgensen, Ed. Clancy, Ted Long, Ray Lego and Martin Duffy.

The tragedy that prompted investment in the protective vests occurred when Clinton Police Officer, Fred Koch, was killed in the line of duty on August 4, 1926, in a shootout with Gene Moore, a "notorious Clinton bootlegger.""

While at the Clinton County Historical Society, I found 2 more photos of police officers.  One is from about 1898 and pictures the following officers:

Bill Dougherty, Fole Foged, John Hagberg, Pete Fransen, Tom Burke, Ed Petersen, And Nielsen, Capt. N. James Cole, Al Knudsen, Ed Worl, Jim Cole, Mike O'Hern, Herb Knudsen and John Croman.

Another photo at the Clinton County Historical Society has the following officers:

E. J. Curtis, Dr. T. B. Charlton, Chief W. K. Hamilton, Mayor Harry F. Bulow, Henry Todtz, Christi Danielson, Capt. Arnold Holling, Capt. Martin Duffy, Ray Lego, Dr. Kurt Jaenicke, Frank Ridenour, Sgt. Chris Hansen, Herman Thompson, C. J. Robb, Jens Kair, Magnus Jurgensen, Wash. Barber, Ed. Clancy, Ted Long, Fred Kuchel and Wm. Hurlburt  (These names were hand-written in a fancy sort of script and I may have some spelling errors.)

There is a photo of the Fire Team: C. & N. W. Clinton Shops -- 8th Ave S & 2nd St: 1892 which includes the following people:

Jake Huffman, James Glason, Will Redden, Will McAllister, John McEleney, Frank Brody, Festus Benson, Claud Easterley, John Goodwin, Henry Henle, Chas. Walden & Pat Kennedy.

Regarding "Bob & Bob"

From Steve Hoosack (email:


There was a photo of a famous "World Champion" fire horse team named Bob & Bob with three firemen in the photo.  The fireman holding the reins on the fire wagon is my grandfather, James Hoosack.  To the best of my knowledge this is the only photo I have ever seen of him so I'd be curious to know where it came from and how I might obtain a copy of it.